Honestly Different

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A woman walked into the police station. She asked to speak to an officer on duty. When asked ‘why’, she replied;
Because I broke a law and want to speak to an officer”
Eye brows went up and an officer came out to meet the woman.

What can I do for you mame?” Said the Officer

“Well, last night when I was leaving my complex I made an illegal right turn on a red light. I need to get a ticket, so that I can pay my fine.” Said the Woman.

The Officer stared at the Woman with the look of unbelief and uncertainty alternating his face.

So…you are saying you want a ticket for breaking a law no one saw you break?”
The tone of the Officers voice suggested he was more ready to call a loony mobile. Suspicion lines his forehead.

Just because none else saw it – doesn’t change that I did it.” Replied the Woman calmly

Why? You could just go on…I’ll give you a warning…please be more careful in the future.”
The Officer turned back towards the door they emerged from. Dismissal was all he left standing with the Woman.

Excuse me, Officer, please I would like to pay the fine for breaking the law. I know you must think I’m nuts, but I am honored to live in this place, with your service to serve and protect. I am not mocking, or trying to assuage my guilty conscience. I appreciate that a fine can not undo what I did. Yet its the thing I must do to serve a Higher Law than ours and if I am to grow more appreciative of these things that protect us, I must apply them to all I do, no matter who’s looking. Doing right needs no audience for value. Doing wrong needs no one to “catch one” to be acknowledged.”
The Woman appealed

The Officer turned back to face the Woman. Something had began to shrink his suspicion.

Let me ask you,” said the Woman, “Is the sign instructing traffic ‘No Right Turn on Red Light’ there for the good of those who come to that intersection?”

The Officer searched her face thinking…”Is this lady for real?!”
He said, “Yes, if it says that its for a good reason.”

” Then the consequence for not doing so is also for a reason…meant for good too?”
The Woman appealed.

Yes, for those who get caught not abiding it.” Replied the Officer

The Woman cocked her head, thought, and spoke.
Only those who “get caught”? So…those who don’t “get caught” can break the rules?”

The Officer was losing patience trying to let this lady go.
No, the rule is for every driver, but everyone who breaks it does not come in. We don’t have the resources for that. If your honesty has need to show itself, I thank you and let you off with a warning.”
He rolled his eyes.

Tears welled up in the Woman’s eyes.
“Sir, I am not trying to show you or me “my” honesty. I am asking you to write me the ticket for my offense. I don’t need you to know why…because I do. It’s a choice I must make, on a path I choose to follow and it answers to a Higher Law than the sign on the pole. He paid His price for me. And though I cannot “pay” Him back by anything I do save one small thing at a time; to obey Him. I am here today to do that. You are an officer, I am confessing an offense please – just do your job and let the rest fall as it may.”

The Officer stared at the Woman in a state that wavered between unbelief and surrender.

And if I chose to let someone off on a warning…its my prerogative Mrs. I am so doing. Your “higher power” can accept that, yes?”

“Of course He does.” She replied

“Then go. Be at peace.” He said, with compassion lining their voice.

The Woman stood saying nothing. Waiting.

Would you mind telling me mame – what’s the name of your higher power?” The Officer asked

“The Truth, He is also known as Jesus Christ.” She replied without hesitation.

With that, the Woman turned and left the building.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The “moral” of this story is not at its focus evangelism. The night before the Woman had turned right on a red light at an intersection where its posted as unlawful. No one saw it. But she, having began to pray and was distracted, was “stopped” by her Heavenly Father and He asked her to do what she did above. No promise of the “outcome” was given. Just a request by Him, and a choice to obey.

Whether the Officer was saved, witnessed to, or changed had nothing to do with her obedience.
The Woman walked away sure of her standing with her Father. What the Officer’s Father did with him, was none of her business. Sometimes obeying God, is just obeying God. From whence all Truth, Honesty, Justice, Grace, Mercy and Goodness flows.


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤



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