What Women Want ~ Interlude

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The hardest thing to accept in life is that so many of the lessons we turn full tilt into to learn often come when the damage of ignorance and pride have already left a deep impression on those we love the most. From not pressing into the learning until its in many cases “too late”.  ~ LV

I call this an interlude because I feel this urgent need to clarify a few things. For those who don’t know me, this may come across like a huge string of humility. For those who do, it may be that you haven’t “nodded your head” so much in so many years! “Yep, thats true!” your brain will say.

As God has impressed upon me (that’s putting it mildly, placed a burning coal of fire under my conscience is more like it) to write this series; I’ve been a bit argumentative! You could say I sound much like Moses did with the Burning Bush.

Why me? No one will listen to me! I gave my only birth child up for adoption. And my step children, O Lord, You know they were born of my heart! Yet they have never come to me for advise! I did more things wrong than right. And quite honestly I feel like a total hypocrite saying any of this stuff! O, I agree with all You have taught me, and Your way. Yet how can I convince anyone to listen to this when my own children are grown and no longer home, I made all the wrong choices, and here I sit detailing what You have taught me, all I bleed in repentance over, but my “turning” can’t be exampled by actions quite the same. Yes, yes, I have turned and do what You say now, but ….Yes, I know its not my ways being taught…yes, its not about me, yes, yes I will obey and leave the rest to You.” Sigh…

I tend to focus where I have the most regret, healthy regret, not self-depreciating condemnation. How the veil of the modern day woman dictated my actions as a mother. Wife, sister, friend, daughter all fall in there too, but my biggest crater of pain is the impression those years left on my son and daughters, nieces too. I mean, oowww! It truly feels like its too late, and in the sense that I can not go back it is. God is the God of forward, straight onward, and right through. Straightening what has been twisted is completely His domain. The past is not something we can change, only today. He stands out ahead, hand out-stretched and eyes full of “Trust Me”, telecommunicating “I’ve got all that, don’t deceive yourself into thinking it’s even a little bit in your hands! I forgive you, now lets watch Me change you, here, now, today.”

Yet, the feeling of hypocrisy just would not get out of my face! Voices like,
“YOU didn’t do that with YOUR kids! YOU can’t hope to convince anyone now. Look at your life now, no kids to raise, the one’s you have either do all they can to convince you their “just fine” when they’re not, or they simply don’t talk to you! And all your lady friends…they all say ‘Hmmphff, easy for YOU to say now! But say and do all that with kids at home NOW, with all the financial pressures NOW!’ YOU don’t know how hard it is, what with a Husband who supports you like yours does, and no children to try to “rewire” living at home to “thank you” for your obedience!”

Yes, I know where these “voices” come from, I know who’s behind them; but there’s some truth in there that’s hard to ignore! As a woman, we are more than wives, daughters, mothers; ie: the roles we fill. This is the main focus of these posts, yet sometimes its just plain hard to separate that! It takes an act of God! Indeed it does! The burning coal that drives me here is just that. God is on the job! He is full of compassion in His mission! He see’s it all, and can enter into all of its frayed edges and cross-contamination and His divine enablement is 100% guaranteed! It’s just as true, that there is no such thing as “too late”. Did He not cover all my own folks’ mistakes, right here inside me? Has He not done exactly what He said He would? “I will never leave you or forsake you, even when your parents do!”

So, paired with this odd confessional, my emphasis before heading into Part 4, is this;
As you read, take it in as an introduction to truth, but let Abba lead you to repentance! It will not look like what you think it will, there’s no formula. No quick fixes either. There’s the Truth and the submission to Him in setting you free. He is so detailed in forming and shaping each of us to His exact “specifications”, look around you, He is far from interested in making the same thing twice! There is no methodology to walking with God. I hate books and lectures that start with “4 (any number) easy ways to…talk with God, hear God, be a good wife (mother, friend, etc)” Dear fellowsheep hear me! BEWARE of these kinds of learning materials. The word easy should be your first clue that somethings amiss! I don’t care if the number of “steps” is 1000, they will only apply in a 1 to 1 ratio exactly that way, 1 time. God makes no repeats, the only thing that is universal and the same for everyone is that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Way to the Father, the Truth to guide us, the Life to give us. That’s it! He can use soap opera’s to get His child’s attention, and cartoons another’s, and sports another’s. All to bring them to the same place of learning but even that will move differently for each. Formula’s are for earth bound techniques, NOT Temple building, Kingdom bringing, Child rearing in heaven’s! Not even a little bit! It’s the lack of predictability of walking with God that scare us the most! Trade that fear in for the Truth! God may be unpredictable, but He is totally trustworthy! His ways may be hard, but they are, always have been and always will be the absolute best way for us! Easy is a lie. Hard can be redefined. Know that it is one step at a time. One little thing here, thought there, allowing ourselves to be reeducated by the Creator of our whole being, and our children’s and our husband’s and our friend, families, neighbors, co-workers – all of us! Only He can work in one person that takes all they touch into the account of “working all things for the good”! He’s an expert at it!

The road can look rough for us when we start looking at the lies we’ve bought as truth, the compromises we made we thought were ok, the ways we have shaped our own lives instead of letting Him, the way we have defined God that stands in complete opposition to who He really is! Its not for the person looking to make life more comfortable. Its down right humbling and hugely rewarding! We won’t get the credit for any of the changes that incur, but we won’t want to either. This goes for men learning from God’s design what they were made for, not just women. Hence no one is “ahead or behind” the other in the blame factor. The requirement for sin, is being human. One exception, Yeshua. That’s it. Everyone else is, does, and will. All of them make up the mess we live in. The “heavy” is not on women nor is it on men.

I have made huge mistakes in my life, huge. I have failed my loved ones, still do. I am no poster-child for what gets posted here, only a sold out, actively pursuing the change believer in what God has taught me through my short years so far. Today I am no hypocrite to the words I say and actions I choose. Thanks be to God alone. I don’t know why He asks me to speak out, now that my children are grown and gone and it seems so easy to say but not required to do if they were still here in my home. I can only say that I have went the opposite direction as I did, as Gods woman child, now. Its has been far from easy. Yet everyday I choose to obey Him, the less I care what it has “cost” me in comparison to the closeness of my relationship with Him. Not only Him, but those He has been faithful to bring into my life as brothers and sisters along the way. The ones that have stuck with me in all the mess, and see my heart for Him and as such creates that special bond that nothing even imagined can shake. Relationship is Gods mission, with Him in us and within His family, semantics are nothing.

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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