What if I’m Wrong?

January 24, 2017 at 9:33 pm (Remodeling the Mind, Thoughts to Ponder, WSGD Newes)

Everyone it seems is quick to stand proud on the sense that they are right, especially about issues that have no origin in human opinion. There is more wisdom in weighing the consequences of being wrong than standing on being right. How does one question if they are wrong without being cast in the light of being insecure? 

Good question. The following is an inner dialog, you decide. 

If the Bible be true and I throw myself to live by it; then these will be the results. Life turns into an affair of forgiveness. Loving – really loving people. Giving more than I think I can. Pursuing kindness, compassion, peace, watching my speech change for nothing but encouragement and integrity instead of gossip, slander, complaint, and blaming. Finding balance in the flaws in myself and in others as seen through the eyes of God. Repentance being a worthy turn around, called victory. Honesty as the true prize. And wisdom given from God life saving. The pursuit of which is to find that God loves and desires to be known to me. Waiting at all times for this opportunity like lungs wait for air. Incomprehensible contentment no circumstances can steal. An alleviation of nerves because every day nothing depends on me, only Him, and He is able. Knowing that He will make me better than I could try to be on my own but make sure I don’t grow a huge noggin in the process. Only love as the possibility!

Yet, if the Bible be untrue…

Then I can do whatever I want. I can be all about me but try to be kind. I can use people and call it love. I can encourage to faces and still bring down behind their backs. I can choose what causes to take up. I can point the finger of blame and still call it standing for good while in effect I don’t have to do anything. I can murder a child since I get to define when life is life. I am free to kill,steal, cheat, covet and be sexually divergent with no need for conscience. I can expect the world of all things and people yet set a different standard for myself. I can hate and make it seem okay because I’m human and it’s just a feeling. I can turn my back when I’m uncomfortable. I can seem a courageous person by doing cowardly things. Money and power can define happiness. Death is avoided no matter the cost. The possibilities end when I stop breathing. 

Everyone, no matter their religion or lack thereof, says to be “good person” is the goal. It’s a crazy line of thought when taken through all the possibilities. Those pointing at Christians for being judgmental (and some are); are in effect judging them. Hypocrisy! Everyone is and gets judgmental, there is no exception religion or not. Every evil propensity known to man resides as a possibility in everyone. Christians, Buddhist, Catholics, Muslim, Mormon, Atheist, Agnostic, Satanist – American, German, French, Australian, Japanese…name them all there’s no exclusion. These all hate, murder, curse, are lazy, irresponsible, resentful, rebellious, self absorbed, self righteous; again the list goes on to the extent of the worst humanity can be. Those same people, races and creeds are capable of all the best God made humans capable of. 

I thought after my research of all religions : “What if this is right?”. What’s the risk? All religions had a peaceable aspect. Yet they all end in ‘what I get if I do’. Virgins, places of honor, reincarnation (a chance to be rich or pretty or whatever the next time). Eternal life based in the concept of what life is, based on the here and now. Whoopee!

If the Bible is right. The goal isn’t about me. The reward is to become part of the expanses God has made without limits! And He made everything! To be the best of what He made in humanity but also far beyond that. The limit only He could set and His is limitless. I risk nothing to live as He dictates, both here and now and eternally; I move towards nothing but good. He shows all things as a Father exploring and sharing the wilderness with His child. I will never feel inclined to the worst and ugliest things we are capable of again when He calls me home. Only love, kindness, patience, putting others ahead of myself, generosity on steroids, hope beyond comprehension, rejoicing only as others advance. No pouting, complaining, ungratefulness, or resentment. 

Then I think, “what in the world can be wrong with these things?” Both now and later the appeal is far greater. Those who think it’s boring to live such ways have only experienced the illusionary excitement of wrong doing. If they are honest they know it’s like a drug, it never last, so more wrong doing is required to keep up the illusion. Doing good and living selflessly is rewarding beyond words. The best part though is the One True God who set out to be known – is known ! He talks to you and the world of sin and ugliness disappears! He laughs with you, cries with you and makes His whole being available to you! God does! God! Does! It’s fantastic!

So the question, “what if I’m wrong” is pivotal. What if I’m wrong and abortion isn’t murder? Then here and now I can be a mass murderer and society will feel sorry for me and the law will back me up. 

What if I’m wrong and abortion is murder? Hmmm, then I guess I’ll either have many children along with my sexual exploits or I’ll refrain from that. I suppose I could take “birth control” and run the risk of never having children when it’s convenient for me. Yet then if it’s murder to kill a baby, what standard do I measure that by? Can I stop there and simply accept abortion is wrong and not follow every precept that same standard sets for all things? I mean if I’m going to be true and take things all the way to their smallest point, how can I stop there? Simply choosing for myself what I think I like and don’t only permits me to compromise when I’m weak. I’m pretty sure terrorist define their “good” the same as everyone else. Why should anyone be deprived of defining “good” however they want if I’m going to? The fact is historically and scientifically proven: the Bible is the oldest book in the world, even those who don’t believe or read it still think “good” is defined by its standards. 

Murder, stealing, lying = bad. Charity, loving, honesty = good.

It seems this taking from the Bible to suit the fancy of one’s definitions is a historical landmark no matter how one looks at it! What is wrong defined as? And right? Then take the search back to its origin – there resides the Truth.

Too long life has been defined by “don’t doubt yourself”! What a wretched and answerless path! Doubt yourself first, really seek out the answers; then doubt will lead you Home!

Scriptures for study: Proverbs 18 – the whole chapter; Isaiah 45:9-12; Romans 9:14-22; Job 38:1-41

♡ Grace and peace be yours in full measure in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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Lessons in Holiness – Part 3

January 23, 2017 at 10:31 pm (Remodeling the Mind, Thoughts to Ponder, WSGD Newes)

Paula entered the Shiloh room. Checking again the paper in her hand, confirming this was the room the teens meet in. The usual timidity of being new rang little bells in her head and tapped her stomach. Closing her eyes, she prayed:

Abba, I’m Yours. You have already welcomed and accepted me. Now help me be solid in these Truths! 

Paula walked in. Three boys immediately turned their heads towards her. Their cell phones getting a small break from their attention. As she walked deeper into the room she could see they were playing some video game. A tall man, maybe 10 years older than she began to walk towards her. (The leader, she surmised)

“Hello there, I’m Mark, the teen administrator. Who might you be?”

“Paula, I’m new.” She replied

“Oh, wonderful, tonight we have several things to choose from. Take a stroll around and see what strikes you as fun. Sundays are more formal with a worship and teaching, but tonight we like to give a space of spiritual invitation in everyday things, fellowship and worship. There’s a place to do homework and read or relax over there. There is a movie, God’s Not Dead, over there.  And a general sitting area over here, that you can just hang and fellowship. We’ll wrap up with worship around 7:15. Feel free to ask any questions.” Mark smiled

“Okay.” Paula began to walk around to get a feel for what she’d like. 

As usual, the size up ensued. Heads turned, whispers exchanged, obligatory smiles, some genuine, some just unreadable, some already full of assessment. She smiled, willing the invitation of the Lord to shine from it. There were a few girls and two guys in the homework area. Round tables with pencils and calculators in the center along with some scrap paper gave the ambience of study. 

She then turned towards the TV area. A good dozen girls and guys sat on theater couches, the movie previews already rolling. Popcorn and sodas lined a table along the side wall. 

Having already walked into what she assumed to be the “hang out” area. She observed four gals and the three guys in various chairs and couches, with lamps and end tables, set up much like an oversized living room. 

Instantly the Bible she held felt like a third wheel in her spirit. It seemed everyone had left theirs at home or in the car. Feeling welcome here all the sudden felt like school instead of church. Paula found a corner by the restroom to contemplate her choices. Mark must have noticed her reticence as he moved to engage her again. She slipped into the ladies room. 

Lord, this does not feel like Your house of worship and fellowship. I think I’d rather go to the adult service. What do You want me to do?

Go where you find Me, Child.

The answer was so instantaneous and somewhat vague, Paula stood there waiting for more. 

Ummm, Lord, You are everywhere. A little more help here, please. 

Where your heart is, there your treasure will be, Child.

Paula smiled. She knew. She stepped out of the restroom and began to head towards the exit. 

Mark called out to her and she turned. 

“Leaving us already, is everything okay?” Mark asked, concern lined his eyes. Yet, Paula perceived a deeper conviction had began to work in him. 

She smiled. “Yes, I think I’ll go to the adult service tonight. No offense, but all these things I can do anywhere else or at home. I often get labeled as snobbish, but honestly I really want to fellowship with my peers and learn more about God at church. I’m not often a very good fit for teen programs sometimes. It’s my stuff though, I’m often told I’m too serious for my age. Tonight though, I really want to pull my heart towards the Lord, let Him teach me about Him and worship Him. I don’t feel I’ll be able to do that with the choices here. I promise to come Sunday again. Thanks.” Without hesitation Paula exited the Shiloh room and headed towards the main sanctuary. Sure in her position in Christ, and ready for all He may have for her here at this church in the future. The enemy attempted to question every aspect of her choice and words, picking at her, telling her “she should have…” cloaked in spiritual condemnation. Yet, the more she obeyed and ask the Lord to rebuke His enemy, the peace of His presence surrounded her. 

“Praise God to whom all blessings floooww…praise Him all creatures here beeelow….the voices of the people in song flowed out from the sanctuary, inviting, loving, living, calling as Paula neared the entrance. Tears began to fill her eyes. She loved to hear God worshiped with many voices raised as one. She walked into the sanctuary, her Bible feeling like a best friend. 

♡Grace and peace in the Messiah, Yeshua♡

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Truth, Justice and God’s Way

January 19, 2017 at 4:38 am (Remodeling the Mind, Thoughts to Ponder, WSGD Newes) (, , , , , , , , , , )

The following link (at the bottom) inspired this blog. Actually it and many other documentaries I’ve been watching for a while now. Honestly I was unsure what was driving me to watch these real life stories. Some were very inspiring and dealt more with acts of nature and the hardships people over-came to move on, most were, sadly, the moving forward after another human being caused harm and suffering to them and those they loved. These are called crimes. It took some time but Adonai has finally began to speak into His pulling me into this documentary marathon I seemed to have been running. 

The documentary below is graphic in many ways, more in depth than most and longer. If you choose to watch it, please be aware of children who may happen upon you as you do. This film is the best film to put all the points I’m about to make into perspective. It’s raw nature has a stunning balance that is rare in documentaries and, of course, as I’m drawn to…God gets an amazing glory in the end. All the points here are capable of standing on their own without viewing it however. 

I realize these question have been asked before; in multitudes of ways. The concept isn’t new, the answers…well no less complex…sort of. Perhaps sometimes God puts us in front of these questions in more intimate settings and has us write out the process to solidify it for our own walk in this life. I lean in this direction. Though He often asks us to share for the purpose of someone else, yes, even just one other person, His work in you will be used in His work in them. I pray these writings only do what He intended. 

What would a society be like if: 

☆ The “old sexual code” of proper conduct was the norm and the only accepted method – legally, morally, ethically?  

Definition: No sex before marriage. Sex is viewed as sacred and private between adult men and women (plural in context not in number of persons at one event). Sex is only sacred between those two individuals of commitment before God and man on their wedding day. Sex with a child, animal, same sex person, or family member is a CRIME, punishable by death. Why? Simply put, sex ANY other way kills something extremely valuable to God. 

☆ God’s rules of justice was adopted by society                          

Definition: Don’t murder, don’t lie, don’t covet, don’t take lightly His Name – meaning His character, don’t dishonor parents, don’t commit adultery – unfaithfulness in marriage – this being considered a value BEFORE marriage; that faithfulness to one’s spouse begins the day they are born for the one God has set aside for them. Thus rendering experimental, recreational, better put, premarital Sex – WRONG.

God is indeed God, no other God will be tolerated, not because of rules but because any other thing given His place will lead to the utter heartbreaking corruption of the person God created. All other instructions will be broken without fail if these two are not the focus – the beginning and end of all moral judgement. 

Remember to give God one day. (Remember the Sabbath) Just to Him – rest for that day; the needs and cares of the whole world will be cared for by Him and only Him on this day. How can He prove it if we’re constantly in control? This builds our trust and proves further…God is in control. And for good reason!

☆ Questions and ponderings 

Who was the first to introduce the death penalty?

How does Yeshua (Jesus) without nullifing God’s previous dictates fulfill them all with justice? 

What is the true sign of repentance?

God knew that child abuses and societal influence of all kinds would be a factor in any crime committed in all those instructions from Genesis to Leviticus for balance and justice. What does this say about His methods of instruction?

Trust and obey – God is the only One worthy of such from anyone. Only He knows the balance point between good and evil, right and wrong, lies and deceit and ignorance and naivety, innocence and willfulness, cause and effect. 

Did God make/create murders, rapest, adulterers, cheats, etc?

Haven’t we all murdered in our thoughts? (This is where all physical acts begin) He created me and you. We have all lied, cheated, adulterated. In our thoughts, when we lie, we steal from someone. Everyone is owed the truth as a standard of conduct in the Kingdom of God. And rape? Again starting in the thoughts, none sees and most will never show they existed. Rape is non-consentual sex. Has everyone consented to all our imaginings? Sound extreme or over-the-top? Again the questions are pointed at the possibilities of society if such things were viewed this way and acted on accordingly. Would porn have ever been born? Would any inappropriate sexual act or deed be subject to leniency or acceptibility which has indeed led to the corruption of society?

☆ Questions everyone should find the answers to. (Yes, the word “should” got used…without apology)

What is the difference between God’s true ways and the many ways the church has distorted them? Ie: exorcism, branding, legalism, judgement.

Why did Yeshua accept death on the cross? Keeping in mind, yes, He was innocent, but on that cross He took every sin ever committed and that would ever be committed on Himself! 

How do all these things, these questions, these answers impact a life? Yours, mine, the neighbor, the community, society?

☆ Truths Indisputable

God alone makes, creates, shapes. Man gets ahold of these and as soon as they try to change it, even ever so slightly, these things become dysfunctional. In other words, they can no longer be cherished and enjoyed as He designed them. 

God made: man, woman, earth, space, marriage, Sex, relationships/family, balance, Justice, life, death, forgiveness, mercy, truth, grace, compassion, kindness, patience, long suffering, giving/generosity, hope, peace, love. 

When anything He made gets altered they become the twisted polar opposite, they act against instead of for. 

Only God can be troubled or sort out the details of something so complex as a human being, created in His image, so hated by His enemy. A human justice system? How can one expect perfection within it? There are more things we need not know than we need to know. So many things we need to simply be able to trust and obey, for there is no other way! Too many opinions, to many postings and publications of things we need not concern ourselves with. I wonder how much medication people would stop needing for anxiety if they just didn’t hear, see, and know so darned much these days. I know the jurors of the case below will never ever be able to remove the images and details of that case from their minds. It could be argued that it may be for good reasons, it could also be argued against all good reasoning! That is: if humans keep thinking of those things. God isn’t Teviah from Fiddler on the Roof, He’s not up there saying… “On the other hand…but on the other hand…”  He is capable, and by that it means, completely perfect and split-second fast, at knowing every second, every instant, every occasion, every event, of everyone involved in everything, taking all things into consideration and doing the right thing. Period. Only God. So what? if we just can’t let go of controlling things trying to “understand” everything…what if…what if we just did it God’s Way?

We can. I can, I will by the grace given by Yeshua, the Holy Spirit. It begins with just one day, all those little choices, God’s Way, not mine. Society as we read in the Truth called the Word of God will not operate according to Gods ways, not right now. But…our homes can. These will effect other homes…which will effect our community…which may effect revival in some small section of society. BUT! The impact on our true Home, with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, where they have come to make their home in you and me…eternity ripples, souls praise, heaven is singing that tune as we speak (errr…or read 😉). As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!


Grace and peace be with you in Yeshua the Messiah

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