Parental Perplexities – Part 3 – A Rock and A Hard Place

August 6, 2012 at 12:55 am (WSGD Newes)


Psalm 34:17-20
The righteous cried out, and Adonai (the Lord) heard, and He saved them them from all of their troubles. Adonai is near those with broken hearts; He saves those whose spirit is crushed. The righteous person suffers many evils, but Adonai rescues him out of them all. He protects all his bones; not one of them gets broken.

I love the above picture. Its one of those that “speak” a thousand words. I think of it every time I feel I am “in between a rock and a hard place”. When I struggle to see God from any loving, caring, nurturing, or protective nature…this is definitely one of them. I am caught, quite literally between God (the Rock) and my own human limited view (often a very hard “place”).

As parents this is surely just such a place. We are called upon to love, protect, defend, and hold on to; yet lead with truth (which often feels like its lost “that lovin feeling”), protect by exposure, defend without excusing, and last but not least…let go of our children.
All of which we do with only the “tools” we’ve been “handed” by 1st our own parents and how they taught us, 2nd by our own “spin” as we have made conclusions for ourselves based on lack of perspective, immaturity, hurts and judgements, and most importantly how we vow NEVER to hurt our own children as we have been. For many many people God was not taught about or strived to be made “apparent” in our parents. For some God’s name was applied to many a parental choice of methodology, His character taught in opposition to His actual character. For some, God was actually the center and heart of the parent, and so very few evils were executed in the process. BUT, as humans no matter what category you come from or variation of the one’s above…every single one will have missed the mark for a specific purpose. That purpose is so every single child will one day come to know and depend only on the Father God one day. This is a great mercy and comfort to us as parents and children. Pain with purpose, error that precedes the ultimate success!

So…in having me list all those negative characteristics of a parent that often confuse my understanding of God; He then simply said…I Am the very opposite of those! At which point I then went back and (sometimes with the help of a Thesaurus) listed the opposite of each.

Father – near, always present – attentive, fascinated, riveted, captivated, eager relationally – full of words of up-building, inspiration, support, furtherance, fostering, and cultivation – always ready but never pushy to make Himself known, disclose and reveal His very heart and desires to share our very own as well – NEVER motivated by anything but His love for us – He has NO NEED to protect us from Himself, or Himself from us – there is absolutely NO doubt, suspicion, disbelief, pessimism, weariness, disenchantment or lack of sincerity that comes from Him; He is always wholehearted, genuine, unfeigned, honest, straight forward, direct and UNAFRAID; positive – the pay-off to His work is not an earn/reward mentality; (ie: work = delight and joy in giving not getting, performance = confirmation of love, “church” = an outpouring of strength, sex = the culmination and mysterious beauty of a love unearthly) – pursues knowing a person inexhaustably, is always ready to teach with patience and tender understanding – has NEVER, will NEVER, can not EVER abandon His child – ALWAYS finds His creation and children to be the center of His delight and desire to be with – reminds us of our worth by showing us His Son – will not allow ANYONE else to do His Fathering, leading, guiding.

Mother – calm, can not be found “busy” as we understand busyness, attentive, fully focused and present with us, – God NEVER stresses out; it takes fear to stress out and a limited capacity to do things to stress, He has ALL capacity and NO fear – God and over worked never go in the same sentence, there is no end to either Him or the work He delights in – He always remembers, is on time, and never spaces out – He has no need to argue – no fear, unafraid 100% of the time – His protection is unmatched by all human limitations, never more or less than exactly what we need – integrity is His very nature, He cares not a whit about popularity – there is no self-absorption that is like ours in Him, all things ARE about Him, for Him, and moving towards Him, He gives Himself totally – we are never an inconvenience, always a delight and precious in His sight – His pleasure and approval are constant and undoubtable – He can do all things at all times and assures us that if we do one thing at a time He, Himself, will carry ALL else even as He carries us – He cares very much that we would know and understand that His appearance is not based on human perspective and beauty – God never talks to us with “grapevine” talk, there is NO gossip, slander, or judgement of others in His vocabulary, He won’t tolerate it from us BECAUSE He won’t from Himself – God is the only One who can model deep relationship with Himself (Jesus) and reaches down, extends Himself far and long to teach us Himself – God would rather wound us than have us “fit in” where popularity would remove us from His presence, rejection from ANY human can not compare to His lack of presence and protection. One wounds, the other KILLS! – His voice is always a wooing whisper, never accuses but corrects gently, never blames but points out error with firm attentiveness towards patience – He NEVER needs guilt to motivate or manipulation to inspire, He is always on the level about how we hurt Him and eager to forgive.

There are many things about this list we may see in our own parents, parents we have observed, or heard of. Yet, one thing is certain to make this list unique…the ALWAYS’s, NEVER’s, and EVER’s…these, for now, are humanly impossible. Yes, with God ALL things are possible, but as I mentioned before every parent has been positioned to fail at every one of these for the exact purpose of God, the Father being the ONLY One anyone will ever find like Him. And as Yeshua (Jesus) said, if you don’t know the Son, you can not know the Father. So Yeshua does and will show us our tendencies to place a human trait from our experiences as sons and daughters, onto Him. He then redirects and helps us un-learn what we have learned from our imperfect parents (and our perspectives from our own imperfect selves) and if we listen and let His instruction redefine our definitions of Him, He shows us the Father and we ARE forever changed. The first change is how we relate and respond to Him from within (on the inside where none but He can see). The second is what we do in response to Him and His parenting from then on, from without (or on the outside where He and all else can see). NEVER, I repeat, NEVER does He change the order in which His transforming works, first within in sincerity and clarity, then without with gratitude and humility. The classes for this parenting 101, comes from time spent at Jesus feet, just us, alone, and Him. The “tuition” is the time and energy it takes to dedicate to His tutelage, and it is costly. We must die to the old self and let Him bring us back to life with Himself at our center. Its not for the ambitious, its for those who no longer want a “life for themselves”.

Yet, I get ahead of myself here. The next part will unveil a secret…and it will woo you, I pray, as it did me. 🙂

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah 🙂


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