The Conversation

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A conversation…

Two people sat on a bench at a park. Both just enjoying the sunshine and taking in the scenes of jogging, walking, playing people and creatures. A couple of teenagers walk by the bench, one drops their trash on the ground and keeps walking. The “bench observers” exchange a look as the trash rolls to their feet. Neither of them have exchanged a word yet. The look shared was followed by both heads shaking and each reached for the trash to pick it up. As their hands meet, they look up and laugh.

“These kids today…hmmpfft…” says the one.

“I wish it were just the kids. I come here often and have to say the adults are just as bad, sadly.” says the other.

“Oh yeah…well I guess its just the way people are now. Not myself, mind you, but the majority.” Says the one.

The other chuckles and says, “Well, I can’t throw stones as I have done my share of thoughtless tossing myself. I now pick up trash as I walk to and fro to make amends.”

“Huh, that’s a different way to look at it. I guess there’s been a can or two with my name on them that I tossed recklessly myself once upon a time. I don’t pick up trash though…germs now can kill ya. Besides my taxes pay for people to pick it up. Why do both jobs…ya know?”

“Well I suppose that’s one way of lookin at it. Though our taxes don’t really pay for people to pick up litter. They pay the garbage workers, but I think its volunteers who pick up trash laying all about.”

“Oh yeah, but the taxes pay this park staff to do that too, I think. Why do you think you need to amend for littering when you did?”

“Well that’s what some people call really being sorry you did whatever was wrong. I do it because Jesus did.”

“What?? Jesus picked up trash??”

“Oh yeah!! Only He turned it into treasure!!  I can only put it in the bin where it belongs.”

“So you’re a Christian or whatever, huh? You Christians have a unique outlook on life for sure, but in the end we all either pick up trash or dump it.”

“Well since you leave your taxes to pick it up, but don’t dump it; where do you fit into “we all”?”

The one thought for a minute, taken aback. The other couldn’t tell if the one was offended or just thoughtful.

“Well I make sure my trash goes in the trash, I just don’t pick up other peoples. Its plain laziness not to just walk over…let’s see it would have been what…20 feet to that bin over there?” Shaking their head. “Its so ridiculous!”

“Sure is…but then maybe that girl just now thought like you and figured her or her parents taxes would pay for someone else to pick it up? Maybe thinking to help keep someone employed? Though I believe its just careless thoughtless behavior, of one who doesn’t appreciate the place they live and enjoy in.”

“Yeah, this park is beautiful. They keep it well here. There’s these apartments over there – total dumps – I can see why they don’t care over there. Trash is everywhere. I couldn’t pay good money to live there.”

The other debated whether to tell the one that they lived in those “total dumps”. Decided not to, not because they were ashamed but why make the one feel badly? Their perception was crooked. The other asked God what they should say next.

The one spoke first.

You don’t live there do you? Gosh, I am sorry if I hurt your feelings!”

“No need. I do live there, but I am not ashamed. It’s as you say, not my trash that lays all over there! And it is a nice place to me. Sure the people who run it and some who live there don’t seem to care, but as you can see…that’s everywhere you go. I pick up the trash I see and pray for God to give those of my neighbors the heart to do the same. Then the “blame” goes away and the trash gets picked up. If everyone just did what they could see needs doing a lot more would get done and taxes would be rendered needless.”

“Wow, are you a liberal?? How can you be Christian and think like a liberal?” The one asked incredulously.

The other laughed with their head thrown back and said, “Let me ask a question that will clear this up quick. Are you a “Christian”?”

“No.” Said the one looking disgusted.

“So how can you ask that question? How do you know what “christian” thinking is like and if it conflicts with liberalism or not?”

“Well I have read a lot and been around awhile. Its kinda complicated I will give you that. You never did answer me, are you a Christian?”

“You didn’t ask me, you made a statement. Let’s say I am a Christian…though that label is definitely not as clear as the word means…or used to. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, which is where the word Christian comes from, but the word doesn’t, sad to say, describe its definition truly anymore. That’s to say, a lot of “Christians” don’t follow Jesus Christ. You’re correct, its complicated. Simple for me though. Kind of like a person who judges others for littering when they do nothing about it, but label themselves “people who don’t litter” because they throw their own trash away and pay taxes. People who care about their surroundings don’t assign responsibility, they pick up trash that needs picking up, they do something to make it better when they are where they are. They are present wherever they go, not looking out for themselves only. I know people who don’t claim to be “Christians” who live like that; I know people who claim to be “Christians” who don’t. I also know the ones who make no “Christian” claim but live like that are more Followers of Jesus than those who shout Jesus’ name wherever they go but don’t do what He says to do.”

The one looked around and finally said, “Well you make a good argument.”

Chuckling the other said, “Well I’m not “arguing” though I think you mean I make sense? Isn’t it amazing what God can do when a girl dumps her trash at the feet of perfect strangers? Neither of us had a clue when we walked into this park that we would have such a conversation…(laughing) about trash!!”

The one joined in the laughter and nodded, “Absolutely! We covered politics, religion, and morals without trying!!” The one guffawed.

“That’s the way Jesus did it too! Its not meant to be offensive, as in one defends their point of view. It can place a definitive line in the proverbial sand though. But mostly, you made me think…and I made you think…the rest is up to the God that began the conversation to begin with.”

“Ya think He did? Not sure I follow.”

“Who do you think made the girl throw her trash at this exact spot at this exact time? Its a big park. Who do you think I credit for the inclination to pick it up…on either of our parts? Its called divine invitation by some, I call it just Following Jesus.” The other smiled.

“Again, gonna have to think about that…but I have to say…you did make me think. And I guess I should keep my mouth shut about what “Christians” think like…since you made a distinction I have never heard before, and I don’t know because I am definitely not a Christian. By that I mean the ones who claim but don’t follow. They seem to be the majority…no offense.”

The other looked down and sighed. Tears came to their eyes…and they look up directly into the ones eyes.
“I am sad to say…your words hold truth, friend. I pray that Jesus, Himself, will call you out and then you will understand why He came to forgive. I have to be heading home now, but I am usually here between 10 and noon. My name is XXX XXX and I would enjoy chatting with you again, its been an honor. Can I ask your name?”

The one gave their name and they exchanged good-days. The other prayed all the way home for the one and every time they walked by or sat on the “bench”. They still do…to this day.


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤


  1. Toni Sprandel said,

    I loved this. Sharing the gospel the way Jesus did. So beautiful! Love you dear sister!


  2. The Conversation | sevv61's Blog said,

    […] The Conversation. […]


  3. Linda Herz said,

    hi my frodo/samwise/lisalu! am lookin forward to friday july 12th at 6p. pray you’re enjoying this wonderfullywarm weather! luvnhugs – linnylu Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2013 05:57:10 +0000 To:


  4. linda herz said,

    that was beautiful….. !


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