Purpose and Provision ~ Part 3

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Matthew 6:9-13

You, therefore, pray like this:
Our Father in heaven! May Your Name be kept holy.
May Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us the food we need today.
Forgive us what we have done wrong, as we too have forgiven those who have wronged us.

And do not lead us into hard testing, but keep us safe from the Evil One.
For Kingship, power, and glory are Yours forever.


Focus for part 3:

> the word and meaning of Name

> the word and meaning of the word Father

~ Name ~

When studying the scriptures it has become a absolute must that I ask the Spirit to lead me to Yeshua (Jesus) – the Teacher for direction and leading to the Father (El Elyon). For it is Adonai Elohim (the Lord God) who has decreed that He be made known. He is known by His Name. Not like I, Lisa, am known by mine. There are soo many Lisa’s, it is my last name that distinguishes my name from all the others and not completely at that. For there are surely more than one of us in combination. The meaning of my name is consecrated or devoted to God. For which, I pray, I honor; yet not everyone named Lisa desires such.

Names are not given as they used to be; **where a name was a representation of whom the individual is/was, based on their character and function. The nature and character of God is found within His Names, which are lost or obscured in our translations and Greek/Western view of scripture. Just as a name can give us a clue about the individual’s character, we can also find some interesting clues about the character of the family lineage. Below is a list of the sons of Adam, the lineage of the promised Messiah, as found in Genesis chapter 5 with the Hebraic meaning for each name:

Adam  – man
Seth – appoint (set in place)
Enosh – mortal (also means man, as man is mortal)
Kenyan – dwelling place (literally a nest)
Mahalalel – light of God (also means praise as it illuminates another)
Jared – comes down
Enoch – dedicate
Methuselah – his death brings
Lamech – despair
Noah – comfort

When the meanings of these names are combined, we discover a very interesting prophesy of the coming Messiah based on the functional descriptions of the names of Adam’s descendants. (Get ready to make that ‘whoooaa’ sound 🙂 )

Man appointed a mortal dwelling, the light of God will come down dedicated, His death brings the despairing comfort.

I.E. Yeshua, Salvation, God with us, Lamb of God, (Jesus) **taken from His Name Is One; An Ancient Hebrew Perspective of the Names of…God. by Jeff A. Brenner**

Kinda makes you look at all those names listed in Matthew and wonder, huh? I recommend you look into it…its just as jaw dropping! Everything God does is FULL of meaning/function/purpose! Not a jot or tittle is “simply placed to “fill in a blank space””.
His Name is above all names! Full of character and function with the purpose of being known!

I highly recommend you getting the book referenced above and below…you will simply just be awed from front to back in the detail of the God we serve! 🙂

~ Father ~

The Hebrew meaning of the word Father is: Strength of the house.

This stands in much conflict in our day due to the fact that somehow the mother has gotten this reputation. The woman of a house is most often the most revered. Not without reason, us women have worked hard to project this persona into the family dynamic. Women do have a “strength” but not like a father. (This is another subject, for another time)
**The following comes from the Jeff Brenner book listed above but abbreviated. The section on God – the Father is pages long and I need not repeat it all.** Looking at the language from a Messianic perspective I have changed the small s in sons to caps in order to get straight to the point. All things such as families, marriage, community and so on are a representation of the Father’s will on earth as it is in heaven.

**The Father builds His family through His Son(s). It is the responsibility of the Father to teach and instruct His Son(s) in family matters so that when the time comes for them to lead the family, they will do so according to the will of their Father.

As sons of God, it is our responsibility to listen and learn from our Father who is in heaven so that we can grow to follow in His will.** (page 83)

So when we say ‘Our Father’ we are identifying that we no longer “look horizontally” for guidance and instruction but “vertically”. We are adopting a heavenly family dynamic, in which God is the strength of our house.

**The Father of the household manifest many of the characteristics of God to His family. He is the el – power, the older experienced ox that is yoked to His children to teach them. As the adon – lord of the family it is His responsibility to bring life to the family through His own work, teaching and decision-making. He is the mela’ak – messenger, whose responsibility is to bring the messages of God to His family. He is the moshia – deliverer of His family by protecting them from evil, both literal and figurative. As the borey – creator He creates new life. He is the qanah – jealous one by guarding over His family. He is to be qadosh – set apart (holy) from the world and devoted to God and His teachings.** (page 115) again I replaced small letters for caps to emphasize the Father in heaven. The only perfect Father at all these things.

The following scripture wraps up this concept of Fatherhood perfectly.

Isaiah 63:15-16

Look down from heaven; and see from Your holy, glorious dwelling.
Where are Your zeal and Your mighty deeds, Your inner concern and compassion?
Don’t hold back, for You are our Father.
Even if Abraham were not to know us, and Israel were not to acknowledge us, You, Adonai, are our Father, our Redeemer of Old is Your Name

As we can clearly see…when we say ‘Our Father…may Your Name be kept holy…we are saying a wealth of things! Yeshua (Jesus) knew all these things when He taught this prayer! To Hebrew disciples who knew this language well and still they did not totally “get it” right away. The vastness of God’s detail and purposes are so that our finite minds must stay still and “chew” on His words for a time just to get a glimpse! It is full of this kind of knowledge and anticipation that Yeshua gave us these words as a “doorway” into prayer. He knew His/our Father, He knew that the depth and width of all the Father longs to teach us! He also knew that the Father, Himself, will take full responsibility for teaching us all we need to know…even if it takes an eternity!!

May His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven…today…now!! Amen!


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤


  1. belgianbiblestudents said,

    Lisa, we had read your posting and found their could be a confusion between two different persons, on the one hand Yeshua/Jeshua, Jesus the son of God and on the other Jehovah, the Father of Jeshua and our only One God. We also looked at some other writings where we also got the impression you switched Yeshua’s personality with God His personality, though Jesus is not God but the son of God, a big difference. We do agree that many Christians do take Jesus as the god son, but God can not die and Jesus really did die for our sins. We should give Yeshua the full honour he deserves.


    • buttrflygrl14 said,

      It seems you are arguing theology…for which I have no contribution. Except that of my Shepherd’s own words found in John 10:25-38 where amongst many of your point get addressed by Himself. I am only His servant.

      I realize there is much contention about the “proper enunciation” and/or spelling of Yeshua’s name. I do not submit to such. If God, heard from the human heart can’t recognize when one of His own calls to Him, which is done in Spirit and truth, then He is not God. Making such points is wasted breath…when I say Yeshua, He knows I mean Him who Was, Is, and Is to come! The Son of God, Son of Man, who is the Word, Beginning and End, the Way, the Truth, the Life, of whom Elohim said, “This is My Beloved Son, whom I love…listen to Him!” The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I presume no “rightness” of my own…only that which Yeshua Himself said…and I will believe Him and Him alone…even to the offense of any other person/s. Without apology 🙂

      Your feedback is much appreciated, even if for now it seems to oppose the content found here. Iron sharpens iron, and I welcome any honing to be done in me.
      Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah…


  2. belgianbiblestudents said,

    Dear Lisa, you have to make a difference between a title and a name. There have always been descriptions of a person, bringing forth their name, and their have given titles to people, brought forth by the function they had or took.

    When looking for Jeshua (Jesus) we do hope you shall be able to get rid of the dogmatic teachings of certain denominations and put away the trinitarian teachings.

    Try to read the Bible like the words are presented in it, and take them at heart as if you heard them for the first time. Read them black on white, not taking into account previously learned dogma’s.

    God is a God of love and a God of Order who wants Righteousness; He does not want any person lost. Therefore He gave everything people should get to know in His Word. People do not have to have gone to a theological college to understand God’s Word. He has given it to everybody to understand, even to people who never went to school or did not have sufficient education.

    All those who really want to get to know the One and Only One God, creator of heaven and earth, shall be drawn by Him in the necessary knowledge of God, His people and His chosen.

    In the Bible you shall find God the Father, Jehovah, and His only begotten son Jeshua (Jesus). No where in the Bible you shall find the word Trinity nor that Jesus is the god son, because he is the son of man, the son of David, the son of Abraham, a Jewish man, born in Bethlehem, who was brought up in Nazareth and died in Jerusalem

    Hopefully you shall come to get to know this special prophet and master teacher, who made the Name of his Father known and brought the Good News of the coming Kingdom.

    Good luck with your quest.


    • buttrflygrl14 said,


      Thank you for your commentary. I am no theologian…lol! I am what some may call uneducated. I take in scripture purely as the Lord leads, He is the Master Educater. My quest as you put it is not mine, but His will for me in each moment day by day :-).
      So much of what people read is “colored” by their own perspectives and current struggles. It seems to me perhaps you are not reading this post as you have advised me. The wonder it contains about our Yeshua is amazing. Anything that emphasizes Him is nothing but good 🙂
      Grace and peace to you…


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