Trust Perfected

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The man is perfect in faith who can come to God in utter dearth of his feelings and desires, without a glow or aspiration, with the weight of low thoughts, failures, neglects, and wandering forgetfulness, and say to Him, “Thou art my Refuge.”

The true man trust in a strength which is not his, and which he does not feel, does not even always desire.

Is there not many a Child of God, who having begun to deny himself, yet spends much strength in vain and evil endeavor to accommodate matters between Christ and the dear Self – seeking to save that which so he must certainly lose – in how different a way from that in which the Master would have him lose it!

Do you ask, “What is faith/trust in Him?” I answer, The leaving of your way, your objects, your self, and the taking of His and Him; the leaving of your trust in men, money, in opinion, in character, in attonement itself, and doing as He tells you. I can find no words strong enough to serve for the weight of this obedience.

~  George MacDonald

Man-kinds trust would only go about half a circle, leaving nothing but an huge opening; in which all the most untrustworthy and beautiful things could but come in and collect. Free to leave by bouncing off the crooked line he draws, but never able to make any of it “stick”
But! God created a solution for how to meet them half way in the lack. Yeshua became man, and trusted His Father, His eyes ever on Him, His ears ever trained to His voice, His body ever turned, bent into the wind to obey Him, completing the circle with what it looks like to die to Himself. Breathing His last, full of all man-kinds sin, He took His next breath and – trust – for us, was born!

~  Lisa VanValkenburgh

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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Immortal Till Work Done (Spurgeon’s Faith’s Checkbook)

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Immortal Till Work Done October 31 I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord. (Psalm 118:17) A fair assurance this! It was no doubt based upon a promise, inwardly whispered in the psalmist’s heart, which he seized upon and enjoyed. Is my case like that of David? Am I depressed because the enemy affronts me? Are there multitudes against me and few on my side? Does unbelief bid me lie down and die in despair-a defeated, dishonored man? Do my enemies begin to dig my grave? What then? Shall I yield to the whisper of fear, and give up the battle, and with it give up all hope? Far from it. There is life in me yet: “I shall not die.” Vigor will return and remove my weakness: “I shall live.” The Lord lives, and I shall live also. My mouth shall again be opened: “I shall declare the works of Jehovah.” Yes, and I shall speak of the present trouble as another instance of the wonder-working faithfulness and love of the Lord my God. Those who would gladly measure me for my coffin had better wait a bit, for “the Lord hath chastened me sore, but he hath not given me over unto death.” Glory be to His name forever! I am immortal till my work is done. Till the Lord wills it, no vault can close upon me. AMEN!! ~ LV

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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The Remnant Church and the End-Time Testimony of Jesus Christ

October 30, 2012 at 11:16 pm (WSGD Newes)

The Remnant Church and the End-Time Testimony of Jesus Christ.

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Holy One ~ Approachable

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Holy Unapproachable!
What grace You give to me!
That through Your Gate
I now approach
Yeshua who’s for me!

A blessed, sacred honor
Once kept for none but One
Now offered out from within Him
Now can Your Kingdom COME!

Not only does He bid me
Come into My Home
He walks and talks with me at every turn
And makes Himself be known

And if that wasn’t exceedingly more
Than I could ever have asked
Yeshua takes me Home to meet
The Father from Whose will all is cast!

Then topped beyond all imagining
He send His Spirit to guide
My every errant tendency
To run away from His side

Oh Great abounding Love that shakes
My all to often comfort zone
To complete this wretched soul
Moving heaven and earth is NOTHING!
To the One who makes me whole!

The other day I woke to Him
A pen moving on a Book
Curious I crept up to Him
And He let me have a look!

Infused to HIS!
The pages ebbed and flowed
Written upon the Book of Life
From within the Word I glowed!

Oh Jesus, real You are to me!
How can my eyes still fail?
To receive the Grace that sets me free
Unhidden behind the Veil?

His voice was soft in answering
Unhampered by my fright
He took my face into His hands
And said, “Because you are My Life!”
“Now go and pour it out just as, You see that I have done!”
“The story of Me and victory, that I and My Father are One!”

Such Life was poured right into me
My heart near took off in flight
Yes, this flesh remembers the Breath
That blows me newly reborn

O Holy Friend – Approachable
I long to never leave Your heart!
I thank You for the miracle
Of Love that proves
You never will depart!

O Strength of God, Yeshua
That now defines my soul
Speak from my mouth
Reach through my hands
Breathe from my lungs
Walk in my feet
Bend low my back
Yourself that is so real

I will worship at Your feet
And praise You while I sit still
May all that comes from knowing You
Be Love for You increased
Love that sustains Trust in You
The Trust that creates in action
Reflecting You, only You
Love lived from compassion

Glory, Glory to the Son
That sits upon the Throne
That one day shall descend from Heaven
And rescue Your Children home!

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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Maintain the Difference (Spurgeon’s Faith’s Checkbook)

October 29, 2012 at 12:58 pm (Devotionals)


Maintain the Difference
October 29

And I will put a division between my people and thy people: tomorrow shall this sign be. (Exodus 8:23)

Pharaoh has a people, and the Lord has a people. These may dwell together and seem to fare alike, but there is a division between them, and the Lord will make it apparent. Not forever shall one event happen alike to all, but there shall be great difference between the men of the world and the people of Jehovah’s choice.
This may happen in the time of judgments, when the Lord becomes the sanctuary of His saints. It is very conspicuous in the conversion of believers when their sin is put away, while unbelievers remain under condemnation. From that moment they become a distinct race, come under a new discipline, and enjoy new blessings. Their homes, henceforth, are free from the grievous swarms of evils which defile and torment the Egyptians. They are kept from the pollution of lust, the bite of care, the corruption of falsehood, and the cruel torment of hatred, which devour many families.
Rest assured, tried believer, that though you have your troubles you are saved from swarms of worse ones, which infest the homes and hearts of the servants of the world’s prince. The Lord has put a division; see to it that you keep up the division in Spirit, aim, character, and company.

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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