What was the ORIGINAL written language of the New Testament?

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Below is the 1st part of this series. Well worth your time. It did not take me long to realize why Adonai (the Lord) had so directed my path “into a Jewish persuasion” throughout my life.

At a young age my mother had Jewish decor about the house.
Her favorite movies were; Hiding Place, Fiddler on the Roof.
At the age of 15, we started attending a Messianic Jewish Congregation which is a Jewish Church that believes that Yeshua (Jesus) is the prophesied Messiah in the Torah (Law) or Old Testament. Orthodox Judaism is Jews who are still waiting for the Messiah as they do not believe Yeshua is the Messiah. Though most Orthodox Jews do not practice Torah (the Law) or the book of Moses any more. Hence they no longer sacrifice animals to atone for their sin.

As I became more and more invested in my own study of the Word of God (Bible), I quickly started to study the Hebrew/Greek words and their meanings. A common Bible study companion is a Concordance; which is where one tends to be introduced to the fact that English is a baby language and can be quite hindering in understanding what some words translated into English in the Bible mean. I “stumbled” onto Jeff Benner’s Youtube channel during this time. I found his videos so very helpful in understanding the Hebrew/Greek phenomenon. They are so easy to understand without actually attempting to learn to speak and read Hebrew.

Coincidence? No.
I believe it is so important for people who say they believe in the Word of God as the Truth and Yeshua (Jesus) as their Savior to understand why God made a Jewish nation, why He sent His Son through it (He’s God after all, He could have used the Roman nation or any other gentile nation), and if He spoke Hebrew, what is the difference in how that Bible one believes in, as the end and beginning of all truth, can be read from a Hebraic point of view. Does it change the basic message? No. God has been exact and faithful that ANY language it can be read in will introduce Himself to the seeker.
Yet to “study to show oneself approved” yields a huge reward in the depth of their knowing Him better.

Most of my life the “believers” I have known have at best only wanted to know about God/Yeshua, but not really know Him. The whole concept of going ” down the Jewish ‘road'” to study and follow Him has shocked me in their aversion to it. The attitude of “its not nessassary” is the prevailing wind. Much equivalent to the same attitude about reading the Bible daily as a source of absolute need; is today. I speak without judgement here, as I myself, was once the same. Life is demanding, who has time to study the Bible everyday? Not many, especially with children and work and activities, puh…most people don’t have time to sleep.

Why do I give this “press” time then? Simple. The luxuries we have today as a means to squeeze in a little “come speak to me, Lord” time is without a doubt overwhelming!
Have a smart phone? Oh, dear fellow-sheep, use it!! Listen to a teaching while you drive, watch a quick video just before bed! The resources at our disposal leaves us all quite without excuses! God’s command that we love Him with all our hearts, minds, souls, and resources is not impossible or even that hard now! Make the time, it is a matter of life and death. Oh, not physically maybe but then if you say you believe what Yeshua (Jesus) said and did is where your Life is; then you understand the physical is the least important aspect of Life. Make your “smart-phone” wise! Your computer capable of truly computing! If you live in a free country like America make use of the freedoms and luxuries we have to honor God in all we do! For those of us who have had such resources and luxuries, we will be much more without excuse one day. And its fast approaching!

What is the difference between the languages of God/Yeshua and English? Can it really make a difference in knowing Him? Its up to you to find out. I pray you do. It has made a huge difference in my walk with Him.

This is a six part series, each video is about 6 to 12 minutes long. All of his videos are short and open a wealth of knowledge and renewed understanding in our Shepherd, Yeshua. We take more time to read an email than it often takes to watch one of these videos. Make your computers, smart phones, and other tools for life, really seek The Life, use them instead of them using you!

If you seek Me, you shall find Me!
These words spoken by Adonai in the Old and Yeshua in the New Testament, these are a promise He keeps. Test it, see if its not true.


Oh the depth of riches one can find in seeking the Lord of Life! I pray He blesses your every little effort to do so, and mine!

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤


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