Sent Forth

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Man dreams and desires; God broods and wills and quickens.  ~ George MacDonald

I begin to understand how complex and mysterious the call forth to a certain task by Adonai (the Lord) can be with each passing day. I am grateful I only live one at a time! For so very long my heart has cried out, “Come soon Lord!” That as I prayed today and the words were different, I stood “agape” at the change. Though I still look for Him, with a passion that keeps the lamps filled; today I see two things a bit clearer.

1) I am not looking for Him as if He’s not here already.

2) I find a “waiting” hidden inside that encapsulates a “mission”. Daunting in its largeness, and profound in that He would give it to me! No worthiness on my part has sanctioned its commission!

I would love to expound on the nature in detail of this call…but alas He “zips my lips” in giving a detailed description. Lets just say I am flabbergasted to find an arena someone hasn’t covered in the simplest and most important aspect of walking with God! With all the resources out there and years of accumulations to them; this seems nearly impossible to me. Add to that, I can think of no less than a hundred others that are or would have been both “more qualified and more “listenable””! Of whom I feel His “audience” would both be broader and more inclined to heed. I find myself, more than once a day saying, “Ya sure Ya want me to do this!?”  Mind you, this is how I learn to question Him and He teaches me the answers in new ways each day. He calls, He qualifies, He does ALL the work and can use anybody He wants, but wills that it be me!

As I look at those He has called and commissioned before me, I realize a great deal more the inner “comings and goings” at Yeshua’s feet. How important a more private and out of the “lime-light” He needs His child to be at times. Seemingly hidden and un-noteworthy to a world with eyes that stage a worthy show in smoke and flashes, loud music and dancing…bent for…entertainment. I am grateful the timing is His, the effect is His, and most especially the result.

I hear, I obey. That is so preciously simple…and likely…if I stick close to Him 🙂

I look forward each day to how He will lead me! What new color He will introduce to a canvas of a dream I didn’t even know I had! Indeed it was there all the time, but my dreams and desires without His will and quickening didn’t even scratch the surface of the impossible we are each called to believe in! Every single tiny thought and idea He gives feeds the larger picture; a picture I can’t even see all of but I know its there! There, you see I am unable to find the words to describe it effectively, but there again I know some will know exactly what I am “saying”. This is the whole sale beauty of living in the Kingdom of His will! The riches are so far removed from what this world considers valuable! There’s no doubt that as Emily Dickenson wrote (one of my favorite quotes)
“I dwell in possibility.”
Yet at the same time I dwell in Impossibility! Only in God and God alone can two polar opposites exist in the same flux of a soul!

This passage from Ezekiel comes ALIVE to me!

Ezekiel 16:8-14

Again I passed by you, looked at you and saw that your time had come, the time for love. So I spread my cloak over you to cover your private parts and entered into a covenant with you, says Adonai Elohim, and you became Mine. Then I bathed you in water, washed the blood off you, and anointed you with oil. I also clothed you with an embroidered gown, gave you fine leather sandals to wear, put a fine linen headband on your head and covered you with silk. I gave you jewelry to wear, bracelets for your hands, a necklace for your neck, a ring for your nose, earrings for your ears and a beautiful crown for your head. Thus you were decked out in gold and silver; your clothing was of fine linen, silk and richly embroidered cloth; you ate the finest flour, honey and olive oil. You grew increasingly beautiful – you were fit to be queen. Your fame spread among the nations because of your beauty, because it was perfect, due to My having bestowed My own splendor on you, says Adonai Elohim.

May it be as You will my God! Though I care not a wit about fame, or even beauty as such as this world would recognize, but oh how I desire that YOU become famous and seen as beauty incomparable to anything we have ever known! Be glorified my King, You who burns in the bushes of Truth! Light the fire again my Light and Salvation! LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤


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