Eternal Beauty

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Proverbs 31:25; 30

Clothed in strength and dignity, she can laugh at the days to come.

Charm can lie, beauty can vanish, but a woman who fears Adonai should be praised.

Psalms 34:5

They look to Him and grew radiant; their faces will never blush for shame.

1 Peter 3:3-4

Your beauty should not consist in externals such as fancy hairstyles, gold jewelry or what you wear; rather, let it be the inner character of your heart, with the imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit. In God’s sight this is of great value.

I love the above picture. So rare to find such an awesome display of how God meant a woman to look. I am not talking feature for feature, nor the adornment; though I find it rather beautiful. It is in what the picture captures that can’t be “seen” with the physical eyes that draws me. Rare because now a picture with a woman that doesn’t show “more skin” is so quickly passed by. Even in “christian” circles a woman of “health” is the picture of a lean, beautiful glowing skin, flowing hair, and her “assets” are pronounced in the form of dress. Its meant to say “Unashamed about how God made a woman”. It tries to punch a truth through a fabric of webs; the fabric shreds when its made of webbing. What “gets stuck to it” is intended for ill not gain. Certainly not beauty.

I recently read a blog post by a person who used God and His beauty in making women as a “shout out” for why they post pictures of naked women. It was in response to many of their fellow brother and sister’s complaint about them on their various sites. The rebut went on to say how God made women and we are not to be ashamed of how He did, so they went on to say how they felt justified in posting naked women on their site and God approves. Sigh…

I left the post heavy hearted for this person who claimed Adonai’s name for their shame, but in justification for what dishonors Him, not repentance. My thoughts first said, “Did God not make men beautiful too? Do you post naked men too?” The following thoughts I will spare you as they went on for some length of time. The end result being how I prayed for this person and with the heaviness of heart and spirit instead of words and thoughts of my “rational” mind.

I can throw no stones for any womans manner of dress these days, as my own have had their share of “skin revealed”. Yet I can not help but want to shout my repentance for any who have ears to hear. In part I only reflected what was taught to me; external beauty is accepted, skin is shameless, and the attention it invites is harmless. While I do believe there is NO shame to the body given in all its naked beauty to a spouse, I am personally grateful that no one escapes the initial shame of it given where it wasn’t designed to be shameless. It is the grace and love of God for the one who heeds its initial instruction. For those who ignore it, it adds to the account in harm to themselves and those around them.

No one gives that a second thought. That we are instructed not to do anything that may harm the right relationship with our neighbor and their Father in heaven. What a different world we would be in if that was the guiding principle of truth for all.

I thought about making this part of my “What Women Want” series. Then thought about it again. Its what men, real men, true men as they were designed by God, want too. To see beautiful women, being beautiful; not just looking beautiful. Its the heart of our Father that we would see beauty in every woman, man, child; whether they carry the trendy and popular notion of beauty defined by the world or not. I guarantee you if He gives us eyes to see whats truly beautiful in anyone; they won’t be naked! It won’t be centered around what the physical eyes can see at all!!! Its interesting to me that Yeshua (Jesus) never once pointed at anything and said, “Now look at that person, this is how the physical body is to be considered beautiful.” Never even talked about physique. Not one time, not one word in this direction. Close comes the parable of how we are not to worry about it, and points to lilies and birds as a means for evidence of our Fathers trustworthiness. But no ideal was given by Him for diet, exercise, “fitness” or bodily beauty at all! The lack of teaching on His part here speaks volumes to its “importance” in the Kingdom of heaven. What He did teach about was about the world within the man and woman who desires to be His follower.

Above all God made His children very beautiful, in physical form and in their complexity in the body He gave their spirits/souls to carry them! Yet all the words He has ever spoken invite us to go beyond what the eye can see, the hands can feel, the body can perceive. Words spoken in invitation to see the more mind-boggling beauty that lays beyond the retina of human perception.

For women and men the best of beauty is where they focus’ their gaze from within. Honoring the One who made all they see, and thereby doing no harm to the possibility of another’s potential to do the same.

I pray He will continue to teach me, leading me 1st through my own repentance of chosen blindness, and following with the corrected vision only He can give.

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤


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