Answers in Genesis

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In the Beginning…

Genesis Chapter 1, verses 1-31, and on into Chapter 2, verses 1-14, tells us this:

God can do anything. Everything God does has purpose and functions according to His design. That He see’s all He has made, and worked to make it all good. No detail was left unattended. He proved/proves His trustworthiness and undoubtable ability to attend His creation. His knowledge alone is the only knowledge needed and trustworthy to understand the created world, and the creatures He made. He made it, He can explain it. The very fact that man can read about it says He is interested in us knowing He wants us to come to Him about it. God alone took responsibility to make Himself known and His desire to teach us all we need to know.

In Chapter 2, verses 15-17, we see a specified communication from God to man. It was the introduction to His greatest gift, proof of a God who desires no robotic creature, no desire for a forced relationship; He introduces choice. In verses 18-25 He proves again His attention to that which He made, His compassion and wonderful design and gives Adam a companion like himself to help him. He also teaches Adam how to name every living creature, including Eve.

In Chapter 3, verses 1-7, we learn two very important things:

1) God made the serpent. Its of great import that verse one not be mistaken, neglected and noted. God made the deceiver, accuser, evil one. He is not an evil deity, “he” is a created being, by God, who chose enmity to God. Then we read about what we did with our choice. In the garden, it wasn’t that they were given CAUSE to doubt God – they were just, for the first time given a CHOICE to. Everything preceding this serpent encounter had been undeniable in Gods proof that He could be trusted; there was no cause for doubt. The same is still true today. One could say, “there’s just more “snakes” in the garden” now. Though in truth there is still only one.

In Chapter 3, verses 8-24, we read many things! Here’s the list:

A) God did not change as a result of our choice to doubt Him. He came to seek Adam and Eve, desiring to walk and talk with them as He always had done, even knowing they had changed.

B) God gave them a chance to confess, without blame their wrong doing by asking what He already knew the answers to in His questions. The choice to act on what we know can not be true, causes deceit in the heart to grow and blame is born, instead of accountability.

C) In these verses it has more often than not been completely interpreted incorrectly. God did not curse the people – Adam or Eve. He did curse the serpent and the ground! He gave consequences to the children, not curses. Consequences that spring from the heart of a brilliant, loving, compassionate, merciful, graceful and just God. They would never again be able to forget how terribly wrong the things God made can go when anyone but Him is trusted to guide it. This is a profound gift, this giving of a way to learn, never forgetting the lesson. It was a doozy, no doubt. But still, even in this, it was God’s plan.

Ever wonder, prior to the fall, what kinds of conversations took place between Adam, Eve and the Creator of All? Seems to me this is a question that gets missed. The emphasis always tends to point to the conversation in Genesis 3, after the fall. While its understandable, since it suits the “state” we can relate to best; I know for myself – that until I began to ask Him about the nature of the pre-fall conversations – I did not begin to understand how one can now, still enjoy the same strength of relationship with God, thanks be to Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah and His work upon the cross and after.

It was/is a “school” of science, biology, geography, and spirituality like none other. The Creator spoke and talked about all He made, how it works/functions, its purpose in His heart. No school of man can compare, or ever has since. Its still possible to learn directly from Him!! Do you believe? Is the first 3 chapters of Genesis enough to convince you? Then perhaps Genesis chapter 4 on through to Revelations chapter 22 can help? I pray the poking at such questions will spur us on…to seek and find…the only One worth finding…now and forever more.


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤



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  2. Toni Sprandel said,

    Really liked this post. It showed a lot of thought and love went into it. Thank you!


    • buttrflygrl14 said,

      Thank Him!! I am only a “repeater station” 🙂 What He teaches, yes, always reflects thought and love! I agree!! Thank you for you encouragement and support Sister!! May the Lord bless and keep you…


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