The 30th Day

December 12, 2013 at 11:54 am (Mile Stones)


30 days ago I asked that we commit to praying only the prayer Yeshua (Jesus) instructed us to pray. Taking nothing away and adding nothing to; but letting the words He instructed and the Spirit “fill in” in words and groans not able to be comprehended by our human perspective according to God the Father’s will.

I would like to share how He taught and gave insight to the last 30 days doing so with me 🙂

Matthew 6:9-13
You, therefore, pray like this:

Our Father in Heaven!
May Your Name be kept Holy
May Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us the food we need today.
Forgive us what we have done wrong, as we too have forgiven those who have wronged us.
And do not lead us into hard testing, but keep us safe from the evil one.
For Kingship, power and glory are Yours forever.

This was easy to pray in general, yet I asked Him: “Father, how do I pray for others using only this prayer?”
His answer…“Think of one you want to lift up to My attention, Child.”

The name and face of someone came to mind.
He then said to begin to say the prayer, following His lead.
So, I began…

Father in Heaven
May Your Name be kept Holy
(He instructed me to say here, “in so-n-so” I will say Mary for example, a name)
So it went…May Your Name be kept Holy in “Mary”
May Your Kingdom come (in “Mary), Your will be done (in “Mary”) here as it is in Heaven
Give (her) the food she needs today.
Forgive (“Mary”) the wrongs she has done, as she forgives the wrongs done to her.
And lead her not into hard testing, but keep her safe from the evil one.
For Your Kingship, power and glory are Yours forever

I would often say the name of the one I was praying for instead of her/him as well. What a profound thing this is! Its truly covered everything possible and left it open for the Spirit and Advocate Savior Yeshua to “fill in” what I could not begin to know they need! What a blessing!

I would place my hand over Sams heart daily and pray this prayer using our names specifically daily.

I found it uncanny how Yeshua instructed us to pray using plural forms such as us, we, our, and those. For in praying this prayer for those around the world with whom I knew not their names but knew served Him and His Kingdom, it becomes profound in praying for all.

Here are the scriptures (too many to type out) I was led to in studying this prayer and learning more (the deeper things) about Adonai (the Lord) in it.

Verse 9 – Jeremiah 3:17-19; Isaiah 63:16; Psalms 89:26; Matthew 23:9; 1 Peter 1:17

Verse 10 – Daniel 2:44; Luke 8:10; 11:20; 17:20-21; Hebrews 12:28; Revelation 1:5-6; 5:10;13

Verse 11 – Isaiah 33:15-16; Psalms 111:5-6; Proverbs 30:8; Matthew 4:4; 6:31-33; Luke 12:29-32; John 6:27; 21:17; 1 Corinthians 10:3

Verse 12 – Psalms 32:1; 85:2; 130:4; Matthew 6:14; 7:2; 11:25; 18:32; Luke 6:37; Romans 4:8; Ephesians 4:32; Colossians 3:13

Verse 13 – Isaiah 12:5; Daniel 4:3; 7:13-14; 1Timothy 6:13-16; Revelations 19:6-8

What struck me profoundly was how the Kingdom of God is a Kingdom of reciprocity.
Reciprocity is defined as; the practice of exchanging “things” with others for the mutual benefit.
The benefit being the Glory of God, and the exchange?? Not things but forgiveness!

This prayer and every word from Yeshua solidifies this as Truth. Forgive as the Father forgives, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, judge not and you will not be judged, as you measure so it will be measured unto you, if you seek you will find, blessed are the merciful for they shall receive mercy, and on and on this theme threads through the Tapestry He wove for us to wrap ourselves into.
I was profoundly cautioned as well about a theme popular today…this concept of “forgiving oneself”. The heavy hand of Adonai was firm in warning against such a way of thinking. Why? Because we can not forgive unless we receive forgiveness from God! There is absolutely NO scripture to suggest we need or have the power to forgive ourselves. We “get our needs” from God, who then gives it that we may give it to others. Adonai’s and His alones forgiveness is all we need and is absolute, complete, totally finished. Hence the prayer only says…forgive us (the Father is where we are seeking our own forgiveness) the wrongs we have done… and (reciprocity) then…
as we have forgiven those who have wronged us.
The “flow” of forgiveness runs only one way…starting with and originating from the One who created forgiveness, the King of the Kingdom we are praying about and now a part of
God, Elohim, Adonai, the Father
Flowing down through His Son, Yeshua (Jesus) to His people for the whole of creation to the glory of God. It starts with His glory and ends there.
If we “forgive ourselves” first of all “our forgiveness” does not exist for ourselves…no such concept of forgiveness is self absorbed, self motivated, selfish. It simply does not exist. Second the we (ourselves) attempting to do the thing only God can do, then takes the place of God, which is idolatry.

I love the way the Complete Jewish Bible translates “hallowed be Thy Name” as most Bibles read. May Your Name be kept Holy…remembering that the whole concept of the word name is character. We are asking that who God is be kept Holy, separate, clean and pure. The word hallowed is often very abstract and hard to understand.

I can not express all the many blessings that these last 30 days have given in diving into the depth of Yeshua’s wisdom in His giving us such a complete and thorough set of words to pray. I pray you were blessed as well..and will perhaps share your 30 day “Lords Prayer” fast with others. 🙂


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤


  1. Belgian Biblestudents - Belgische Bijbelstudenten said,

    What a strange saying “May Your Name be kept Holy in “Mary””. Are you wanting to indicate God blessed Mary and gave her the child Jesus, the long awaited promised prophet and saviour?
    Or are you one of the (so called) Christians who believe Jesus is God, instead of accepting that Jesus is the son of God, and that Mary would be the “Mother of God”?


    • buttrflygrl14 said,

      No, Mary was a name example only, “May Your Name be kept Holy…in me….you…and so on…personalized.
      I appreciate your comment and question…it startled me. I should have picked a better example Name as Mary is way to distorted connected to prayer. I don’t believe in paying to anyone but Adonai, Yeshua….God, Himself. Nothing in scripture endorses praying to anyone else.
      Blessings to you!


      • Belgian Biblestudents - Belgische Bijbelstudenten said,

        You say ” I don’t believe in paying to anyone but Adonai, Yeshua….God, Himself. ” but may we remind you that Yeshua is not the Adonai, Elohim or the God. Yeshua (Jeshua also known as Jesus/Jezus/Chesu) is not God but the son of God.


        • buttrflygrl14 said,

          No and No. You can’t remind me, as I have never acknowledged that as the Truth, and never will. Yeshua the Messiah is the Son of God, And God Himself. Read John 1, doesn’t get any clearer than that. I believe He is God and God’s Son, That Yahweh is Father, Son and Ruach HaKodesh, One God in the persons.


  2. Marcus Ampe said,

    Jesus (Jeshua) never asked to pray to him, but to pray to his heavenly Father, Who is the Only One True God.

    That Jesuhua also used plural forms in prayers is because we as one individual are nothing. We should be part of a greater part. We should unite and come together under the name of Christ. Our thoughts should not only be by our self, but be there to be open for all others around us.


    • buttrflygrl14 said,

      Thank you Marcus for your words of wisdom! May He make them great within you!
      Lo, also that we are United first and foremost with the Father, Messiah, and Spirit so also when we pray, we pray United with them… the abundance of the we is as wide as the Universe! If only we understood that when one falls we all fall! And when one is risen from the dead. .. we all arise. The Father has His whole Kingdom in His heart at ALL times! Glory to Him who covers each of us with His Son and all things are therefore covered complete! It’s what He sees that counts, one day our eyes will see it too, when we pray as Yeshua bid us. .. we get glimpses and are changed! Grace and peace to you as you are United in the Messiah Yeshua, to Him be the glory!


  3. Bijbelvorsers said,

    the Name who should be holy is only the Name of Jehovah God and not making somebody else holy or worshipping somebody else. In the Bible you shall find enough prayers which Jesus also prayed and which we also should pray.

    The Lord’s Prayer is not the only one prayer we should say and we can use its words as a base but we should be careful by doing so, not twisting the meaning of it like you do with the first sentence.


    • buttrflygrl14 said,

      To be clear…I never said we should ONLY pray this prayer! Good heavens no! I was prompted to ask others to join me as I did ONLY for 30 Days. You are right! Every word Yeshua spoke can be used as prayer!! I am very grateful He prompted me to do this 30 focus! It was a blessing.


  4. Monday Morning Motivation said,

    Hi. I nominated you for the Libester Award. Follow the link here:
    I hope you will accept. I think you have a great site to share with my readers.


  5. The 30th Day | sevv61's Blog said,

    […] The 30th Day. […]


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