March 28, 2011 at 3:22 am (WSGD Newes)


I think we talk up to many pretty words and not enough simple spoken clarity. We don’t seem to grasp how to ask the correct questions. Most importantly the answers are taken for granted, and questions stand on the brink of extinction. Opinions are raised up like a mantra, and insults fly back and forth against them until they seem to have forgotten the very point of the topic raised in the first place. Have we truly arrived at a road without exploration? Shall we name it – and stake up the dead-end? Can we really see the end from here? With every possible end-times prescription there’s an equal guarantee that it won’t happen that way or at that time.

We serve an unpredictably predictable God. He is faithful, but His faithfulness is unique to each individual, tailor-made. He is merciful, yet they are NEW every morning. (Something new…is something NOT known before) He is just, but His justice is branded on times often unseen and yet to find it’s way on the calendar of human containment. He never forgets an injustice done, but cast my sin as far as east from west. His justice often will be forgiveness and entry into the same Kingdom the “victims” become apart of without offense or brutality. He does not wish for any to perish, but has hardened the hearts of many who will. His love is always love, but often draws the picture of the lack of it to speed its recipication.Indeed!  His love is wrath!

A do-over was in order, a Saviour was sent instead. The vanquishing of evil would set  many things to “rights”, but instead He suffers the anguish of it on His people everyday. He has set into motion “common-sense“, yet confounds the “sense’ once we make something of it.  He is the Author of Life and Death, yet the dominion of death has been “given over” to the Evil ones play-ground. Yet He IS the Beginning and the End! I don’t know about you but there seems to be plenty of occasion for REAL questions – with answers to split the atom of the mind! I know more of Him today than yesterday, but the expanse of Him grows with every advancement. Is this not why He often seems elusive? We are meant to grasp at the questions and then grapple with the answers till they burn and twist a more purified reality with our souls. We know not our own hearts, minds, and souls – and are stupefied to learn we knew not another’s! Man-kind is an exploration to his own – he is uncommonly crafted for the Hands of his Maker. Do we but want to know where we DON”T belong, we need only to run as far from Him as possible.

Are we then born into some Divine Comedy act? This very nature of seeming contradiction has been the basis for many to keep running away from Him. We seem to accept Him philosophically and reject Him personally. Why? Is not a personal relationship more motivating? It’s a begging question of the greatest import to me. The questions we ask have lost their meaning. We ask “How are you?” like a greeting – we either care not or are not prepared for a genuine answer. Often, when we get one, we find ourselves swimming in the realm of obligation or annoyance. We don’t like to feel – yet we stand firm on our right to. Are we not the Image-bearers’? We laud the hero laying down his life for another’s – but cringe at laying aside a few extra minutes of our daily grind to really hear how another is doing! And we asked the question!! What oxy-morons we are! You get the impression that we never know anything. At least not enough to stand on – unless its something for ourselves.

Jesus came, in part, to teach. We applaud His teachings, even those who don’t believe He is God made man! When we learn to speak – do we walk away and say “Great lessons – good teacher!” and cease speaking? Do we throw away the lessons of how to count our money? “Great concept – but I shall put it in a box and live without it!”  NO!  We count and spend! We speak! Why then do we praise the teaching of how to truly live and then dismiss them? We chase after the “fountain of youth”: this pill, that exercise, these foods, those medications, that diet, this procedure, that method of living, this way of thinking, that speaker’s regimen and so on an so forth. Yet! Here He is extending the simple invitation to seek to know Our Creator and if we do,  SNAP, we are eternal!! If we should throw God away because we can’t make sense of Him – what shall we do with ourselves? We praise ourselves – “Look, my right to freedom, speech, liberty and life!” We say “Look what we have made, designed, and created!” – now buy! Then we cry! “Oh, these things are killing the air we breathe – let us create something new!” We point fingers, judge, and jealously accuse – and forget when we praised those very things in ourselves! Thought we were crafty, smart, and full of knowledge and wisdom. And lo – we are consistently good at proving our lacks. Always we praise these things until we find we were empty of commonsense, forethought, and wisdom.

We pray to God – like a Santa Clause, we turn Him into a thing of luck. Give me and I’ll do, give and be! Tit for Tat, like a good bargainer. God ALWAYS gives – He’s always asked to pull of the miraculous, while we claim we can give even a little of ourselves up. The when He doesn’t fill  the prescriptions we write – we sue Him for malpractice! What odd creatures to die for! Perhaps we’d be better off trying to make sense of HIM and less of ourselves? I find if I do that for just 5 minutes of everyday – I’m rewarded with more of a sense of rightness than  4 hours of trying to make sense of me or my fellow man. We’ve crafted the art into a cosmic repetitiveness. “Enough of about me God, what do you think of me?” and we think we’ve touched on some divine way of dying to ourselves. The question is…. “What should I think of You – God?” “Who are You?”  “What do You think freedom is?” “What do You say about my feelings, rights and actions?” “Where can You be found today?” Are You in that person over there?” “What do You care about in them?” “How would You have me serve them?” Instead we ask…”What can I do for them?” “How can I care?” “Where can I find you today?” “What do You think of my feelings, rights and actions?” “Who am I, why am I here?” The emphasis is always on – “How can I feel better or good about me?” We have no desire to take no credit or garner no praise.

God is God. Either we grasp that He knows everything for all time or we don’t. In days of old all gods have been given dominion over some aspect of life or death as we have seen fit to long after. Greek gods of love, war, and even betrayal. Roman gods of conquering and prosperity. Gods of death, life, sex, physical attraction, knowledge, wisdom, hades, sky, Sun, Moon, stars, earth, water, fire, air, and the list goes on. Little attempts made to put someone or something up as a god of that which we admittedly have no comprehension or can control. All those gods have been made for our purposes – selfishly – self-made. Jesus came and it was too simple! He came out of something no imagination of man could dream up. We had nothing to do with its origins so we dismiss. We were a puddle of goo and the science and chemistry of time has become a god. We have even egotistically decided we know a thing about time. POOF – and we live, no reason, no purpose – just because! What is that? How can this possibly appeal to such self-important, self-absorbed creatures? It’s ludicrous, absurd! But we shall have our say and make it of all importance. This way we can live however…in wait for the next unexplained morphing of our evolution. “Look how far we’ve come!” we say! I say we are still that substance-less, formless, purposeless puddle of ooze if we adopt such a meaningless existence. Spit, vomit, and a pile of dung is a puddle of ooze too! Then again it does excuse an existence without morals or virtues. Hense we can break it down to two very simple conclusions. 1 – We’ve adopted evolution for the purpose of living as ugly as we care to with our explanation of – it doesn’t really matter. 2 -The only reason to have a conscience of virtues and morals is if it somehow justifies our existence and thereby gives it meaning. Which leads to a Purposeful Creator – God, who set forth such aspects of virtue and morality, that should we choose to adopt them – we become more…we have meaning.

So what shall we say then – the meaning of our existence is still undetermined? It shall add up to two sects of man-kind. 1 – The ever-evolving meaningless pile of ooze, should they keep insisting on what the science gods have made us. 2 – Those who find their meaning by losing the rights to it by accepting Jesus’ teaching of His Father – who gives meaning to all things as it Originator and Creator. One set turns to it’s petri-dishes, many numbered cronometers, meters, gages, brilliantly invented pieces of machinary, scans, and chemical diagnostic formulas (all man made).  The other…turns to the Word of God – and His Son sent into our souls to speak through the Spirit of the Living God and opens our ears, eyes, and mind to speak the Truth (none of which man has a thing to do with). Belief in something we (man) get the credit for – even if it’s flawed and it’s questions repetitious. Belief in Someone that we (man) came from – perfect even in it’s imperfections – it’s questions arriving at never ending answers. One is like going into a zero-gravity environment – having brilliantly designed machinery to get you there but none of the control to stay – LIVE. The other gets you there in a “vehicle” not seen by any man – nor invented by any human mind – yet there we are, living without limits, without end, without any need for protections or acclimations. One must take every aspect of every element, chemical and gas of the entire cosmos and shrink it down to fit the human brain. The other causes the human brain to endeavor into a realm of utter transformation capable of processing infinitely more than anything we have ever known in possibly thousands of years of study and exploration, discovery and outer edges yet thought to be a possibility. The human mind is made into something no one yet has ever comprehended, nor shall ever be able to reproduce (Save God).

A true explorer desires most to dive into a Living God/Creator. A conqueror follows his own limited field of vision. For the explorer – there are no limits. For the conqueror the humanness of his being shuts down far before even its own flawed limitations can try to fathom. For the true explorer – life has no ending, bodies never tire, spirits never succumb to burn out. The conqueror is beset by his own limits in the never ending pursuit of its self-motivated need for more. The explorer – doesn’t care about getting the credit, it only desires to know the One who does. The conqueror – is the center of its own universe – theres no room for anything or anyone who could know something different or better. The true explorer knows that he is but a speck of dust. The conqueror believes he can earn anything he has made as an ultimate goal of achievement (and even that he can not hope to earn but God may give it to him anyway!)

Can you hear the Voice of the Shepherd?

“Let them have their thousand virgins, their earned reward for their righteousness, their earth as they have decided that it is in all its Big Bang and oozing glory, their high seat of wisdom and glory, let them have what they have invented. Mine shall have Me and they shall know no limitations to My creations, My righteousness, My wisdom, My love, My Beauty, and My Kingdom. That which I, the Alpha and the Omega, First and Last, Beginning and End, Creator of all that is good, pure and true has made – shall have no end, and I shall give it to My Children. Their minds shall never cease in exploration, their voices shall know forever the sounds of the highest art of music, their eyes shall behold only Beauty and Awe! And they shall never ever be conquered or die!”

All this if I choose to believe in the Great I Am, for these puny moments in this very temporary realm of purification and dying to myself. Choose you this day whom you will serve. Who gives life meaning? What a question! What a choice! I am already alive with it! His Word hath said, “we shall be MORE than conquerors, and as He – who has faith – more than a mustard seed – so spoke it….it shall be TRUTH! I believe!

Everything means something and it all points to Him!

Do you believe??


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Introduction to WSGD NEWES

March 28, 2011 at 12:17 am (WSGD Newes)

This is the first post on the WSGD NEWES tab. I have written a few of what seems to me to be “opinion pieces’ and I have often wondered why God would prompt me to write such. It’s not my strong suit, I am always more comfortable giving my opinions when and if they are asked of me. Now in these times I can see where these “opinions” are not necessarily mine. I couldn’t have made them up on my own, nor conceived of the concept of them from my own “bank” of wisdom or knowledge. God gives us each insights that He does not give to anyone else. It’s His job to send these insights to the listener in just such a way that they “hear” Him and not the “speaker” or writer in this case. As I said test everything you hear, read, and even think, against the back-drop of His voice and His Word. Never take another’s point of view or opinion as your own, but let the Lord throw out and make yours everything you hear. Let Him confirm the validity of EVERYTHING your eyes see, ears hear, and heart perceives. I believe we have all become to “quiet” in letting our voices be heard for TRUTH. The facts are more important it would “seem”. There is a distinct difference between Fact and Truth. Facts are provable. Truth is facts with the insight of its Author. Heres an example:

Fact:  America is no longer a nation under God.

Truth:  All nations on earth are under God. America started out with a Godly wisdom and intention for its governing practices. The principles this nation was founded on were indeed His principles, His – not ours. Yet we have wandered away, one small compromise at a time from the intention we set forth in our Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of  Rights. People wander away from God, nations are made of people. But all of them are under God.

Do you see the difference? I believe God would have me share these things I have written, seeking to discern fact from truth, in His presence, listening to His voice, seeking His counsel, wisdom and insight.

So here goes… I pray in advanced for you the reader, that you may hear ONLY His voice, and that His will would be done in your heart as you read. That His inspiration would rise up from within you as He leads, and that courage to stand as His child would grow contagious. You are the sheep of His pasture, listen to His voice and follow!!

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March 27, 2011 at 10:34 pm (Songs)

This was written in January of 2006. Just after our move to Montana. I kept the original way I sent it to all my family and friends back then. So the little note at the end is somewhat out dated as T-do  (my niece Tamarah) is no longer here but back in Denver. And, I know there are lots of loved ones I never sent this too, I was on a tight budget back then so please don’t feel I didn’t include you if I didn’t send it to ya then! You are all in my heart…always!



By:  Lisa VanValkenburgh



It rocks me to the core

Or even “see ya later” in this case

Even more

O God – Keeper of the Keys of Time

Could you freeze the moment of these souls?

For I’m…


Chorus 1

Alive here, and safe here

Held by this love…I’m

More here, with meaning

The hearts of those around me

Look Lord – Your intended Love

Pours out through us

All faith, and hope, and truth

These precious souls created

In Time


Heartbroken, wide open

A trail of blood from Johnson’s Corner

To a state line

I bled out as You led out

Of all that was safe – all I’d known

Now I’m…


Chorus 2

Afraid here, unknown here

Held only by Your love…I’m

Less here, uncertain

This heart you placed within me

Now cries out for Your Love

Pour out through me

All faith, and hope, and truth

All I need is proof

I’m Yours



Precious love

Of those not hear

Precious love

That brought me here

Precious love

That holds us close and true

Precious love

That brings us back to You

Back to You……Oh God, I’m…

Chorus 1


For my Family, in Colorado.  And T-do here in this cold, hard, and beautiful land.  You are near yet so far.  I thank God for you all – and all that each and every one of you are.  You will always be part of a mystery – of what God is shaping inside of me.  No matter where or how far.  He is the length of the distance between us……I love you













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Fully Alive

March 27, 2011 at 10:23 pm (Songs)

Fully Alive in You

The glory of God is Man fully alive.

I don’t wanna run away

Don’t wanna waste another day

You set before me

And I don’t want to play that game

No matter what it ends the same

Like death inside me

So help me Lord, to just reach out

Erase this shame and fear and doubt

That wants to hide me

That wants to hide me


OOOOhh, Do You recognize

The form of me

OOOOhh, Is this heart inside

Created to be

Fully alive in You

I just want to take my stand

Be lead fully by Your hand

And walk beside You

Be still and stop to hear Your voice

So clear and loud I have no choice

I listen to You

So, help me Lord, resist and shout

Your enemy’s voice that pulls me out

Of Your glory in Me

Your glory in Me

April 12th, 2004 – Words and Music written by Lisa VanValkenburgh

Copyright pending


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Affirmations Hold

March 27, 2011 at 10:07 pm (Songs)

This is a song I wrote, you can’t hear the music…but if you close your eyes…you might begin to!



Affirmations Hold

By: Lisa VanValkenburgh

I see you running away

Consumed by your shame and mistakes

I would just love to come down and just love you today


You’re not alone

I’ve got you in My hands

In affirmations hold

And I will not forsake you

I won’t let you go…

From affirmations hold

Your beautiful now don’t you see

I made you My child ~ You’re for me

Now look into My eyes and see that there’s no lies in Me


So just take My hand and don’t let go, Child

Of all My wonders you’ll live to show, Child

Don’t have to wonder about My Love

Just put your rest in Me ~ and affirmations hold

~ June 2003 ~

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