Will Power, Real Power Is the Power of God’s Will

February 16, 2013 at 3:25 am (Remodeling the Mind) ()


Jesus was/is always doing what God wanted Him to do. That is what He came for, not to work miracles. He could have worked a great many more if He had pleased, but He did no more than God wanted of Him. Am I not to try to do the will of God, because He died that I might, always succeeded however hard it was, and I am always failing and having to try again? Should I not be attempting to model my life after that of Jesus? Is not the sum of life to do what God wants us to, exactly as Jesus did?

And you think you will come to such perfection in this life?

I never think about that. I only think about His will now – not about doing it then – that is, tomorrow or the next day or in the next world. I know only one life – the life that is hid with Christ in God – and this is the life by which I live here and now.

Now you sound like a theologian.

No theology or doctrines for me! I do not make schemes of life – I only want to live. Life will teach me God’s plans. I will take no trouble about them. I will only obey, and then receive the bliss He sends me. And of all things, I will not make theories of God’s plans and methods for other people to “accept”. I will only do my best to destroy such theories as I find coming between some poor gloomy heart and the sun shining in His strength. Those who love the shade of lies, let them walk in it until the shiver of the eternal cold drives them to seek the face of Jesus Christ. To “appeal” to their intellect would be but to drive them all the deeper into the shade to justify their being in it. And if by argument you did happen to persuade them out of it, they would but run into a deeper or worse darkness.
Right opinion except it spring from obedience to the truth is so much rubbish on the golden floor of the temple. Being doctrinally “correct”, even down to every detail, avails nothing in a man’s heart and will – and it is only there that unity with our Maker begins.

Instead of listening to the elders and priest to learn how to save our souls, we cast away all care of ourselves to do the will of Him from whose heart He came, even as the eternal life, the Son of God, requires of us. In us throbs the mighty hope of becoming one mind, heart, soul, one eternal being, with Him, with the Father, with every good man, with the universe that was His inheritance. We walk in the world as Enoch walked with God, held by His hand. This is what we were and are meant to be, what we must become. Thither the wheels of time are roaring. Thither work all the silent potencies of the eternal world, and they that will not awake and rise from the dead must be flung from their graves by the throes of a shivering world.

People that only care to be saved, that is, not be punished for their sins, are anxious only about themselves, not about God and His glory at all. They talk about the glory of God, but they make it consist in pure selfishness! According to them, He seeks everything for Himself, which is dead against the truth of God, a diabolical slander of His true character. It does not trouble them to believe such things about God. They don’t even desire that God should not be like that; they only want to escape Him! They dare not say that God will not do this or that, and call him a fool who will, however clear it be that it would not be fair or just, for they live in mortal terror of contradicting the Bible. They make more of the Bible than of God. They superficially examine its statutes for a system of laws more than they search out its life for God’s loving character. Thus, they fail to find the truth of the Bible, and in so doing they accept things concerning God to which they think the Bible points, but which are not in the Bible at all; and are in fact great insults to Him! The letter of the law pleases their intellects; the spirit of God’s essential being they never let into their hearts.    
I have no fear about saving my soul, any more than I worry whatever people think me. I have no fear for my soul or my reputation. I am only set upon with great passion and persuasion about God and the glory of His character. His will being done as much as I can will mine into His! This is the power of the Kingdom Christ has begat His followers.

~ George MacDonald ~ 1888

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤


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