Old Covenant ~ Fulfilled Covenant

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Matthew 5:17
Don’t think that I have come to abolish the Torah or the Prophets. I have not come to abolish but to complete.

Exodus 20:14
Do not commit adultery.

With every single command we must ask – “Who is God?”. For every single instruction God gave was His communication of: I Am God  – I Am who made you – I Am who made all things; therefore all things are made to tell you I Am. Most of us don’t see how everything we do or say communicates intimately who we are – what and why we love, etc. We disconnect everything and have many files by which we label the things we say and do. We have files that are defined as; “Things I do and say that have nothing to do with who I am” and “Things I do and say that have everything to do with who I am”. God has no such files. Everything He said/says, does/did or will do has everything to do with Who He Is/was/and ever shall be.

With this in mind I approach the 6th commandment – Do not commit adultery. I begin taking notes:
*What is adultery to God?
*Who is God in faithfulness? (How does it define His Character)
*Why did He communicate this specific instruction?

Then because Yeshua (Jesus) said He came to fulfill/complete this instruction, I take more notes:
*What does fulfill mean?
*How did/does Yeshua fulfill faithfulness – or not committing adultery?
Since Yeshua said, “If you have known Me – you have known the Father.” (John 14:7) These two pictures must come together to completion. His words are clear – you cannot divorce the Old from the New. This in and of itself is a form of adultery. The Torah (Instructions – 1st 5 Books of the Bible) and Yeshua are a marriage, they have been from the beginning. It took Yeshua (Salvation) to keep the command before He came as a human and it takes Him now after His walk on earth with the Father, His death, resurrection and ascension. The early Messianic Body only had the Torah, Prophets, Psalms and Proverbs as a Bible. Titus studied only the Old Testament; as did all those who Followed Yeshua for 100’s of years following His ascension. The Truth of Yeshua is/was found in confirmation in the Old Testament; it still is.

This series will show my own studies of how Yahweh points us to Him intimately from the beginning. The Old Testament points forward to Him who keeps His promises 》Yeshua, and the New Testament that points to the Promise Keeper 》Yeshua. Backwards and forwards Adonai points to Himself. Reveals who He is in an intimate communication of invitation for relationship and intimacy with the Creator and the Created (us). A heart of Love that communicates how He made us and why. Not to prove ‘I am God’ though it does; but to prove what kind of God He is. One who will instruct to the detail how we can stay so connected to Him that evil will not have any influence upon our being. Which is the true definition of Freedom.

Adultery in relation to Yeshua would not have applied to Him in any other way than the way Adonai spoke of adultery in the Old Testament. Yeshua never married a woman. Yet, He could have been unfaithful to God, His Father. Which all the prophets spoke (or repeated what God said to them) of in reference to Israel’s adultery with Himself.

It’s important to note this: It is impossible to break any commandment following the first if the first is kept faithfully. If we love God with all we are, have, and do all the others will come natural to the flow of our love and commitment to Him. Then we see what Yeshua meant by “all the laws and prophets are summed up in two commands (Matt.22:36-40) – Love the Lord your God with all you are, have and do – and Love your neighbor as if they are Him. I realize I’m seemingly putting the second in outrageous wording. But we know – “love someone as you love yourself” – we’ve all seen the whole world loves – selfishly. The words must reflect the intent of God’s heart. Which is to say they must reflect what they are meant to do – as in transform – in us. If we take the first commandment – Love God alone with all you are, say, do and have at your disposal – materialistically, physically, emotionally, spiritually. We are and become a being that says:
“I am a vessel that God made and only He may use. Because I not only believe and am convinced He indeed made myself and all; but also I’m in union/agreement with Him in how myself and all that He made shall be treated, loved, and related to.”
If we LIVE this command; how can we break any other? Loving my neighbor as myself goes far beyond the human ideal of what love is. For to love oneself is at the very heart of satan, who loves himself more than God. This is the kind of love we naturally and by example (sadly) show each other to love like. The translations are lacking in understanding what God means – not what we think like. So I re-worded Yeshua’s 2nd command by what He reveals it means – not by the English translation of the words. You must, of course, test this yourself in the fire of His own teaching to you. Ask Him, He’ll speak directly into your questions and all of Scripture will only fuel the fire which burns what He teaches into your heart. Never take anyone’s word but His.

So the only place to go and understand how Yeshua fulfills the command to not commit adultery IS in the Old Testament. Where His Father spoke over and over about what “outward” adultery (physical) is as the by-product of the “inward”. Which is essentially the breaking of the 1st commandment, both in the Old and the New:
1st Commandment – Exodus 20:3 – Old
1st Commandment – Matthew 22:37 – New

When thinking of the word – fulfill. Picture a jar – a stone jug/vessel which has been made to hold a gallon of water. If the jar is constantly only filled half way or three quarters full – it is not being used as it was made to its full capacity. Yeshua – fulfills – as in – fills up the vessel all the way to the top; so as to make the vessel completely used as it was intended. Full. Filled. The way it was designed from the beginning by God alone.


♢To be continued…stayed tuned for part 2 🙂

♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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