The Real World

November 10, 2013 at 2:44 am (Remodeling the Mind, WSGD Newes)


I am constantly wondering what kind of “lens replacement” Adonai (the Lord) gives those He cures blindness to. For indeed, to be transformed by a trusting of Yeshua (Jesus), and a turning from ones own inner voice for direction in life to a curing of deafness into THE Voice of the Creator of Life is the essence of every blind seeing, deaf hearing, dead raising from the grave of scripture. The above quote alone would transform the world if all could see the Truth.

I recently have seen a few movies. One of which was, Captain Phillips with Tom Hanks. It was a good movie. Clean of sexual yada, a true story (which I love) and real…meaning no “Hollywood” story book ending. Yet as I chew on how God spoke to me during its viewing and how He “digested” its effects afterward; I kept saying…

“I wonder how different this story would be if the “hero” character would have given glimpse to how the God who created him, and all those involved in the incident – spoke and transformed within the REAL WORLD of all we “can’t see” as the story unfolded.”

For all I know Mr. Phillips could be an acknowledged child of God, and the movie makers chose to omit the perspective of my questioning. Or perhaps, like most now, God simply does not “play a role” in life any more. This is by far the most disturbing thought. Most the “hero’s” that come out of entertainment avenue are just the accentuating of “common human courage and fortitude”. This always leaves a flat and dead taste in my mouth. Often it feels like the “new eyes” God gives sucks the joy out of some experiences; though I know it doesn’t truly. For within the viewing of the movie I was indeed able to see a completely different exchange from typical humanitarian perspective to the unseen world where “Fear not” spoken, indeed BREATHED into by God to a person; leaves the purely reactionary type living and enters into the Kingdom of God; where simply surviving a horrific experience moves into forgiveness and entering into the seeming “enemy territory” of such experiences. These are the stories we need. Where God works that mysteriously amazing power of separating light from darkness and heals as wounds are given. Oh how desperately we need brave people to speak of the Glory of God in the base human experience.

I wonder…am I completely unique in this new sight given by the Creator of eyes? Does anyone else long for God to be everything?? For the truth is…He is!! He was the cause and effect of every single breath of that story…each life touched by it. He is the cause and effect of every story, every life, everything!

This perspective is beyond this world full of meaning, I can’t get enough!! Purpose in pain, meaning in offense and chosen forgiveness, evil being brought to the iron cross of truth that God’s goodness is the “super hero” of all times, stories and experiences. Too often this kind of thinking is said to be “not in the “real world””. A kind of fancy. How grievous and tragic. Why not? I say…why not? Why not make women the soldiers of the home? Why not speak of men and their warrior-dom of protecting, providing and depending on God for the family given him, the strength of manhood? Why not, that Captain Phillips calls out to his crew “Fear not, for God is here!” and a “captive” that set the light free inside a boat of brothers in the Messiah Yeshua?  Why not…children of a Living God shouting the only need of health insurance is for the life NOT lived inside a human skeletal frame!? Why not…the perspective of “feeding the poor” NOT being about physical food for physical bodies but every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of a God who would speak into every moment of a persons life? These questions leave my mind and sink into my soul everyday. Life is far more than what we make it…would that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven!! Join me Brothers and Sisters of Elohim…in praying as Yeshua instructed. A call to pray as Yeshua taught for 30 days…not added words…just those He gave. For His grace is sufficient to interpret each detail beyond our ability to know them. As we do so…we enter The real world!


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤


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