O Lord, You are! A Sabbath Prayer

August 12, 2012 at 5:54 am (Prayers) (, , , , )


O Lord
There are things inside my heart
That can only be set right
Set right by You, and only You tonight
I can name a few
That glare and harp at me
But You O Lord, You know them all
And that is what makes me free

O Lord, wretch and crutch am I
I bend now all I can and am
And ask You for Your eye
How You see, how You are
All You have shown, all You would show me now
New mysteries and knowledge
That show You as God
The God of all, the God of me
Which is the bigger awe?

For within me seems to be a world unconquerable
Set against the simplest You
Bent upon my own comprehension
But You have said Your greatest work
Is in the heart of man
You have set Your seal upon them
Your affection – never at quits
But all our hearts turn far from it
And the heart of man starves
But thinks it full and satisfied
I look to You, my Bread, my Air
Your glory is all I desire to tell
To my own soul I speak Your name
It is well, it is well!

Your grace is beyond the horizon of comprehension
Your mercy, what words can capture it?
Your love, Your works, Your truth
Your goodness, Your pure and righteous Being
It is threaded and woven upon every possibility, all true reality

O Lord, You say
When all is set the most against You
That You have the upper hand
How can mere man begin to enter into such knowledge?
We can not without Your Salvation
Salvation died to make a living
Salvation ran towards mans rejection
And founds its goal in Your acceptance
Salvation shakes the very foundation
Of all that makes “sense” to us

O Lord, knock me senseless
O Lord, pour Your senses into mine
O Lord, pour out my finest thoughts
Which are mere water, and turn them into wine
The BEST for last, the best for the Groom
A Bride prepared is tattered and bruised
Her garment not pure or white or flowing
But stripped and torn with Your blood knowing
The vows broken before they are spoken
But broken is Your most treasured token
Restored is all You see!
O Lord, Your amazing ways!
Let them be! Let them be!

Let Your Word be the last
Let Your vow fill all spaces
Let Your love come to the rescue
And paint our tiny faces
Let Your truth, compound and confound
Let Your countenance define our rest
Let Your faithfulness be shouted and praised
You are the Best! You are the Best!

Even now, O God, these words fall
Short and silent to give You glory
All my breath’s, all my days
Should they be full of nothing else
Wouldn’t begin to wet the shores of Your virtue
The value of You, O God
It’s praise can not be measured by human minds
Can not be accounted by our feeble distinctions
You and You alone are enough!
I love You O Lord
I throw myself on Your Word
I seat my soul in Your classroom
And wait…wait upon Your teaching
I wait for You, and You alone
I wait

(August 2012)

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah 🙂


1 Comment

  1. sevv61 said,

    Beautifully said. A wonderful prayer.


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