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1 Samuel 25: 23-31
When Avigayil (Abigail) saw David, she hurried to dismount from her donkey, and fell on her face in front of David and bowed down to the ground. Having fallen at his feet she said, “It’s all my fault, my lord, all my fault! Please let your servant speak in your ears, and listen to what your servant says. Please! My lord shouldn’t pay any attention to this worthless fellow Naval (Nabal), because he is just like his name – ‘Naval’ means ‘boor’, and his boorishness stays with him. But I, your servant, did not see my lords men, whom you sent. Therefore, my lord, as Adonai (the Lord God) lives, and as you live, inasmuch as Adonai has kept you from the guilt of shedding blood and from taking vengence into your own hands – therefore, may your enemies and anyone seeking your harm be as worthless as Naval. Meanwhile, let this present which your servant has brought to my lord be given to the men in my lord’s service. And please forgive the offense your servant has caused; because Adonai will certainly establish my lord’s dynasty, for my lord fights Adonai’s battles, and nothing bad has been found in you all your life long. Even if someone comes along searching for you and seeking your life, your life will be bound in the bundle of life with Adonai your God. But the lives of your enemies, He will fling away as if from the pouch of a slingshot. Then, when Adonai has done all the good to my lord that He has said about you and made you ruler over Israel, what happens here will not become an obstacle to you or cause for remorse to my lord, neither that you shed blood without cause nor that my lord took vengeance into his own hands. Finally, when Adonai has dealt with my lord, then remember your servant.”

Such beauty contained in these scriptures! May the women who are called by Adonai be like Abigail at heart, as the men called by Adonai be like David.

For the women:
This example is profound in Abigail’s reflection of being in this world but not of it. Notice how she “covers” the offense of Nabal by taking responsibility. Yet she does not live in denial to do this. She identifies Nabals weakness. Yet she does not have a condemning spirit. She acts in the spirit of “those who make peace” . More to the point on the Lord God’s honor. So many have broke this woman down in the light of her negligent and abusive husband. But see Abigail is no victim to either her circumstance or her husband’s behavior! Why? Because her wounds are constantly being tended by Adonai. Hence she has no resentment and feels no entrapment within her marriage. What she sees is only the service to her Lord. When God is our comfort and strength we are able to do all Yeshua instructs us within His words in Matthew 5 & 6. Turning the other cheek, serving with joy even those who hurt and wrong us, seeing a need and running immediately to meet it with the resources God provides. Her love and undeterred devotion to God is what shines here. Her relationship with Him is evident in her words and her actions. Humility, Patience, long-suffering, love that covers multitudes of wrongs. ..Trust unwavering in God who will act justly on behalf of her, David, Nabal, the servants, and Davids men. When God meets a need it is always met in spades. .. complete.
Abigail wasn’t running to David for rescue. .. she didn’t need to be. Adonai had already rescued her in the most complete way.

For the men:
See here David is in a moment where his prior weakness of quick temper. .. however justified. .. could either submit to the lead of Adonai through a woman or not. David recognized his God’s spirit and heart and therefore listened to the words from which the mouth poured forth. Gender wasn’t even considered. Not till after anyway… and then David was wise enough to ask for her hand in marriage. David too, could have played victim to Nabal’s abuse but instead let Adonai take care of Nabal how He saw fit.

There are times when circumstances are well within a righteous justice to act and run into battle. None of us can take our cues from what we see and know. God does battle here but not with human retaliation… but with humble appeal. Both David and Abigail were fought for by the very hand of God. But no blood was spilt. God provides for David and his men, provides for Abigail, and His glory is maintained in His plan for David to become what Adonai said he would… in His timing… His way. Noone was a victim to life and its abuses… all were taken care of by Adonai. The battle took place where even today, God performs His mightiest battles. .. within the hearts of His people. On this “ground” He always wins. The acts He performs outside that territory never compares. Though it proves His faithfulness to many watching with external eyes. God love’s the most to prove His faithfulness to us personally, right there inside our hearts and minds! Where He changes us from within andthat change effects all without.We grow more and more assured of Him by His work within us than a thousands years of work around us.

Integrity within; as God communes and teaches us His way outshines the Sun by pointing to His Son. This is The Way.


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah


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