New Story ~ Part 7

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New Story continued…

The Hall had begun to be emptied and few lingered. That is to say, that it no longer burst at the seams with awe-struck Imager’s. Master Stark had led in song and ended only in unanswered questions. Narrowing down to one fine point.

What had happened??

At length someone had mentioned the tinder-tale of old, fallen so far from memory. Now only a small flash of light in the minds of the eldest of Frakenland. They agreed to try to find the tale in its entirety. Of those that filled the space between young and old – few had interest in a tale that seemed to grow as grey as the sky over the years. It held appeal if it could be proven and provide answers, but seemed more likely to serve only as a bedtime story renewed. It wasn’t until much time had passed between each question and search for answers that someone (no one knew who) made mention of the absence of the Dark Cloud. Silence rang off the walls, stares were shared.

Master Stark cleared his throat.
“Yes…yes. a good and fine point. The new colors serve to point out the absence of the obvious! Did anyone see where it went?”

Again the fulcrum of silence pivoted on stares that thickened the air like over-floured gravy. A sense of growing dismay began to replace the newness of its freedom from the prison of darkness.

Will it come back? Where did it go? Why?

Anxiety started to permeate the questions being murmured.

“Ahhh – well Imager’s!” called Master Stark “We must not let the new light dim with the oncoming night, eh? Good questions, worthy enough. Master Adaviah and Master Shimkee, dig up the fossils of the Tinder-tale, eh? Let us not underline our failure to note the exit of Dark Cloud. It is good that we gave all our attention to the music and colors fresh on our eyes and ears!! We will meet again  tomorrows eve after the last meal. Go home Image-mates! Go home and hug your colorful flock! Give thanks to Father-all for surely its His hand that has served us this day! Tinder-tale or no.”

Everyone began to flow out as they came in…the excitement renewing with each observance of vibrancy.

Sakira and Evardyne stood waiting for their families to disperse; and with it their wishes for what came next.
Sakira wanted nothing more than to track down her great Uncle Shimkee. He had been the one who had spoken the Tinder-tale to Eva and herself as tinders. Some new tickle at the back of her mind told her the answers lay at his feet. She stood up tippy-toe to try and spot his grey head – or was is white now?
He was speaking to Master Stark by the Halls entrance. So badly did she long to go to him!

“Mamanah, Popsee’s…could I offer my help to Uncle Shimkee? Mayhap he could use my hand to put down his memories?” Sakira asked.

Eva tugged her sleeve.
“And surely Eva would be of good use too?” She put in.

Sakira’s father, Evander, looked at Sakira with his now startling green eyes. Her mother, Sakirina turned her gaze towards Evander. The exchange translated some unspoken acknowledgement.

“I have no need to object, go see to your usefulness at Shimkee’s need, Sakira, but don’t neglect your evening chores. And bring back this Tinder-tale for us to hear.” He said.

Evardyne’s father and mother, Elrrick and Markee nodded accent and spoke quietly to Eva. Then walked out with Evander and Sakirina exchanging much between concern and delight.

“I must see if Mistress Mable will dismiss me before I can join you. Will you try to delay Uncle Shimkee while I do?” Eva’s eyes begged.

“Go quickly – I will do my best.” Sakira squeezed Eva’s hand and walked towards Shimkee.

As she approached the elders she leaned against the archway and bent her ears towards their conversation; awaiting notice of her approach. The concern that had filled the air at the mention of the Dark Cloud seemed to invade their speech in quiet tones. Sakira perceived their desire for privacy, as they looked at her, smiled and turned slightly away.

What had happened to the Dark Cloud??
Trying to scrape the landscape of her memory, she could only seem to recall the brilliance of color and sound. No image of the Dark Clouds disappearance had etched itself on the lens of her memory.
How could that be??
It was as if she had seen the birth without the pains.
Would it come back and steal away life again?
Sakira did not notice Master Stark and Shimkee turn towards her, nor Eva as she approached. Her face had clouded in frown and confusion had stolen some of the colors that had painted her cheeks. Life had changed irrevokably in West-Flo and she was not used to changes. With the Dark Cloud everything was always the same; predictable, heavy, and dull – but she knew it backwards and forwards. Colors and sounds rained in delight but it introduced a thing called – different, new – and she was more than a little a’feared of it.

The Tinder-tale must hold the strong medicine for her apprehension – it must!!

When, finally, Sakira looked up, the colors were fading…


Part 8 next week 🙂

For those just joining this new story…click the link below; scroll down to the bottom of the page; hit previous page; begin at Part 1 and read in its entirety…enjoy!

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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