Awake! – Part 15 – The Labyrinth of USA/World Government.

June 6, 2017 at 12:30 am (WSGD Newes)

Here is the first video. I strongly recommend as you watch that you have a note book and pen/pencil handy. Write down the names of guest speakers, their references to events, documents and other references. Be willing to check into these things yourself – never ever take everything you hear and see, no matter where you find it (except the Word of God) as having the total picture. We must be willing to empty out our basket of what we think we know, if God is going to pull the picture together for us. I’m not saying lose convictions He has solidified, I’m saying with Him be open to having been wrong. Not wrong as you meant to be in error, but wrong as in you didn’t know everything before and found your conclusions were formulated based on a fragment rather than a whole. This video will not bring everything into the whole, only Yeshua can do that. It has a good portion of fragments that will help the whole come together. Meaning it consists of Truth. I cringed when the word democracy got said, every time. I cringed about good deal of terms. I noted my reactions and held them up to the Lord of all Truth and asked Him to pull it together, saying if I’m wrong, show me. I looked up these references and people, which led to more…as I said this has been a long road of investigation, study and prayer. Not one of these videos holds all the answers. It’s funny how as humans we just wish there was. Anything that doesn’t require work on our part, both in letting go of things we cling to, and in digging into our own bone yard to find what junk we’ve collected and needs to go, and – yes – be stunned into reality, repentance and renewal is simply not real. This is harder work than any job we have ever done. It is heavy stuff, spiritually/mentally, and therefore can weigh down physically. Remember how Yeshua is described in Isaiah 52 and 53, particularly verse 3 of chapter 53. The reality of humanity, the enemy, and the state of the creation He made was hard! You add to that that He alone would carry the full picture of it and indeed become the incredulous horror of evil and it’s effects to pay for it once and for all…well I understand why He only gives us bits and pieces as needed. Here in the last days, our need for truth-filled reality is crucial to everything! Some videos are made by believers, this one was not, though it quotes many. We all have lost people to reach, we must feed and clothe their physical reality as well as their spiritual one. Thus the reason why it’s so important to study and investigate things contained in videos like this, and give time for Yeshua to lead us into the Truth with them. So when we share, then we can speak with love and full armor with those who are willing to receive the truth about the world, but hesitate about the One who made it. Of videos that I post, I will share who I endorse; meaning I’ve subscribed to them and watch all the content they put out. This is not one of them. I’m sure anyone can see the value in a product one produces that God has used but He cautions us not to buy into their company. Let this be a time of deep conversation between you and the Lord, hence why I say take notes. Don’t watch this and walk away thinking you know everything! I can guarantee there’s something here that will take some chewing for everyone, no matter their political, religious or socialistic status. I pray for you all…as you endeavor to seek Him and His will for you. 

***Please note: YouTube has been censoring videos and I found I couldn’t play this video from my blog. I have contacted them, as this video played just fine from the YouTube app from my phone. You may need to write down the title or copy and paste the link below and go to YouTube to watch this. I apologize for any inconvenience.*** 

✡ May the full grace and truth of Yeshua the Messiah lead and guide you in full measure of strength, that comes only from Him! ✡


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