New Story ~ Part 9

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New Story Continued…

The faces of Master Stark, Shimkee and Evardyne loomed before Sakira’s face in a smokey presence of concern.

“Shak’y?” Evardyne reached for her hand

“What’s gone from ye laddie?” Shimkee inquired.

Sakira shook her head, blinking rapidly. Looking around the hall, colors swarmed and faded in and out in time with the beats of her heart.

“I am…okay. Do…do you see it?” Sakira asked, her gaze shifting from one face to the next.

“See what? The hall aflame in the newness of change? ACH! You don’t mean you’ve just only now put on eyes to see it!!” Master Stark crowed with incredulous tones.

“No! Patience no! They are fading…the brightness…the light seems to be draining away from it all! Don’t you see??!” Sakira began to feel the air thinning around her.

Shimkee cradled his arm around Sakira’s shoulders and pulled her to a nearby bench. Eva’s face scrunched in consternation. Master Stark’s head shifted round abouts looking for the cause of Sakira’s concern. Nothing seemed amiss – well nothing seemed to be more or less in a new way from only hours ago!

“Come, tindling…what’s caused your stir to mix here? Paint Shimkee a picture so I can see through your eyes, eh?” Shimkee’s voice pulled in the color of peace and threaded it through the air. Tender – so tender was his heart towards his niece. Always, she had been a buried treasure to him. Her gift was joy and something was set about to rob it from her. Sitting beside her, he poured as much love out through his eyes as he could muster.

Sakira looked into those undefinably blue eyes and instantly the colors and sounds renewed their glimmering pronouncements. Her countenance shifted towards the heart of her uncle and she found an anchor.

“Oh! My what must these changes be doing to me eyes!!? Mayhap its too much for me mind!? Uncle Shimkee, the colors seemed to fade and sound smother again as I was thinking while you and Master Stark were speaking. ACH, but what a dink I am! I am to offer Eva and I’s service to the mining up of the tinder-tale; that’s why I linger.” Sakira sent a look of indication towards Evardyne.

Master Stark sniffed and angled his bulbous nose to the side; as if some thought was adrift on the air and he might inhale its offer of wisdom. He must have caught some sense of it as he kneeled down in front of Sakira and asked most seriously.

“What – tinderling, were ye thinking just before the fading of your senses?” He took her chin in his hand and focused her face towards his.

Sakira stayed with him.
“Well…I was thinking of helping Uncle and the tinder-tale. The changes…oh yes! I was thinking of them…and the Dark-cloud…trying to recall if I saw where it went…and began to be a’feared of what all this means. Then…I looked up and saw the fading. Master Stark did you see it too?” The words rolled out in sharp and quick staccato until Sakira’s question hung on the last breath between them, in a hopeful plea of confirmation.

Master Stark searched Sakira’s face for an elongated moment. Trying to read more than her words. Shimkee interrupted the interchange of unspoken digging.

“Ahh…a’feared, eh? A’feared is the drain by which all life tends to abandon itself to a grey abyss, me thinks! Mayhap there’s more to dig here but let us move towards the tale, eh?” Shimkee bumped Master Stark with his knee and began to rise.

Master Stark stared at Shimkee and again seemed to catch a thought unspoken. Clearing his throat, he rose pulling Sakira with him.

“Yes, yes! The tale, much to dig upon there. No time to spend desire on the departed Clouds blown away by such a motley of joy raining down in rainbow’s, eh? Yes, Shimkee take these girl-lads and begin with them as you will tonight. Find Adaviah tomorrow and report to me at the top of the Circle Cycle. I must check on Mistress Mable for supplies now.” With a parting look full of exchange and focus to Shimkee, Master Stark moved off towards the kitchen.

“Ahh, well now… my helpful girl-lads, what can I put you to that may begin this search for more than my memory can account?” Shimkee put an arm around each of their shoulders and pulled them towards the door.

Evardyne exclaimed, “Mayhap you could repeat it to us aloud again Sir Shimkee? My memory is hard put to function with all the fluff and music taken up space there! We could write it down too – huh Shak’y?”

“Whatever Uncle finds needful.” Sakira smiled. “Though I admit Uncle I would like to just hear it again; its been many moons since I have re-ran it in my mind. I thought it just a story for tinders to sleep to – for good dreams.”

“Indeed it has seemed to suffer much with the passing of time. Good dreams are a pleasant thing but there’s truth to the tale that has come alive before our very eyes this day! And TRUTH, my dear ones, always needs more than repetition! It must have dreams – yes but follow it we must to its source! This is what its function is – yes? So, we repeat tonight – and dig on the morrow! Come let’s find a place worthy of such a telling!” Shimkee’s eyes began to kick off sparks of radiant blue as he spoke and his heart pulled the girls into it with invitation.

They left the hall with all its dazzling beauty and went out to find a place to listen to all the tinder-tale might teach. The moon had begun to open her arms to the stars and shone down a path for the seekers to find.


Part 10, God willing, next week 🙂

For those just joining…click the link below; scroll down to the bottom; click ‘next page’; begin at part 1…enjoy 🙂

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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