Hanukkah 2020

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Shabbat 12-4/5-20

December 5, 2020 at 3:18 am (WSGD Newes)

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The Truth Shall Set You Free…

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What is a hero? Its my conviction that there are no heroes on earth today. There is One who is a hero, He’s alive, He is human, He is God. His name is Yeshua the Messiah – Jesus Christ. That’s it. I realize this may seem to be insensitive to some as we call our service men and women heros, teachers, and various people in roles that do good and great works among their communities and spheres of influence. Yet, none of these can save a life. A hero saves lives. I’ll not go into the finer details as to my conviction about not calling anyone in armed forces heros, or teachers, or doctors and the like. Perhaps that will be something God convicts me to share at another time. For now… in this time we live in I am convicted to share this video. This person ranks among today’s hero medical staff due to a virus that doesn’t exist. He comes as close to a hero here than any other nurse or doctor. He’s standing for the Truth, at risk to his own welfare and safety.

This is supposedly the motto for those in any form of health care. Indeed it was found in the physician’s creed or oath many years ago. It has since been reworded into obscurity with the invasion of political correctedness via tolerance cloaked in fuzzy lines for the purpose of profit. I dare anyone to find the original with this wording now as Google and all things central to the web police have deleted it.

There’s just one thing I want to remind those in the medical field. You took an oath… FIRST DO NO HARM. In this, you must stop administering any drug that has harmful side effects, you must not assist in any procedure that can cause life altering changes that will cause harmful side effects, you must not participate in lies to benefit the money making machine you are tied to as a career. In short, to do your job and do it as unto the Lord, you likely will need to risk your job to tell the truth and trust the Lord to help you provide for your family in doing so.

The truth saves lives. The Truth is a person…Yeshua – Jesus. If you testify to truth, you become a hero to some degree. If you risk everything for it, the reward in heaven is far more than the losses here on earth. I’m asking all those in the medical lower main stream staff, to please honor the truth, no matter the cost and really help saves lives. Tell the truth about this virus, tell people it does not exist. Tell them vaccines don’t vaccinate, tell them that drugs don’t heal, tell them the truth! There are those who have done so, they are true to their oaths. Like this gentleman who has done so and countless others… please risk all for the Truth and you’ll be set free, and save many.

The real question is and always will be for those who follow Yeshua. What does His Word say to do for those who are ill? Perhaps, if we had not fallen from His instruction the destruction of Healthcare would not have found its slippery noose around the necks of every human and now animal on earth we see today. More concerned about who pays for what and money being the god that comes first in considering our bodies and their condition. Most people don’t know, but the pharmaceutical industry is the number one money machine in the world. Not oil, not goods. Not services, not science. Man made chemicals that are used to treat the human body of SYMPTOMS from illness. Never the illness itself. They cause harm no matter what it is. Advil/Tylenol/ or whatever your over the counter pain relief pill is called… will harm your liver. All the way up to using radiation (a cause of cancer) to treat it. Xrays/CT scans and the like which cause cancer. Ever found it odd that a woman’s once a year breast cancer exam consist of radiating the exact place one is trying to prevent the cancer? Listen, dear fellowsheep, there are arguments that can drive people crazy in the details. It does no good. God gave us common sense, which is called wisdom, if it can cause cancer, don’t use it for a cure. It’s like saying you can use sin to be saved. Which is ridiculous! Anything that harms the body to “fix” the body is not the answer. God gave us natural ways, things He made to help the body. But it’s natural, you and I can grow much of it in our yards. The pharmacy doesn’t make money off it. So they don’t endorse it or allow medical insurance to pay for it. These drugs keep people sick, so the money keeps flowing. Vaccines are free because the keep people sick and the money keeps flowing. It doesn’t take a high IQ to figure this out. Don’t buy into the mainstream news about your health, ANY part of it, mind/body/spirit for its aid. You’ll be lied to and find yourself worse off than before. There is tons of physicians turned natural doctors, scientists who have decided the truth is more important, to be found with proof. There’s cures for diabetes, heart disease, cancer…CURES!! You won’t find them in hospitals, doctors offices, or emergency rooms. That is what is called the sick system. So… in the case of this virus, it’s on each of us to get all the facts, does it exist, where’s the proof? Can you trust what the Healthcare system says? No! Only those within it like the video below and countless others who will tell the truth. This won’t be found on Facebook, YouTube or any of the pharmaceutically owned media – most of which is what everyone have access to for “free”. It’s a bitshoot video. Free for those who share it but if you want access you’ll have to pay because they don’t shut down the truth there. For now.. Be wise, my dear brothers and sisters. Let your own eyes tell you… there is no pandemic. The vaccine will cause more harm, especially as there’s no proven illness in the first place. But it’s really quite simple, don’t trust man – trust God. He made the human body, He owns the copyright. He knows better than anyone on earth how to sustain and treat it. Listen to Him!

Perhaps it’s time to obey the Word… and lose the fear?

In the Name of Yeshua the Messiah, all glory, honor and praise to His Name and His alone – the only Hero ever to exist. His will be done on earth as in heaven! May His example be the Light by which we light our lamps.

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