The Best Iced Tea Ever!

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I’m starting to include here some recipes and such. This iced tea is a winner! I haven’t met a kid of any age who hasn’t begged me for it. It’s a great alternative to soda and juices that are loaded with sugars and artifical elements that are truly bad for our health. If you don’t like cinnamon then this isn’t for you.

I find that honoring God with what I put in my body has taken my walk with Him to a whole new level! I used to live on Pepsi and cappuccinos for my beverages! When we began to change our food lifestyle, I needed to find alternatives to my drink. Water was where I began, I now drink about 100-120 ounces of Distilled water daily. This is my staple beverage. But I replaced the ugly habits of soda with this tea. I still have those cappuccinos but I ask for coconut milk instead of regular and no more whip cream, it’s still not the best but better than it used to be. Not nearly as fattening and full of hormonal, antibiotic ridden milk. Remember, every little bit helps!

This tea is Caffeine free, and loaded with lots of nutritional benefits to the whole body, not to mention the brain. Cinnamon, ginger, licorice, cardamon, clove, star anise, and the many other herbs and spices in these teas bring to the table a wealth of health for the body! Lowering blood pressure, regulating blood sugar, boosting the metabolism, giving God intended energy – no unnatural highs, providing nutrients, minerals, and vitamins our bodies were designed by Him to use and fuel the systems. And! It’s so tasty you won’t miss the bad stuff!

This recipe calls for RAW Honey. RAW Honey is thick and creamy looking, not the liquid gold stuff they often say is RAW, if it’s golden brown and liquidity it’s not RAW. Honey that has been processed to that familiar form has no nutrients left in it. It’s better than sugar but offers no added benefits that God created those bees to provide for us.

Another sweetener added here is Coconut Sugar. It looks alot like brown sugar. This sugar is not profoundly sweet. If you are going to replace regular nasty sugar for this it will take quite a bit too equal that white refined garbage. Hence the reason I use both honey and coconut sugar. Coconut Sugar has tons of nutrients that white refined can not and will never provide. It has not been processed and therefore retains the nutrients God put into it. Obviously the highest heat range for all things would be our body temperature, since what we put into our mouths will have to survive this range and still give the body all the nutrients God placed in raw uncooked food and drink. Almost anything heated to 100°F or above stands to lose these nutrients. Almost anything heated to above 110°F will have no use to our bodies and our bodies send most of it to the waste/filter systems. There are many but the primary ones are liver, gall bladder, intestines, kidneys, and appendix. There are a few exceptions but they are very few. (One example would be tomatoes, cooked these offer a whole new range of nutrition to the body.) Putting nutrient depleted food and beverage into our bodies taxes our systems and causes chaos. When it comes to any white refined sugars (this includes Stevia in its white powdered/liquid form – hence the sign of heated and refined) the body begins to be tricked into believing the sweetness is good for glucose and insulin production. The white refined sugars are a lie to the body, and this is the reason diabetes is so rampant in our society now. There is not but a few beverages on the shelves of your grocery store that aren’t loaded with one or more of these deadly sugars! Just replacing the sugars we intake with the healthy alternatives will blow you away with the difference in how our bodies function. You can rest assured, Yeshua (Jesus) never had high fructose corn syrup, white refined sugar (back then it was sugar in the raw) melodextrin, gar gum, and any of the 20 other names these deadly sugars go by. This is a 20th century invention, not our best industrial improvement. Sometimes it’s just nesassary to go back and remember the basics to keep moving forward. It will always be more work to do what’s good for us than what’s bad. If it’s easy, it’s likely deadly.

So without further ado. Here is the step by step process to healthier drinking.

***Note: This is an iced tea method. Yet! Even in winter, you can put into a hot tea cup and heat it up for hot tea, or pour into a tea pot on the stove. This method makes a little less than a gallon and is stored in the frig. It can be used hot or cold given the methods mentioned above.

You can research on your own all the benefits to coconut sugar and RAW Honey on your own. I merely mention a few here. The facts will astound you!***




















♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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