The Holy Priority

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Who’s House are you building?

Haggai 1:3-10

Then this Word of Adonai (the Lord) came through Hagai the prophet: “So is now the time for you to be living in your own paneled houses, while this House lies in ruins?  Therefore here is what Adonai-Tzva’ot (the Lord of the Sabbath; the Lord of Heavens armies; Lord of Host) says:

‘Think about your life!
You sow much but bring in little;
You eat but aren’t satisfied;
You drink but never have enough;
You clothe yourselves, but noone is warm;
And he who works for a living earns wages that are poured into a bag full of holes.'”

“Here is what Adonai-Tzva’ot says; ‘ Think about your life! Go up into the hills, get wood, and rebuild The House. I will be pleased with that, and then I will be glorified,’ says Adonai. ‘You looked for much, but it came to little; and when you bought a home, I blew it away. Why?’ asks Adonai-Tzva’ot. ‘Because My House lies in ruins, while everyone of you runs to take care of his own house.’

Luke 9:24; 17:33

For whoever tries to save his own life will destroy it, but whoever destroys his life on My account will save it.

Whoever aims at preserving his own life will lose it, but whoever loses his life will stay alive.

As I ponder these scriptures I am prone to ask Elohim to please show me what these mean for the time I’m in. .. reveal the hidden meaning that only the Spirit can reveal. My mind went to the story of Jonah. I had in fact been pondering Jonah all week. (Smile… everything means something) The spill-way was opened and it was. ..humbling… and amazing.

Did you know that we are all called to be “a Jonah”? In fact we are all called to be like everyone in the Bible who belonged to God Almighty. We are called to Build His house. To feed His sheep. To go to the place we feel doesn’t deserve anything good and serve the food of Heaven to those on earth who are embalmed in the fluid of the world; breathing but dead.

Remember? Where now does Adonai’s House dwell? Its not a building in a community for a Saturday or Sunday service to the people. It’s inside. .. where Yeshua comes to introduce each of us to the Father. .. and They make their home in us! (John 14:23)

Where do we resent the thought of God giving good for evil? Where do we think God won’t or can’t go? Where will we lose our life that His might reproduce His own inside the death we die to our own way of thinking? This is the Holy Priority of Heaven. This world teaches us all to be responsible for yourself first and then if. .. if there’s anything left over. .. give. But Yeshua (Jesus) said. .. don’t worry about your life, what you’ll eat; wear; or where you’ll lay your head.; God is responsible for you and He will not neglect His responsibilities. We are to give. .. work for His Kingdom; His House; His people; His Way. We cannot know the Way unless we are willing to die to our own and be ready to go to Nineveh. ..Babylon. .. that neighborhood that is full of “those people” whom we have judged unworthy, unsafe, unclean. It may well be He’ll send us into the belly of a whale to meet first with our own judgement. .. perhaps that we have judged ourselves unworthy first… ahhhh the wolf in sheeps clothing that gives the look of humility but in truth it condemns oneself to Hell so that we will be in good company with those we really don’t want God to save. So we tend to our own garden. .. making a little eden of our own and call it responsible. It’s the Shofar of Heaven today. .. Being blown from Heaven. Who’s House are we building? What are our excuses for not turning around and building the Holy Priority? Do they (the excuses) fall short of satisfaction? If not. .. then rest assured. .. He who made us will indeed make sure they do come what may. He has been at it from the beginning. .. He is patient. .. He will have His House built. The Foundation has been sent. .. the Cornerstone. We are the people of His pasture. ..Eden has been closed off to us for now. But they that Build His House now. .. will be celebrated in an Eden beyond the one in the Beginning one day. May we all find the strength to preserve His people instead of our own lives… and find Him at Home inside our hearts right here. .. right now! Glory to God!


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah


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