Heaven Counts the Ballots

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I will shine my light, the only way to do so is to hold mine up to THE LIGHT.

This will be my one and only personal perspective and view on the upcoming elections and the vote. Here only will I say what I alone think about it. Yet, I must be clear, I am always looking to my Father for new insight and His direction. So what you read here is likely to at the least be “broadened” at the most “changed”. Everyday I live and breathe Yeshua (Jesus) becomes more alive to me, and His mission to show me the Father and His will is secured.

What I think about all the issues concerning politics is less than nothing in the light of what my Master does. So I will attempt to be brief here.

Abortion: when I go to the poll to vote, the issue of Life; where it comes from and Who it belongs to will be my only motivating factor. If the “candidate” says they don’t agree with abortion means NOTHING to me. What do they believe is the source of Life does. Period no exceptions. One can say abortions wrong but not believing in Who Life is opens the door for “a change of heart” on any issue concerning it. Noone can have the “little” issues right if the “bigger” issue is wrong.

Money – (i.e. taxes, economy, health insurance, gas prices etc.)
There will be absolutely NO money related motive in how I vote. God alone is my “economy”. He fed 5000 with a few fish and a couple loaves of bread. He rained down outta the sky manna, then sent quails. He told Peter to go get “their tax money” out of a fish’s mouth. I will “bank” on no human promises for my provision, nor rely on my own “apparent” control in it.
Health insurance is an oxy-moron. There’s no such thing in reality. I could have the BEST insurance benefits known to man, and my health is no more insured than if I have none. Its all about money and power…insurance of ANY kind. If 90% of those who have gone before me lived without it, so can I. My “health” is in Gods hands as is my provision for it. This “bill” need not even be a point of attention or contention. So no vote of mine will focus on it.
As to the economy…I do my part in contributing to it, as for me I am held to honor and integity with it and fully submit to Who holds my feet to that flame. There is no way I can know what candidate does what with their integrity or honor. Again what they say means NOTHING to me. History alone can teach enough for anyone to know that the words that come from lips, especially when someone is speaking for mans approval, renders what they say at the very least – skeptical.

Do I agree with their economical “plan”? No. There are more holes in every one of them than a net for fishing! So how can one vote rightly? I leave that between you and whoever you call Master. It ends and begins in clarity there. That’s the Truth, I can speak no other.

Voting “your conscience”;
This term gets used alot and it seems to me this is why things are all fumbled up in the first place. To one person their “conscience” votes in favor of abortion, to another against. Man/woman’s conscience is unreliable at best and completely screwed at the worst. I will not vote my conscience in November. That God gave us one is a blessing indeed, but without His we are all cooked. We are made in the image of a perfect conscience in Him. So again the issue comes back to Who directs both yours and the candidate in question. Since I cannot know theirs God leaves me with mine and His for the all sufficient and able “decision making” power.

I will say one thing. There is this tendency and/or opinion that if you don’t vote for Romney or Obama then you “cast your vote” to Obama anyway. Wrong! Why are you voting? Who gave you the gift to do so? Is it your “duty” to America that sends you to the polls? Or is it because God has given you the gift and honor of having a way to say “yes or no” to those things that either promote Life or promote Death?  If you vote in the light of the former, then vote your conscience and believe what “everyone” else tells you. If the latter, your vote is for the eyes of your Maker and none other and you believe His opinion is paramount and trumps whatever “power” the vote you cast sends in the human wind of influence. Vote as if only Heaven is counting the ballots! Again, this is the Truth, however uncomfortable or far fetched it may seem. 

I will not say who I am voting for. Its between myself and God. If you have no confidence in my “vote” because I will not shout my decision here that is not my problem. I have said enough to gain the confidence of those who call themselves my brother and sister, AND enough to differentiate those from them who would not claim themselves as such. Which is more than enough. I claim no “right” to know anyone else’s vote, nor would it change my opinion of them. There are people headed in God’s direction who are going to vote for Romney AND who are not! God cares less for politics than He does their hearts! No “wrong” vote or “right” will keep Him from His own! If this is not true, I would not know Him now.

May the Way, the Truth, the Life be all our guide in every decision we make from the least to the most, may His grace and mercy, His Love and justice be the anvil upon which our hearts “pivot”, with the Spirit of His character and conscience as our guide, our hope, and our confidence! To God be the glory, now and forever!

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤


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