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Yesterday was my birthday.
Birthdays have always been special. I wonder where the tradition began to celebrate the birth-day of a loved one? I remember as a child wondering why the mother didn’t get special mention on them. I can’t say why the impression moved me so young. Likely because I figured she did all the “work” that day. I figured it wouldn’t hurt for her to get a few balloons and some cake too. I went along with tradition and kept my thoughts to myself, but I mentioned it to God and asked for a special blessing for my mom anyway.

The older I got, sadly the more I argued with God about how He made me. Birthdays after the age of 18 were not a welcome thing to me for many years as a result. I had missed the “big picture” – errrr at least the truer one. Then about 10 years ago, God began to show me who did all the “work” putting me together. Using many words directly to me intimately but with His Word in many scriptures like the one above. One in Romans stuck out too, talking about how the pot shouldn’t argue with the potter about how it’s made. I began to submit to changing my thinking. The result? My birthday has a different element of celebration now.

A group of 25 people met up for dinner to celebrate me. I didn’t resist. Why do we resist taking love in? This is one change. I don’t resist love like I used to – by the Grace of Yahweh! I’ll tell you a secret though…shhhhh…lean in…


2/20/2015, many loved ones not shown

I went to celebrate them! Them and all those who could not make it there. Many more of them. I would not be who and what I am without all those Adonai used to mold and shape me throughout my 40 plus years. I celebrate them and Him who made me. It’s another change. Perspective is everything. It’s not about me. Never was, but He means to make sure I know I’m His and that makes my worth beyond reckoning. It’s the difference between truth and trying to be true.

I recently heard a different perspective on prayer too. It resonates with the same frequency of the change in celebration for me.
One was asked, “what do you ask God to do for you when you pray?” Response:”I don’t ask God to do things for me; I ask what I can do for Him.” You see it? So small a tweak, but the whole picture suddenly comes into focus.

I am basking in the love showered down on me everyday from the same One who used that love to mold and shape me before I entered my mother’s womb. I basked in the love of those who called, texted, sang, sent messages and pictures, and came to dinner last night; the same love that shaped and wove them too. I let it in, and let it pour out of me too.

I celebrate Life. L’Chaim. It still includes a special mention of my mom. But it includes every single life that has brushed up against mine and held me safe and fast in a womb-like love throughout my life. So I celebrate them, celebrating me. I celebrate Him who made us all, wonderfully – His works are wonders – I do know this well!

Thank You Abba, for Life!

♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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We Be, While He IS

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Today, I wake up with a list automatically ready, dropping down with things to do. Where did it come from? How do these “list” get downloaded without much effort or thought? Life, we say, life is doing doing doing. Responsibilities abound, so list fall into our consciousness – bills to pay, people to provide for, needs that must be met, promises to be kept, broken things that must be repaired…and on and on it goes.

A dear friend stopped by yesterday, her Dad is now on the “list” of his doctors “things that cannot be done” now. The last of things broken and in need of fixing is beyond their scope. Her tears still were full of hope, mine too. Why? Because God is still at work. He has no DNR lists, no lists of responsibilities, just lists of people to love.

This friend recently had her tracks switched and has been launched into a new daily work. The outside circumstances have changed but the “work” has not. Adonai tells her (and us all) the same thing today as He did a year ago. “Just go, and be who I made you.” The pay is different, the surroundings, the tasks, but the people…these are the same. People who just need someone to BE with them. Fully present and attentive to the One who made them. In the end, everyone really only gets paid to do this same thing. No matter the occupation, career, or job. Retired, just starting out in a first place of employment, those who consider themselves “stuck”, those who consider themselves “finally arrived”. Our true occupation is the Kingdom of heaven. My friend reminds me of this with her life, and her words. God brought her into my life to teach me, encourage me, and reveal to me how to BE.

“Just follow Me.” He says. “Follow Me into the store, follow Me into that building, follow Me, into that scene, follow Me into that heart, follow Me into that life, follow Me into that car, follow Me while you drive, follow Me while you sit at that desk, follow Me while you do this routine and that task, Follow Me” Do you hear Him? “You follow Me, I’ll do the work, you just BE”.

My friends Dad, a dear man, is what we call “old”. His years are many, his body is cashing in on its “right to retire”. He is following Him as much in this as He did when he was young and full of lists of things to do, with the capacity physically to do them without much thought or effort at all. Now it takes all he’s got to breathe, and try to remember his name, with a longing as he’s never known before to be needed and useful. His years and years of waking up with those lists, echo off the walls of his memories. The joints ache with the doing in life and submit now to the BEING. It is holy ground he rest on today.

We need not wait till our years force us to BE. We get glimpses of his lot when we get sick. “No use to anyone” supposedly is such a state. What a lie. Just as we are, doing nothing but Being and following Him in our heart with prayer and praise we are fully alive and useful to the Masters hand. Our youth, our strength, our comprehension of mind deceives us. Whether young or old we are in His hands and His work – never our own.

This is why His yoke is easy and burden feather light. God has never sweat a day in His life, His “muscles” flex with the strength that never atrophies or grows old. His mind, sharp and never slows down to the task of His heart, which beats for ours and always has. His hands can cover and multitask with speed and precision such as we could not see with these lenses given to us so temporary and easily deceived. His feet swift and bionic, charging after the Finished work! Let that sink in! His work is finished! We are all in His beloved care forever, never to struggle again. The end is His beginning and the Beginning is His end – of which there is none for Him. Why do our list consume us so – given this truth so profound? We need things to end, hard long days, struggle, tears, bleeding, heart ache, fatigue, illness, hurt, pain, even days full of laughter and awe, for us – these too need rest and endings, so a new day can begin. Praise God we can know new hope and laughter and goodness too. Praise God He does not stop with our “best day”! But opens the door to another and another, better than the one before. We so often would freeze time to hold on to a moment of blessing, but only because we lose sight of the next one that will be beyond what we feel at that moment. He, in His wisdom will never let us sell ourselves short by doing so.

The sun goes up and sets, to usher in the cycle of MORE! Let our list fade away in subjection to His call to just BE. There’s no place on earth like His will, where all things are tended to in His time and with precision. His list always get done! Follow Him, take His “list” upon you and you will find rest for your souls.


♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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Quote Note

February 19, 2015 at 3:31 am (Remodeling the Mind, Thoughts to Ponder) (, , )


♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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♡ Jehovah’s Word for Today ♡

February 17, 2015 at 2:28 pm (Thoughts to Ponder)

☆ Covenant Fulfilled ☆



♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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Do You Love Me?

February 17, 2015 at 4:14 am (Thoughts to Ponder)


Lord, I’m coming clean and coming out
I’m not sure You love me, I’ve got my doubts
But here it is, without reserve
I’m pretty sure I get what I deserve

You see, I’m messy, no that’s not quite right
I’m a low down and dirty soul as You already know
But admitting it to myself makes it even more so
Do You love me?

I think thoughts that kill and drain blood
I might as well have pulled a trigger and dragged thru the mud
And all I’ve got is this sad righteousness that I’ve leaned on and called Yours
That’s the gist.
Do You love me?

I cannot not count all the thoughts that be
That surround and engage with me, me, me.
Me in the going in and me in the going out
In not even sure it’s me I could live without
Do You love me?

I’ve got some skills and I’m good with words
Which cause more ills than they’ve ever cured
I’m pretty sure I don’t deserve to speak
For all my words begin to reek
Do You love me?

As I search and dig inside my mind
This archeological dig I’m led to find
My love is small and my heart impure
But You know all this I’m pretty sure
Do You love me?

I’ve used the tools You meant to shape
My own dark heart and mind awake
To pound the sense You’ve meant for me
Into those I said I loved so free
Do You love me?

I think of You a lot of the time
I sing Your songs and repeat Your rhyme
But when all else is said and sang
I hardly honor the smallest letter of Your Name
Do You love me?

I get the whole dirty rag righteousness thing
For these are all I’ve ever brang
How can I possibly claim to know
The smallest white spot You call the snow
Do You love me?

You say I’m clean
I know You don’t lie
But all I feel is dirty inside
I want to know beyond a doubt
That You hold the keys to love me out
Do You love me?

This life is hard, and confusing and small
Compared to You who gave it all
I’ve squander more than I’ve lived by far
Do You love me?

And here I sit
As the truth quietly descends
And on these silent strings I suspend
No words describe my true estate
So all I can do now is wait
To hear Your voice answer my query
Scared of Your answer
Now I’m just weary
So softly now I push these words thru
My questionable mouth right up to You
Do You love me?



The breeze kicks up
The dust is stirred
Like a Finger traverses with gritty word
A shadow passes
Bent in form
While the click-clack of rocks falling can be heard thru the norm
And then on the horizon the sun starts to crest
The darkness being chased by enlightening rest
An ancient day folds over in time
I see His feet while I’m cowering mine
A Hand appears to ask me to rise
Mine responds to His will not mine
Up I rise on shakey feet
With eyes that lift and His to meet
Who is it that stands to condemn you?” He asks
His eyes answer and hold me fast
“None my Lord” my voice cracks
Neither do I, I cover your lacks. I love you My Child, because I Am. Not because you do a thing, but because I made you, that is why. Don’t question this ever again.” He sighed.

Then deep inside
His love like a flood
Began to flow and wash all the mud
That covered me inside of my thoughts
And the sun was full on the horizon of loss
Beaming, blinding, making day
The night of my questions all fell away.
I am Loved by the Maker of all
I don’t deserve it, no not at all
But such is love, true love anyhow
A gift, not earned
Just received in the Now
And so my quest to settle my sin
Ends up as it always has been
In His hands, pulling me up
Scorning my shame and writing in dust
‘With Love’, it says
I see it there now
He first blew into it to shape us
Now He writes it with His Finger of forgiveness
The wind never erased what He wrote on that day
Feet never trod it away
Time recorded it written in clay
I am loved by the Maker, I say
We are loved by the Maker, I shout!
Yes, He came and loved us out!


♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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