Awake! – Part 13 – Illusionary Living

May 17, 2017 at 2:01 am (WSGD Newes)

The picture above is the most common depiction of sleep walking. Yet, in reality, it looks like this. 

Wide awake, but totally unaware of the REM that consumes. R – reality, E – escapes, the M – mind. I’m not talking about the real phenomenon of literal sleep walkers. Yet, even in this, the arms don’t go out like some entranced mind controlled zombie. That actually happens and people look very much awake. Just turn on CNN and watch the news anchors for 5 minutes. They don’t look like the first picture above, but they reflect the image! Or the countless young actors taking part in pretty much any movie or TV show these days. Put on SpongeBob (or any of today’s cartoons) for a group of children, leave the room for ten minutes – when you return REALLY look at them. They are zombies, in trance-like stares. It’s scarey! 

The Truth about subliminal messages has been out for decades. Yet anyone who speaks about its reality gets categorized as “conspiracy mongers”. The science has proven it without a doubt yet the reality of its dangers goes ignored. Lets not talk about the evidence we can see! That is until an awakening happens by some circumstance like the one I suggested above, then it’s undeniable. The question becomes: “What do you do with the truth in your face now?” Statistics show the answer. 

Sadly, this poll is true. It’s reflected all over in the world we live in today. If our children were being protected by the onslaught of mind control, and taught the Bible correctly, far less would be asleep. I say this respectfully, and with great sadness: even in churches the same sermons are being preached, the same scriptures taught through great misinterpretation, and the church is right on course for the Words that many have heard, read and been taught doesn’t apply to them. 

1 Timothy 4:3-4

For the time is coming when people will not have patience for sound teaching, but will cater to their passions and gather around themselves teachers who say whatever their ears itch to hear. Yes, they will stop listening to the truth, but will turn aside to follow myths. 

2 Thessalonians 2:9-11

When this man who avoids Torah comes, the Adversary will give him the power to work all kinds of false miracles, signs and wonders. He will enable him to decieved, in all kinds of wicked ways, those who are headed for destruction because they would not receive the love of the Truth that could have saved them. This is why God is causing them to go astray, so that they will believe the Lie. The result will be that all who have not believed the truth, but have taken their pleasure in wickedness, will be condemned. 

Let’s face it, that’s a lot to swallow, and paints a pretty harsh picture of God. Yet, the goodness of God is that it’s there, for anyone to read! It doesn’t have to be ignored, a harsh God would not say, “hey look out, there’s deception headed your way“. The enemy of souls is the harsh one, he doesn’t care if you or I are deceived, in fact, that’s his goal! God sent His Word, in all its written beauty, then in the form of a living human being, Yeshua (Jesus), and has shouted the plan He is executing for thousands of years! If one is sniffing about how God seems mean, they are sleep walking. Focused on the symptom of their own unwillingness to the truth, rather than squirming (we all do) under the weight of it and letting it shape us, change us, and keep us fully aware of all that is around us. Keeping us on track with His plan, in His will, and ready to see His glory! God has only one intended target of His wrath – that is for Evil itself (the Enemy and all his minions) – those who join with his plan having had the opportunity to resist it and live counter to it.  God created human beings, His intention is to save them, not deceive, mislead, task-master or manipulate them. It’s the enemy of God who does these things to human beings and he’s repeatedly tipped his hand in that he suggest it’s God who does what the enemy, himself, does. History is repleat with proving the enemy’s tactic never changes. Neither does God’s. Teach, warn, plead for people to listen to Him, watch as time proves He knows and is undoubtedly correct and be saved. Yet also, God minces no words about His intention to totally destroy evil! I, for one, am immensely glad, and totally on board with that!

So the church seats fill up every weekend, the same sermons trickle down to the masses, tailored to the current culture and trends. Teaching the Word, but watered down, totally avoiding the hard stuff to explain. Warfare, the angels that fell and how they have been operating in the world all the way to current day. Where they are infiltrating, what tools they are using, teaching their history so that we can understand what they will do in our day and how it will be the same as its always been but only appear different because the instruments of their affliction vary with time. The enemies tactic of convincing us all to “stay safe” and only focus on “Jesus”; not in the way that the Bible teaches, but in the spirit of “Let’s all just get along”, is viral. It incapacitates the body of Messiah! How can this scripture hold the power of God given this perspective:

Ephesians 5:8-16

For you used to be darkness; but now, united with the Lord, you are light. Live like children of light, for the fruit of the light is in every kind of goodness, rightness and truth – try to determine what will please the Lord. Have nothing to do with the deeds produced by darkness, but instead expose them, for it is shameful even to speak of the things these people do in secret. But everything exposed to the light is revealed clearly for what it is, since anything revealed is a light. This is why it says: “Get up sleeper! Arise from the dead, and the Messiah will shine on you!” Therefore, pay careful attention to how you conduct your life – live wisely, not unwisely. Use your time well, for these are evil days. So don’t be foolish, but try to understand what the will of the Lord is.  

John 3:19-21

Now this is the judgement: the Light has come into the world, but people loved the darkness rather than the Light. Why? Because their actions are wicked. For everyone who does evil things hates the light and avoids it, so that his actions won’t be exposed. But everyone who does what is true comes to the light, so that all may see that his actions are accomplished through God.  

Proverbs 28:4-5

Those who abandon Torah praise the wicked, but those who keep Torah fight them. Evil people don’t understand justice, but those who seek Adonai understand everything. 

The polls don’t reflect that the church has been taught and armed. Therefore, the children have not been taught, and not been taught, and not been taught – and now – the days of illusionary living have arrived and 26% remain that believe the Bible is the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help us God! The graph shows the great falling away is in our midst. Once again, God’s Word is proven accurate and true – and the world scoffs at those of us who dare to stand as light. The ‘hate speech’ of the day is now the truth of God’s Word. Those who have searched on their own because the church has failed, are now kooks and conspiracy theorist who are spoiling the fun and, just like Yeshua was accused, spoiling the religious fervor that has hid behind the safe walls of ignorance and fear. They say that not speaking of the evil is the heart of Ephesians scripture. Overlooking the obvious that it says to have nothing to do with the deeds of darkness – yet how else can they be exposed if we are not to speak out against them? We need not enter the deed doing to expose the doing of the deeds!

(I’m not, of course, saying every church fails this way – but I have yet to sit in a “pew” and hear this kind of teaching.)

Sleep walking is a state of being convinced that God will change His mind about the end! Yet hear Yeshua’s own words – 

Luke 21:9; 36

And when you hear of wars and revolutions, don’t panic. For these things MUST happen first, but the end will not follow immediately. 

Stay alert, always praying that you will have the strength to escape all the things that WILL happen and to stand in the presence of the Son of Man.   

All the things that must and will happen are found in the entire chapter of Luke 21. He tells us how to read the signs, how to prepare, what to look for and then says, “Take it to the banks folks, evil is going to be destroyed! The only question is: will you be asleep or awake to what I’m doing?” 

Look again at the little girl in the picture above. She’s been decieved, she is asleep – who will wake her up? God can, without the slightest help from His body, but we will stand accountable for not obeying Him. We will stand accountable to the other 64% of those who have been deceived by the enemy that again poses the question “Did God really say…?” if we do not speak and expose in the little tiny part of earth we’ve been placed in, with the people who we influence everyday. God wants His kids to come Home! 

Understanding the will of God is far easier than understanding our own! Bring His kids to Him! Pass the waking salts under noses, expose and reveal the deceptions, live and speak and tell the truth of God’s mercy and grace but also His justice! Believe Him when He says, “Don’t be afraid, for I Am with you…even to the end of the age!” Live – live like that’s true dear fellow-sheep! It is! To the glory of God, it is!

John 21:14-18

So make up your minds not to worry, rehearsing your defense beforehand; for I, Myself, will give you an eloquence and a wisdom that no adversary will be able to resist or refute. You WILL be betrayed even by parents, brothers, relatives and friends; some of you they WILL put to death; and everyone will hate you because of Me. But not a hair of your head will be lost. By standing firm you will save your lives.  

I believe every Word of God is literal Truth, applicable to every age and generation, complete in its accuracy and reliability. I believe, every Word Yeshua said, and every Word He is and was and is to become. I’m of those 26%, not ashamed, and ready to give an answer to the hope of what that IS! 

Are you?

Or…are you still stuck on the things that got said here that argue over controversies that offend the current status? Illusionary living seeks to state opinions based on interpretations rather than standing on the very Words we are instructed to – repeat and live – nothing more and nothing less. Our perfection in the doing is undisputed – we have none. Yeshua was all the perfection needed. He promised to teach, lead and guide us into the perfect will of the Father. Obviously the Father has no problem with imperfect people doing His will. After all, we are required only to have sought Him with all we got, studied at His feet, fear not to go forth with what He has taught us, stay awake and be ready. There’s not one mention of us being perfect. Yes, I know the Scripture one will argue to the contrary – “Be perfect, as My Father in heaven is perfect.” 

Once again let’s look at the context. 

Matthew 5:43-48

You have heard that your father’s were told, ‘Love your neighbor  – and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you! Then you WILL become children of your Father in heaven. For He makes His sun shine on the good and bad people alike, He sends rain to the righteous and the unrighteous alike. What reward do you get if you love only those who love you? Why, even the tax-collectors do that! And if you are friendly only to your friends, are you doing anything out of the ordinary? Even the Goyim  (unbelievers) do that! Therefore, be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.  

Romans 13:8

Don’t owe anyone anything – except to love one another; for whoever loves his fellow human being has fulfilled Torah.   

The only thing God intends and can perfect in us completely, this side of heaven, is how we love. The Holy Spirit was given that we might love as He loves us. Yet, speaking truth and how the hearers receive it has nothing to do with nor depends on the perfection that humanity defines perfect as. Love speaks truth, regardless of its popularity. Regardless of its “welcome”. It’s speaks it to the good and bad, righteous and unrighteous…circumstances not dictating – it speaks! It does it boldly, without hesitation, and full of Love! This is how that scripture was meant to be taught, not pulled out and attached to any subject man can apply it to, however they will. Yeshua taught it in the context He did for a reason. We are not to change its application. 

Repeat what He said, how He said it, it’s 100% reliable! There’s no illusions in the Words of God. They keep awake, slay the enemy, heal, encourage, exhort, teach and comfort all by themselves.

I pray, that we be strengthened by His Word in these days. That we be fully studied in it and ready to throw all our weight behind it. It says hard things to those who are evil, but to those who are being shaped and corrected by it, it’s the power of God unto Salvation! Yeshua! Amen!

May He get the glory, now and forever!

✡ May the fullness of His grace and mercy be yours and the richness of His Love keep you. In the name of Yeshua the Messiah and for His Names sake! Shalom. ✡


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