December 30, 2013 at 1:45 pm (Thoughts to Ponder)

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I Will not Keep Silent

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***The following is taken from Frances J. Roberts devotional called Dialogues with God. Each one either begins with God speaking to her or her to God, recording the beautiful interaction of communion with Adonai.
I Will not Keep Silent (Our heart to Him)

My lips shall speak forth Thy praise.
Yea, my tongue is the pen of a ready writer. (Psalms 45:1)
My mouth shall be filled with the Wonders of Thy Greatness, and I shall magnify Thy Name.
In the midst of the people shall I lift up my voice and worship Thee.
I will not keep silent.
For if I keep silent, my soul is consumed within me.
O Lord God, what unbearable desolation would be ours if Thou didst not speak to us!
How our hearts cry out for an answer from Thee:
Surely Thy heart likewise longeth for a response from us!
I will not keep back that gift which only I can give:
My praise, my worship, my adoration.
I love Thee, I will extol Thee unashamedly before the multitude. I will not withhold this from Thee, though surrounded by the callous and the unconcerned.
This belongeth unto Thee. This will I give to Thee.
As it is written:
Render to man the things of man, but give to God that which is His rightful due. (Matt. 22:21)

By Silence Ye Rob Me of My Glory (Adonai’s Words to us)

Yea, My child, I have been betrayed more times by silence than by words.
By words a man may sin against Me, but by silence do ye rob Me of My Glory.
Said I not, of those who praised keep silent, I would cause the stones to testify?
Yea, but I take no pleasure in the stones and have made them truly to witness of Me;
But My children have I born; yea, they are flesh of My flesh – bone of My bone.
How much we have to share!
It is as we work together that My will is accomplished.
I am continually placed on trial in the eyes of men by the enemy.
Ye are My defense.
For as I plead thy case before the throne against the devil’s accusations, so I depend upon you to defend Me before those who cast doubts and aspersions upon Me before men.
Truly these words are prompted of the devil the same as the words he brings to Me against you.
Never miss an opportunity to uphold Me;
And know this:
As ye testify of Me and plead My cause before men,
I will surely plead thy case and witness for thee before the Father.
But as it is written;
If you are ashamed of Me before men, I will be ashamed of you when I stand before the Father in your behalf. (Mark 8:38)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I have often brought up how Yeshua’s (Jesus’) words are full of the proof of reciprocitaious nature of the Kingdom of Heaven. We receive from God ALL things needful and they are then given away. In the same nature as He gives. Never dependent on the recipients choice to believe, or choice to lay hold of any of what’s being offered as Truth. He gives.
God does what He does, is who He is, and gives all things to the whole of all He made. Thus He goes first in Example to that which He asks us to be. Hence we can follow a God who knows where and how to get where we must go. He speaks Truth first, it will never have an ounce of origination in us. If we know a Truth, it is because He has made it known – revealed it, opened our ears or eyes or minds to see it. If we do not, it is because He has not yet deemed it time for us to know. Thus we let go of the human propensity to think we should know more then we do. If I know His Name, and praise who He is and has thus far revealed Himself to me to praise…I know enough and His promise to reveal Himself ever more can be Trusted…so we learn to wait on that as King David wrote over and over.

Each of us can recall moments when pointing to Him with our words to another was what we should have done. Our reasons most likely lay in the realm of what we reasoned not to be cool or opportune. Yet the source usually points to either our shame in Him or our lack of trust. What comfort that it never depends on our trust in Him that He Is Who He Is!! What Grace that we are forgiven as soon as we accept our error, and ask Him to fill us instead with His Way. I know for myself, He has been ashamed of me before the Father, but I also know that even then He reminds the Father that His blood covers my shame! He has provided ALL that is needful in all circumstance. And gives, gives, gives us chances and chances and chances! Infused with His Grace and Mercy and Love!! Yeshua the Messiah is and always will be a “win, win Way”!


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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December 30

December 30, 2013 at 12:21 pm (The Hidden Scrolls)

December 30.

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In the Arms of Immortals by Ginger Garrett

December 27, 2013 at 3:26 pm (recommended reading)


~ There is no small effect to ones writing in what one reads. ~ LRV

This is book 2 of Ginger Garrett’s series Chronicles of the Scribe. Some quotes from the book to whet the appetite :-).

The dedication line in the front of the book…For Mishael…and every reader who has wrestled with the question of “Why?” But contented themselves with the question of “How?”

Forcing the feeling away with a shake of her head, it disappeared, carrying the moment to the secret place of the dead, where her memories were covered with the bitter salt of tears, and her heart waited to see if dead things would grow. ~ Page 48

She had let one thought in and it became legion…
She wished she could go back in time and set that moment right, turn away that unhappy thought, train her mind to see without fear what could yet be if she but stayed true. And she had stayed true – she had not acted on any of these thoughts, not in her physical life. No matter. Her heart was decayed, and her spirit was in shadows so that her body did not want to be true, though it was. Everything had been given over. A thought given time changes everything. She wished now for it to end, but there was no way out. Her thoughts owned her life. ~ Page 108

The shame of what she had done, what she had done to them all, still burned, years later. It gave her hope tonight, hope that what still hurt was still able to be healed. Dead flesh felt nothing. She knew that from her work with the poor. Pain was a sign that life still flowed into the wound. ~ Page 111-112

Gio looked around the room. Someone had watched over her during the night, she was sure. If someone had stayed so close in here through the dark hours, why? What other strange creatures might walk the earth? What else was she blind to? ~ Page 135

“I’m trying to save her, Mbube!” Mariskka said. “They have no medicines, no painkillers. They don’t even have hand sanitizer. No one knows what a virus is.”

Truth sounds crazy, in any age,” Mbube said.

“You’re not going to let me save anyone, are you?” Mariskka asked. The realization made her stomach sink.

People don’t save,” Mbube said. “People fight. You fight death.”

He gripped her arms and faced her. “Show people to fight. Do not let darkness win.”

“How can I fight? I can’t talk. I’m useless.” Mariskka said.

“This true.”

Mariskka waited for him to smile at his joke. He didn’t.

“How do I fight darkness, Mbube? I’m no better than they are.”

“When you girl, your mother took us church,” Mbube said.

“That’s right. Except I didn’t know you went too.”

You heard Truth. Your heart knew what was light.”

“That next week my mother was diagnosed,” Mariskka said. “The glow didn’t last long for me. The God you serve let a nine-year-old watch her mother die, Mbube.”

“You hate light after that,” Mbube said. “You hate God.”

“You don’t know what it is to grieve,” she said.

“Hospice workers pull you from your mother’s bed. Make you sleep alone on couch. I hold you all night. Only then Mbube sorrow he cannot die. Mbube hurt so bad with you.”

Mariskka reached out to embrace him. He had been there. God had not deserted her. Mariskka wanted to say she was sorry.

Mbube raised his arms, crying out to the sky above. Lightening flew from his fingertips into her nostrils, shooting into every blood vessel, making her flesh glow blue. Mariskka looked down, seeing her body transparent from the lights within, her heart beating, the rivers of vessels sweeping her blood along. She felt the anger from that night as thick clotted scabs over her heart, peeling off and falling away. She screamed from pain, the tearing away of the anger, leaving her tender, raw heart exposed.
Muscles all through her body that had been tensed for years let go, stretching, her palms flexing, her hands being opened fully for the first time since that day. She had not realized she had walked through her life with fist.
The storm receded. The air around her smelled like a roll of new copper pennies.
You have The Blood now,” Mbube said.
“That hurt!” She said.
“Now you strong,” Mbube said. “His strength will hold.
Mariskka did what she had wanted to do that night in the hospital when her mother had died. She lunged to Mbube, wrapping her arms around him, burying her face in his stomach. His arms went around her and he comforted her at last. He said the words she had waited thirty years to hear.
“All will be well. You never be alone.”
~ pages 144-145

“Greater glory, then, for the men to fight. When a man cannot fight for a woman, when God alone claims that right, this is hard for a man,” Armando said. He did not look at her. ~ Page 163

“Mbube, I know what they’re doing!” she called. She felt a peace that made no sense right now. ~ Page 182

She had thought the old, silent patients didn’t have anything to say. She had been wrong. Silence was the last great voice. Silence had said so many things in those rooms, and she had not listened.
If she could go back…
Mbube grabbed her, forcing her to focus on him. “You not see all. People always quick to see darkness first. There is more.” ~ Page 183

Mariskka knew why God made angels eternal. We’d all want to kill them if we could, just to blot out their memories. ~ Page 185

Mariskka looked at the bodies coming from down the lanes. Modern scholars did not see, or taste, or feel any of this. Time and distance gave scholars unnatural comfort. True history was terrifying. ~ Page 202

Lazarro is quick to see the darkness, Mariskka thought, he thinks giving an answer, any answer, is his job. ~ Page 203

…but death had no absolute right to the weak. The weak belong to Christ. ~ Page 212

Mariskka realized patients came to hospitals for treatments, not healing. Treatments made them comfortable. People loved being comfortable. ~ Page 233

He would have refused her explanations because he had contented himself with his own. Knowledge was useless in the age of faith. At least when men thought faith meant the world held no more mysteries.

Her prayer made her laugh. All those years, she thought. All those years spent battling in school, science fighting faith, as if they were enemies who could not be in the same room. Science is faith, Mariskka thought. Science is God beckoning us into further and deeper mysteries. God wants to be known, whether its under a microscope or above our heads in the stars. God wants us to tear down the walls and root up the earth until we’ve found Him everywhere He can be found. We should be exhausting ourselves in the search for God, in our drug trials and labs, in our nurseries and hospice. God is too wild, too powerful, to ever be fully explained in our world of maps and measures.
~ Page 235

God’s work is to get as close as we will let Him, and He feeds us. That is all God’s work. ~ Page 244

But now she felt joy, the real stuff, not the cheap holiday plastic imitation, and was surprised to find it was fierce, defiant, and sweet….
Joy was stronger than fear….Not everyone knew joy.
~ Pages 251-252

To that one brief thought, God replied, If you had known My heart, your life would have been different. Trust Me with today. ~ Page 262

“I understand now, Mbube. I couldn’t accept grace because I refused to show it to anyone else,” Mariskka said. ~ Page 277

God does not want you there for what you do, Mariskka. He wants you there for who you are.” ~ Page 278

Words needed time to come home, and hers were buried deep in the earth. They would need time to push through the soil and find her again. ~ Page 281


I can’t say much in the direction of a valued opinion…for value is left to each person with so much complexity and faceted shaping; opinion is a sacred ground in so many ways…or it can be. It can also be like a puff of wind that blows in a place to barren of anything to give evidence that it has direction. I guess in the end I sub-“scribe” to a reality hinted at in these books, and I believe is true. Some of our thoughts, opinions and perceptions are written down by The Word aka Scribe…I will likely be shocked to find which of mine He deemed “noteworthy”. I am just so grateful that some how, some way, God has put it in me to seek and find Him in a reality more real than what I see, feel and can prove in everything He presses into my world. I am grateful He pressed Sister Garrett’s books into a world that anyone seeking Him may find. Her faithfulness to listen to Him and be a witness by writing down what He shares has been pressed into my heart…:-)

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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Watch “Hosea Shane and Shane Lyrics” on YouTube

December 27, 2013 at 12:54 pm (Psalms, Songs)

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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