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There was a time when…

People thought the world was flat.

That butterfly’s and caterpillars were two separate things.

That the air was as breathable at sea level as on the top of a mountain peak.

That being a house-wife was worthy, and considered successful, AND hard WORK. Requiring muscles and brains!

That being an honorable person, daughter, son, parent, sister, brother, cousin, friend and Child of God was considered almost a miracle in the way of achievements.

That animals have no “feelings”.

That talents needed no awards to be recognized.

That a person who really wanted to know another was considered more interesting than a person who stayed at the surface and encouraged the superficial.

That thinking was more effortous and recognized as worthy, than those who let others do their thinking for them.

That loving without expectation, though knowing all was known was more readily recognized as genuine than the unchallengeable “love” that was easily manipulated and full of smoke and mirrors. (Capable of being lied too)

That knowing someone who could see passed the “presented self” was considered a gift instead of avoided.

That the assumption of “size” didn’t matter was a given as this was proven to be fatal in thinking over and over again.

That rating a person by the genuineness of their heart was worth the time and effort in knowing a real friend.

That things don’t have to be seen to be real.

That assuming the best of people was considered a virtue worth fighting for.

That there was a fundamental truth to the saying “you can lead one to water but you can’t make them drink it”.

Mayhap the times these things were considered foundational and true, have indeed been proven false or true with time. Maybe the invention of “scientific proof” helped advance the depth of their truth or disproved them. We all know by now the earth is most definitely not flat, right? But! How much science was really needed to prove it? Heck, time alone with individual experience proved it, no test tube or telescope was needed.
Assumptions are best put to the test through each persons personal pursuit to know if they be true or not. A real hard and time consuming effort proves just about everything in their true-ness or not.
The reasons that assumptions are: A) readily accepted. B) most often the course of action in thought; now-a-days is because there’s a big fat lie being bought with hearts, minds, souls, and resources; the lie is….”I have no time or resources to really find out”. The key component of this lie is about everything being about me, myself, and I.
Assumptions are the number one reason any valuable part of human interaction/society is completely disintegrating.

There is an old “saying”;
“Don’t assume because it makes an ass out of u and me, the hitch being the word itself – ass-u-me.
The reason this saying worked for a “time” is because the you (u) always came before the me (me). Now, we must ask ourselves when did we change the me to go before the you (u). It once was more important to put others before ourselves. To make monumental efforts to do so. Now, its so rare, those who do are considered “out of touch”, “needing therapy”, “old-fashioned” and many more in kind.
Credit is given to “self-sacrifice” that now appears on the outside that once would have been appalling to even be spoken of as sacrificial even 100 years ago. Keep in mind, to some, the human race has been around for millions of years, thousands at least, to others. So 100 years is NOTHING in light of “time”. When will we get it? Loving our children isn’t sacrificial. Being faithful to our spouses isn’t sacrificial. Obeying the law isn’t sacrificial. Taking care of our elderly isn’t sacrificial. THAT used to be considered “normal”!! Then what is? What is this putting oneself “out” for another? Most the people I know are not thoughtless to a purpose, they just believe they can’t or don’t have the time or particular “talent” of being thoughtful. (I, myself, am guilty of this. So I am not throwing “stones”).

Not long ago I posted a question on my Facebook wall.
What if we all gave the gift of our time, instead of things at holidays such as birthdays and christmas etc?
I have almost 400 “friends” including “family” on this “social network”. 3, I repeat, 3 people liked or commented on this post. Enough said??
You be the judge. What can we assume or what would be the “call” for effort in thought about that? Who will stand up and say what needs saying? Who really cares? I will go so far as to say…that he or she that risks anything to ask the hard questions, has been taught a thing or two about true love…and not by any “human logic”.

Which is more deadly? Assumptions or weapons such as guns or knives? How much “time” is worth the sacrifice to just begin to make love the greatest “amendment” to any home, school, church, town, city, province, country, nation, or world? Who taught and still His voice goes out teaching…that the greatest of these is love.

Love is about others first and more. In thought, then deed. Love is about giving up the “right” to be hurt, angry, heard, recognized, seen, worshipped, adored, ………
and in turn giving even though those things continue to be its reception or not. Love is NEVER about me, myself, or I. Its not even a consideration, and feels no loss at its lack of consideration. Love has no problem keeping their opinions to themselves, and only being given upon request AFTER careful consideration as to how one may give it best in the way the other may hear it. Lots of time is required for love, not money, not creativity, not thoughts of how one can give to reflect themselves, but the other. Love takes time, and gives more (time). Assumptions literally have no place in time where love is the goal. UNLESS one will assume the GOOD instead of the bad, the strength instead of a weakness, a pure motive instead of a manipulative or selfish motive, a consideration of ourselves NOT knowing everything instead of thinking we know everything needed to know. Assuming the good, best and pure is fine. Yet so very little of those can be given the credit for the manner in which assumptions can find their root now. It takes more effort and time to assume the best. It takes NOTHING to assume the worst.

UN-assuming (the “bad” kind of assuming) people have friends that are completely different than them, and they are not the least bit afraid, intimidated, or jealous of that or them. They find NO hindrances to the level of closeness because of those differences. They LOVE…because they assume the best and not the worst. They LOVE…because they, themselves were loved perfectly first (not by another human being). They are faithful NOT because they consider it a form of sacrifice, but because faithfulness is like oxygen to the soul of real relationship. They are more interested in another’s thoughts than sharing their own. (Mostly because they have “gotten it”, that there is always time), no rushes, no need to hurry.

So again, I ask the question. If a bit differently than before.

“What if time was and is the most precious gift we can give to anyone? What if our time in thoughtfulness about, to, and for anyone is the key to shattering the “assumptious tragedies” to our world? Or at least a very large part of it based on Yeshua’s (Jesus’s) teachings and examples? What can we assume about that?

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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