What Women Want ~ Part 2

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Psalms 128:1-4
How happy is everyone who fears Adonai (the Lord), who lives by His ways.
You will eat what your hands have produced; you will be happy and prosperous.
Your wife will be like a fruitful vine in the inner parts of your house.
Your children around the table will be like shoots from an olive tree.
This is the kind of blessing that will fall on him who fears Adonai.

First to note the above scripture in the picture. It would be a mistake to consider that as applicable to Jeremiah only. If as in Titus 2, we are to do as it says…then by being the teachers of our children, we then do in effect teach the whole world! Its a chunk to chew on! I will let the Spirit lay the seed of that truth as He sees fit without more explanation, for now.

Second, in reference to the scripture in Psalms 128:
The essence of being set apart grabs you right at the beginning. One who fears the Lord and lives by His ways; this is a distinction undeniable. Most women want a “real man” or at the very least men to be real. Look no further than one who fears and lives by His ways. Then notice verse 3. A wife is compared to a fruitful vine. Its tempting to equate this with the amount of children she produces. This, however, is not the case. The fruit produced here is what is spoken of in Galatians 5:22

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, patience, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility, self control. Nothing in the Word of God stands against such things.
(See also Col. 3:12)

We see this affirmed in the latter half of verse 3: in the inner parts of your house. This is where as a Child of God, born again in the Spirit of the Living God, by the blood of Yeshua (Jesus), He now resides…in the inner parts the heart.

We must remember that the sole purpose of marriage is to reflect God and His Bride (His people). In all things we as His people live now, out of the well of love for God in obedience and submission to Him. He in turn, provides, nourishes, leads, protects, and loves us. The thing is we have to let Him do those things…His part. We must follow; obeying, listening, and repeating what He says to say, doing what He says to do, how He says to do it. When what He says makes no sense, or offends our sensibility’s, we do/say it anyway. Knowing He knows what He’s doing in telling us what to do/say. Knowing that He really knows everything and can oversee billions of needs all at once and they will fit together perfectly; in us and everything that we effect and everything that effects us. He is completely trustworthy! He has been proving it since the beginning and everyday we walk with Him, He proves it yet again and again.

The world’s focus is to rely on what we see. If a “real man” does x, y, and z…then we can do things Gods way. If not, then by all means we have an excuse for doing things ours. You will be hard-pressed to find anything in the Word of God to back that up! Isn’t this attitude what started the whole “women’s lib” movement? Man was abusing his role as God prescribed it, so we will just show them how God really feels about us! We, women, have rights and value too! The truth is we do, did, and men did/does have a blind spot to see it. The lie is our job as women to prove it! NEVER will it EVER be men or womens job to prove Gods purposes and plans as correct! He is quite capable, and more “fit” for the job of proving Himself than we ever will be. His timing and ways are always different than we like, but His trustworthiness is sure and unquestionable. He will get the “job” done. In correction, judgement, vindication; in righting the wrongs, unblinding hearts, and opening them. Not a scripture in the Bible EVER even “kind-of” insinuates that those roles are ours. Humbling, as our greatest propensity is to make what’s all about God and only God, about us. We actually have far fewer “rights” than we have been led to believe by the worlds standard of “human rights”. Much less women’s rights!

The next part will prove what has just been said. For now, I pray you will take the above, and subject it to God yourself, and listen to what He says. When you put God first, you will never be left bereft. Often “put in place” but that comes with a peace that surpasses understanding, not condemnation but confirmation.

What does God expect of us women? How did He make us? The questions do not need to look any further at men and how He made them or how they don’t live as He says. Its a mute point. He looks at us and tells us what we need to know about us and Him. He says, “Leave everyone else to Me, this is what I am telling you to do.” No more pointing at any and everything or everyone else. God deals with individuals one at a time. This is how He makes a People of His Kingdom.

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤


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