Adoption, Disciple, Enlistment – A Call to War – 14

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The Christian in Complete Armour by William Gurnall. Pages 45-47

☆ The Reasons for Trusting God’s Power ☆ continued. ..

3. His Eternal Desire

It has ever been and always will be the Father’s will that we trust only Him. God demands to be called the Almighty; He insists we place our confidence in Him. That child is wise who does as his father bids. Man may be called wise, merciful, mighty; but only God is all-wise, all-merciful, all-mighty. When we leave out this prefix all, we nickname God and call Him by a creature’s name, which He will not answer to. His insistence on this particular is accented in several ways:

First, in the strict command to give Him glory for His power. He has made it clear in His dealings with men that all power is His, and He will not share His glory with any other: ‘Neither fear ye their fear, nor be afraid. .. but sanctify the Lord of host Himself’ (Isaiah 8:12-13) And not only in the midst of a marvelous display of His might. In the darkest hour, in the least likely circumstances, faith (trust) must run to the Father with praise for His greatness.

The severe discipline He administers when we fail to trust Him also shows the importance of acknowledging His omnipotence. Our faith (trust) is so important to God that He will sometimes chastise His dearest children when they stagger in this area. *He expects us to trust Him even when we come off poorly by our own standards. We are not to argue or reason; we are to submit and cling to the promise of His power poured forth for us. Zacharias merely asked the angel, ‘Whereby shall I know this? For I am an old man, and my wife well stricken in years’ (Luke 1:18). And for daring to question the vastness of God’s power, he was struck dumb on the spot. God longs for His children to believe His Word, and not to dispute His power. The distinguishing mark of Abraham’s faith was that he was ‘… fully persuaded that what God had promised, He was able to perform’ (Romans 4:21)

To encourage our trust, the Lord often intervenes in mighty ways on behalf of His people. *Sometimes He allows an opposing force to arise, so that at He can raise up a more magnificent pillar of remembrance of Himself. This pillar will stand in the very ruins of that which contested His power. Thus, when He intervenes all must say, ‘Almighty power was here!’

Such was the case with Lazarus. Christ stayed away until the man was dead in order to give a greater demonstration of His power. God sometimes used the same method in the Old Testament. Remember the Exodus. If God had brought Israel out of Egypt while Joseph was in favor at court, they probably would have had an easy departure. Instead, God reserved His deliverance for the reign of that proud Pharaoh who cruelly oppressed them and satisfied his lust upon them, that His children might know beyond doubt Who had delivered them.

God’s timely intervention is a confirmation that you can believe His almighty power is yours, engaged for your defense and help in all trials and temptations. God miraculously brought Israel out of Egypt; did He then set them down on the other side of the Red Sea to find their way to Canaan using their own skill and strength? No, ‘The Lord God bare them as a man doth bear his son, in all the way that they went’ (Deut. 1:31)

*God makes the soul willing to come out of satan’s clutches, then brings him out of spiritual Egypt by His converting grace. When the Follower is on his march and the whole country rises up against him, how will he get safely past all his enemies’ borders? God Himself will enfold him in the arms of His Everlasting strength. We ‘are kept by the power of God through faith (trust) unto salvation’ (1 Pet. 1:5). *The power of God is that shoulder on which Christ carries you, His lost sheep, home – rejoicing as He goes (Luke 15:5). The Everlasting arms of His strength are eagles’ wings, upon which you are both tenderly and securely conveyed to glory (Ex.19:4).

– to be continued. ..

☆ Questions for further digestion ☆

♡ When trials come do you trust and wait to see God’s almighty power present itself?

♡ Do you, if you cannot see with your physical eyes before they close in physical death, pour forth your trust even then?

♡ Why do you think God is so insistent on us trusting what He says?

♡ What did Yeshua (Jesus) say that reflects how Trustworthy the Father is?

♡ Can you trust Him in you?

♡ Do you really believe that your only ability to trust God comes from God Himself?

♡ Where are you tempted right now to doubt that He is working inside and into your life?

♡ What promises of His power do you cling to with all your heart, all your strength, all your mind and all your will?

♡ Do you arm yourself with them at all times? Or only when you are struggling?


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah


  1. charlie said,

    Thanks. God bless you.


    • buttrflygrl14 said,

      Grace and peace to you as well Brother Charlie. .. In our Savoir and Lord Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah 🙂


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