Mile-Stones Explained

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I love to write. Give me a pen/pencil and paper and they become annals of time.

Diary writing held little to no appeal to me. Writing to catalog events and feelings/thoughts of day to day activities was akin to putting mortar between bricks. I prefer my “bricks” to be easily knocked down and put in a different order. Mortar is for wall building, and I believe God would have my life be more of a garden; where walls never belong and perspectives change as with seasons, so as to keep it new.
There is to me, little to no appeal in a “concrete” life. My soul has been anchored, but my days and activities must flow with the tides of a sometimes calm and often times raging sea. This mile-stone writing can at times feel like throwing pearls to swine. Its the more intimate portion of a relationship, the likes of which would never find “air time” on public TV. There are so many ways to view nakedness, the most sale-able being drama and sex. The same goes for book publishing. For those who are interested in “intimacy” with God, those two categories are redefined to such a degree; its like trying to read a legal document to a child. The language must first be learned (or rather an acquired taste) – otherwise its just plain boring and/or sounds like a bunch of religious mumbo-jumbo.
Make no mistake my poems and prayers are of a very personal nature and take on a form of the nakedness I speak of, but less so and completely different in nature. I suppose those feel like I at least have some “fig-leaves” sewn about me where it matters most. 🙂

The other categories are just plain fun and thankfully not just the work of God in me, and me alone. I can and do “invite” many of His children to share His glory within them. Its often a “share and tell” where the very things God uses to feed, encourage, refresh, renew, restore, and open my eyes “to see” – I simply share with you. The ones I write are just as much for me as any reader. With my “own hand”, God prescribes the lesson for me to learn; not so much are they lessons for any other.

When my Shepherd asks me to Mile-Stone I immediately feel vulnerable – exposed. I post them and rarely go back to read them for a long time. Editing them is no fun. I criticize and squirm with them. These are typically areas God is working to rearrange on a daily basis, I rarely need to re-cap by reading them for a while. Its more like “note-taking”, He takes me back at His own timing. Sometimes they stay “drafted” for days, even weeks before I hit the publish button. Sometimes out of plain resistance, others out of simple obedience. I suppose I like to keep the “deepest” part of me to myself and Abba. 🙂 There feels like no safety in numbers, if you will. Less is more. To be sure, He keeps most of me to Himself! Yet often, as today, He says, “This belongs to My whole Kingdom and family – make it a Mile-Stone”. Oh, if only you could see how it stretches me! Mile-Stone posts are the “spice-rack” of this blog. The dishes they “flavor” are different with each one, the subjects vary like the weather.
I like continuity, flow – randomness is akin to chaos to me. Yet the deeper I go into unity with God the more I find Him…chaotically sequential, the epitome of order, but completely random. Like a hurricane; bands of hundred-plus mile per hour winds, torrential rains, destructive – yet with a phenomenal eye of quiet and calm at its center.


At the heart of Mile-Stone posts is the struggle and victory of my walk. Learning at His feet, going where He tells me with no maps – just His voice as a “GPS” unit from one place to the next. Its all internal – nothing is as it appears from the “outside”. Hence I can be a fainting goat one minute yet at the same time in the heat of battle (see previous post) – confused and foggy on a “ship” called clarity. The irony is amazing, not the least if which mind-boggling and beautiful! So much like our Shepherd! Such is the depth and richness, agony and ecstasy of walking with the God of the Universe! Of this, I could write all day and never scratch the surface to reveal or convey the rewards of it. May His pleasure be felt as you read, as it does as I write. For this and only this is the reason this blog exist.

Not to steal but to borrow from Mr. Liddell from the 1924 Olympics.

“When I write, I feel His pleasure.” His presence is steadfast and I am immovable when He positions my hand with pen/pencil upon paper. I am home. 

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤



  1. linda herz said,

    there is nothing more beautiful to me than a vulnerable butterfly/courageous warrior of my Abba/Jesus/Sarayu ….. lisalu


  2. sevv61 said,

    I know agony and delight that rages within you because it is within me too. I also know thats part of what makes you so beautiful and a sparkling jewel in his eye. Thank you for your faithful walking and sharing.


    • buttrflygrl14 said,

      O Husbie, you are so much of Gods grace to me! Thank you for your words. Thank you for your walking with Abba, how you shine! Tears of gratitude are the rain in my garden, tears that shower my heart because of His love and yours.


  3. Mile-Stones Explained | sevv61's Blog said,

    […] Mile-Stones Explained. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. ← Follow to Know (Spurgeon’s Faith’s Checkbook) […]


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