The Least of These

February 24, 2013 at 6:25 am (Remodeling the Mind) (, , )


One day as Yeshua and I walked along He turned to me and said,

If you will be truthful, I can help you see.”

I returned that I would be truthful and even if I was not He could show me where I was false.

We were standing in a section of the mall that was central; everyone likely passed through to get where they were going.

He told me to begin to observe the people, to wait there until He returned. He walked away and melted into a crowd of teenagers.

At first, I could not focus. So intent was my mind to be with Him instead of there watching shoppers. What if He does some amazing thing and I miss it? Why did He leave me here? Eventually my mind fixed on the last thing He said to me; and I sat on a bench and began to look at the passerby’s. Noticing and cataloging each by size, age, physical distinction at first. Then by the “appearance” of their condition; happy, desperate, angry, idiot, fool, sweet, innocent, delightful, weighed down, and so on. Then I began to see them for their inner motivators, listening to their words as they passed like an eves-dropper. My eyes went from rolling to outrage to sadness for all my ears could “hear”. Time ticked faster with each observation…an hour had passed.

His touch was my re-entry back to the spot I was sitting. I jumped, and instantly felt “caught” somehow. He smiled and my world returned to normal. Passerby’s faded into the background, He was the center. He asked,

Tell Me, what did you see?”

I blinked. This was one of those moments that check your system. Do I tell Him what I saw with my eyes or my heart? Crazy. He knows already!

“Lord, You know all and can read my heart better than I can repeat it. But I saw lost, broken, angry, hurting, desperate, hungry, thirsty souls. Some were happy, content and at peace. Most were not.” I answered.

“Who revolted you?” He asked.

Stunned I had to think. Was I revolted? I thought with my eyes downcast. I looked up at Him. Yes. There was that one person…His eyes focused my inner self to the truth.

“Lord, You know. I am sorry for judging so harshly.” Again my gaze went to the floor.

He pulled my face up to meet His gaze.
Point them out to Me, child.” He said.

I looked and sure enough they emerged through the crowd. Shamefully I pointed. He got up and left me there. My heart fell on the floor. Tears began to collect from all the corners of my world. He left me. I looked up and found Him and the one that had revolted me sitting at a table of a shop that sold coffee. Chatting. The “revolt” was eyeing Him suspiciously, yet there they sat listening and talking as if they were becoming friends. So many checks and balances began to take place in my mind, I was reeling by the time I noticed His approach again coming towards me. I tried to bring my mind to a blank page..futilely. I tried to gage His mind by the look on His face. His smile did not help me. I had no idea if it was for me or for the one He had just sat with.

He sat beside me and took my hand. My insides ran, and hiding and seeking all at once…I sat there and waited for…what? I had no clue. Yet minutes passed and His hand in mine we sat; my gaze on my feet. Minutes stretched into an eternity, my self consciousness became a monster and I began to forget who’s hand held mine. Still my feet had my eyes complete attention.

He spoke.
Would they follow Me?”
The words snapped my head up. I looked into His eyes, and saw. Remembering His earlier statement.
If you will be truthful, I can help you see.

His next smile sent all my “self” awareness packing. His tears were sitting on the rim of His eyes and mine.

“Lord, help my feet to follow You. I see what You have shown me. There is no one here so revolting that can not need You more. My thoughts are not Your thoughts, nor my ways Your ways.”

“Yes, the ‘least of these’ is not the small, weak and pity-able. But those whom mankind would say is My Father’s abomination. But the abomination that causes desolation is a sin no matter what form, that cast Him out of His temple and Mine.”

His words grew inside me more than I can describe here. But I knew with such understanding comes much humility and mine was a portion that filled the whole mall. He took my hand and pulled me to my feet. Kissed my cheek and said,

“Now that you see, follow Me.”

He then walked back over to the table where the person had been waiting. Likely for His return. He embraced them, and I followed, embraced and did not feel an ounce of revulsion.


Matthew 25:40 – Yeshua (Jesus) speaking…
The King will say to them, ‘Yes, I tell you that whenever you did these things for one of the least important of these brothers of Mine, you did them for ME!’

John 12:26 – Yeshua speaking…
If someone is serving Me, let him follow Me; wherever I am, my servant will be there too. My Father will honor anyone who serves Me.

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤


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