To be Free or not to be Free?

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This is a radical diversion from both the theme of this blog and the message it seeks to highlight. Though the title is definitely in keeping with it. 🙂

Recently some changes have been made in cyber-land and as a result it seems the content of my blog has been “gifted” with free adds. Please know I have not added these adds. To remove them will cost me money. For which I am willing to pay but the system by which to try and eliminate them seems to “roll back on itself” and as yet won’t allow me the honor of sparing you. To say I am frustrated is mute. Though the aggravation is minor. So I apologize to you all for the inconvenience as I work this out; and ask for your patience, as I am not tech-savvy.

We have for many years enjoyed the free-ness of the internet and all it provides! It was the intention of its designer, but alas those who worship the currency of the world have decided “nothing in life is free”. To that I agree to an extent. Nothing in this world is free. Not even air!! You must give a breath away to receive a new one. And, lo, we only have an allotted number! So it’s seems good to me that God is faithful in keeping His word! Only the gift(s) of God is FREE!

I suppose even this could be rationalized to the point that it may “lose” some sense of freedom. For in exchange for His gift(s) we often find ourselves “giving up” something of the self we were before. Though I don’t count this as loss, and the replacements He gives far exceed any initial investment. The Kingdom of Heaven beats any market known to man in dividends!! The interest yielded is unaccountable to the finite mind! So I say,

Glory to God!! May His Wisdom continue to be proven ABSOLUTE!”

To say there is absolutely NOTHING we could need that He has not already provided exactly as needed is the essence of Yeshua’s (Jesus’) teaching in not worrying about a thing in this world! If I have a material need and He does not provide the resources to secure it; I thank Him and seek to enter into His lesson of how to do without or perhaps follow His lead in a method of acquirement I, myself, would not have thought of on my own. My life “of worries” has profoundly been replaced with thanksgiving and trust in the God of all things! Living without is almost always (at first) offensive…even absurd to my “Americanized intellect”. Yet pushing through the offense has renewed that “americanized mind” into true freedom!

To be free or not to be free?

That is the question. Who one seeks out for the answer…makes all the difference!!

John 8:31-32 ~ Yeshua (Jesus) speaking…

So Yeshua said to the Judeans who had trusted Him, “If you obey what I say, then you are really my talmidim (disciples/followers), you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

John 8:36 ~ Yeshua speaking…

So if the Son frees you, you will really be free!

Galatians 5:1

What the Messiah has freed us for is freedom! Therefore, stand firm, and don’t let yourselves be tied up again to a yoke of slavery.

We could all gripe and complain about the new limit to that which had none in internet accessibility without charge. Or the ability to use it without charging others for the privilege. Yet, I am glad to report that all things are happening in order to make the truth of God’s word stand out for those with eyes to see it! For this, I am happy and joyful! The “times” we live in now, seem to be shouting like thunder the revelation of the Wisdom we are led to by the Spirit; by which we enter through the Son, our Messiah; by which we are seated at the feet of the Father, and kept in perfect peace! Freedom!!


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤



  1. To be Free or not to be Free? | sevv61's Blog said,

    […] To be Free or not to be Free?. […]


  2. Men of One Accord said,

    Yes my sister the adds have hit my blog too! Back when only one of two people a month stopped in no adds, but now with a bunch more I get the free adds. Maybe I shall put a disclaimer on each of my post telling these adds are just a parasite along for a free ride. Blessings, James


    • buttrflygrl14 said,

      Peace be with you Brother James 🙂
      I don’t get what most would call “traffic” here, though I don’t “pump the blog”. Guess WP has been putting adds on since 2006. Yep, guilty…I didn’t read the fine print. Its no big deal except that I don’t want people to have to deal with them. Will attempt to fix tomorrow…day of rest today…
      Lord bless you Brother and make His face to shine upon you…


  3. lostinmist said,

    saw your post in the forum. you can buy the upgrade from dashboard > store and scroll down to ‘no-ads’ to hit ‘buy now’ or a different package choice. you have to be logged in to access dashboard, which is somewhat trickier to find now. one way is to log in and click ‘my blogs’ then find the correct blog and click ‘blog admin’ that will take you to dashboard. also this: will get you there.


    • lostinmist said,

      also posting to the internet has never really been free, and is much cheaper than it used to be. reading i suppose was sort of free if you had a PC an ISP and power. but the only ones with access in the beginning were universities and institutions and the military and such like. and only a few morlock computer users had the knowledge to use it.


      • buttrflygrl14 said,

        Thanks sooo much lostinthemist! I will try that! God bless you!


      • buttrflygrl14 said,

        Oh and what you say about free internet is true…though to be honest it has always seemed pretty cheap for what ya get. The internet is a mighty gift for those who make good use of it! You can get more than your money’s worth! The adds never show up on my blog except thru Chrome, possibly others I never paid much attention. There was an update for my phone and some other trusted resources have revealed congress’ latest manuver on things such as blogs and Youtube. Its sad, but can’t say surprising. Seen it coming along time ago. Adds and commercials have long been part of the “dumbing down” of the general public. Wisdom is crucial for both the obvious and subliminal. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and your help!


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