New Story ~ Part 8

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New Story continued…

Meanwhile over the River Fraken-Flo and into the plains of Grace-Field; rainbows rode on a breeze. The tops of long grasses among the marshes bent and blew in the prismatic breath of it. Scores of unending plains now became a motley of colors. Motion set off the hueific turns of bush and stalk; rock and dirt; leaf and stem. Trees sparsely jutted about in tribes, giving shade to Grace-Field’s creatures. As far as the eye could see; to the Great-Waters, this land had held little invitation; but was not without its secret treasures. For here, the butterflies remained, though in scarce numbers. The breeze brought with it a renewal of their essence and cocoons began to cling to every stalk and stem. The din of chimes and clinking glass orchestrated Grace-Field’s symphony. Like a great psychedelic organism – Grace-Field answered the boy-lad King’s voice and sang his song – like a lost love returned.
For the butterfly was a prayers bird.
Spoken as a transformed living word. Reflecting the Father-all’s heart of Intention; as all things that begin at crawling and finally upon His breath take flight in beauty. Grace-Field became a flotsam of reflections of the pith of Life answering His will. The age of Intention had been cocooned here; long thought dead – but death in itself is Life…intended. Whispered in groans, upon the skeletal remains that harkens the Father-all to breathe the breath that calls forth Life back into old bones. Often called by the name of suffering – but answering at full attention to the name of Joy.

The ebb and flow of the King-lad’s melody rose up in harmony with fragile wings full of power. To the eye of an Imagemen the appearance though beautiful, could easily be written off as inconsequential. Yet, in the eye of an Imagemen the appearance of things often blinded. The intonations of the boy-lad’s song; sang a tune that required more than ears to hear or eyes to confirm with the sight born of a field of cocoon-born creatures. Once confined to crawling and slated to die; encased in a bosom of a death that vibrated in thrums of freedom called Life. Hence as they emerged they have no recollection of ever having crawled in the first place – they did not lament what was. They rose up and flew as if they never knew their once ground-bound limitations.

Aside from the beauty of color and resonance that rode on the winds and wings of proclamation; far more was awakening in all of Irlivadad from Frakenland to beyond the Great-Waters. The very orb of its existence spun in the Father-all’s hand; everything cast its gaze on the King-lad…watching…waiting.. in a flotsam of lambent winged glory.


Part 9, next week 🙂

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Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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New Story ~ Part 7

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New Story continued…

The Hall had begun to be emptied and few lingered. That is to say, that it no longer burst at the seams with awe-struck Imager’s. Master Stark had led in song and ended only in unanswered questions. Narrowing down to one fine point.

What had happened??

At length someone had mentioned the tinder-tale of old, fallen so far from memory. Now only a small flash of light in the minds of the eldest of Frakenland. They agreed to try to find the tale in its entirety. Of those that filled the space between young and old – few had interest in a tale that seemed to grow as grey as the sky over the years. It held appeal if it could be proven and provide answers, but seemed more likely to serve only as a bedtime story renewed. It wasn’t until much time had passed between each question and search for answers that someone (no one knew who) made mention of the absence of the Dark Cloud. Silence rang off the walls, stares were shared.

Master Stark cleared his throat.
“Yes…yes. a good and fine point. The new colors serve to point out the absence of the obvious! Did anyone see where it went?”

Again the fulcrum of silence pivoted on stares that thickened the air like over-floured gravy. A sense of growing dismay began to replace the newness of its freedom from the prison of darkness.

Will it come back? Where did it go? Why?

Anxiety started to permeate the questions being murmured.

“Ahhh – well Imager’s!” called Master Stark “We must not let the new light dim with the oncoming night, eh? Good questions, worthy enough. Master Adaviah and Master Shimkee, dig up the fossils of the Tinder-tale, eh? Let us not underline our failure to note the exit of Dark Cloud. It is good that we gave all our attention to the music and colors fresh on our eyes and ears!! We will meet again  tomorrows eve after the last meal. Go home Image-mates! Go home and hug your colorful flock! Give thanks to Father-all for surely its His hand that has served us this day! Tinder-tale or no.”

Everyone began to flow out as they came in…the excitement renewing with each observance of vibrancy.

Sakira and Evardyne stood waiting for their families to disperse; and with it their wishes for what came next.
Sakira wanted nothing more than to track down her great Uncle Shimkee. He had been the one who had spoken the Tinder-tale to Eva and herself as tinders. Some new tickle at the back of her mind told her the answers lay at his feet. She stood up tippy-toe to try and spot his grey head – or was is white now?
He was speaking to Master Stark by the Halls entrance. So badly did she long to go to him!

“Mamanah, Popsee’s…could I offer my help to Uncle Shimkee? Mayhap he could use my hand to put down his memories?” Sakira asked.

Eva tugged her sleeve.
“And surely Eva would be of good use too?” She put in.

Sakira’s father, Evander, looked at Sakira with his now startling green eyes. Her mother, Sakirina turned her gaze towards Evander. The exchange translated some unspoken acknowledgement.

“I have no need to object, go see to your usefulness at Shimkee’s need, Sakira, but don’t neglect your evening chores. And bring back this Tinder-tale for us to hear.” He said.

Evardyne’s father and mother, Elrrick and Markee nodded accent and spoke quietly to Eva. Then walked out with Evander and Sakirina exchanging much between concern and delight.

“I must see if Mistress Mable will dismiss me before I can join you. Will you try to delay Uncle Shimkee while I do?” Eva’s eyes begged.

“Go quickly – I will do my best.” Sakira squeezed Eva’s hand and walked towards Shimkee.

As she approached the elders she leaned against the archway and bent her ears towards their conversation; awaiting notice of her approach. The concern that had filled the air at the mention of the Dark Cloud seemed to invade their speech in quiet tones. Sakira perceived their desire for privacy, as they looked at her, smiled and turned slightly away.

What had happened to the Dark Cloud??
Trying to scrape the landscape of her memory, she could only seem to recall the brilliance of color and sound. No image of the Dark Clouds disappearance had etched itself on the lens of her memory.
How could that be??
It was as if she had seen the birth without the pains.
Would it come back and steal away life again?
Sakira did not notice Master Stark and Shimkee turn towards her, nor Eva as she approached. Her face had clouded in frown and confusion had stolen some of the colors that had painted her cheeks. Life had changed irrevokably in West-Flo and she was not used to changes. With the Dark Cloud everything was always the same; predictable, heavy, and dull – but she knew it backwards and forwards. Colors and sounds rained in delight but it introduced a thing called – different, new – and she was more than a little a’feared of it.

The Tinder-tale must hold the strong medicine for her apprehension – it must!!

When, finally, Sakira looked up, the colors were fading…


Part 8 next week 🙂

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New Story ~ Part 6

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New Story continued…

The King-lad had slept a stretch of minutes that elasticized and defied time. As he awoke the air danced around his face, pulling up his eye-lids in fits of excitement. Unconsciousness receded into conscious thought.

Yes, Father-all – I hear Your loving summons.” he said

Silence masqueraded the fullness of speech and communion. Something unseen and unheard to some is the very essence of everything worthy of sight and sound. This quiet communion between the King-lad and the Father-all built mighty fortresses in an unseen world; hidden within the King-lad, as if it were the center of all things as far as either mind could see.

At the King-lad’s awakening – colors and sounds seemed to have awoken from a nap as well. Though newly born, they knew their purpose – rested when needed – only to come full speed in their hueific and vibrating celebration.

The crown on the King-lad’s head seemed to mold into his skull becoming more a whirl of motion and colors. From a distance appearing to glow white but upon closer inspection colors sparkled unified and blending; dancing into an unknown hue, yet distinctly singular. His hair could be seen ever so slightly astir as if a soft wind had been assigned to the crown itself.

Of the boy-lad King’s appearance, there was no physical remarkability – yet as a whole he seemed to have been made up of all the mysteries of a million universes. About the age of twelve now, his frame was gawkish and full of suggestions like any other – but forming no final opinion. Of the latter, his countenance was unwavering. The body rarely represents the heart in many cases. He was full of words and at ease in that they had no rush to fall from his lips. Seeming to know they would feed and nourish other parts and when they came out, Father-all would take charge of their purpose. A fast and free spirit of humor and play was always exhibited behind the windows of his eyes. When he smiled, everything was inclined to smile with him. Yet a seriousness of driven intention marked his posture and shaded his movements. Casting no doubt within and leaving none behind.

After an hour of silent reverie He stood, stretched and yawned. And again, began to sing…


Forgive the skipping of last weeks part, I ask you. It was a rough one, but God be praised!

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Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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New Story ~ Part Five

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New Story continued…

The village of West-Flo was crowded when Sakira and Evardyne entered by the Bread-Maker’s market. The crowd flowed like a mudslide of Imager’s oozing into one destination. The hullabaloo rose and fell; excitement, awe and wonderment etched the air with life. Hard-pressed was Sakira and Evardyne to keep from following every new hue and aural invitation. Such was everything new – the old transformed. Imager’s singing, dancing and speaking in colorful sparks. The air danced in jubilation vibrating with intention.

“Peski creatins, rumblin domble-dash!”

The words entered Sakira’s ears, somehow understood, but never had she heard them.

“Move out! Gracious globs of Imager’s!”

The voice squeaked like a bow on a string of a breathing instrument. It came from behind her in a dam-burst of irritated expression. Sakira turned to see the voice and thumped hard into the Tanner with a “Hmpfft!”

Eye to eye with the Tanner revealed an angry face attached to an arm that grabbed her by hers with a hard jerk of aggravation. Green eyes sparked with the spittle of annoyance. A high forehead with brownish-red curls bounced with huffs and puffs.
Sakira and the Tanner became part of the flotsam of Image-man breaking yet another tide of those entering the village. More impressed now with the colors, hues and details of the Tanners flesh; she almost forgot about the forms of expression that had snapped her attention to him in the first place.

” Well, hmpff, are ya gonna gawk all day girl?” the Tanner fluffed, “That’a way with ye!”

Sakira! Come!” Evardyne said pulling her around.

Moving her feet to follow the arm Eva pulled, Sakira followed.

“Have ya ever heard the like? Ach! The sights and sounds are too much Eva!” Sakira threw the words out towards her girl-lad friend.

“Yes, yes, but we must go now or we’ll both get the switchin’ of our lives, eh?” Evardyne focused on the now brilliant white building of the Meeting Basket or Umgrah’s. It fairly glowed with the brilliance of diamonds. The Meeting Basket was the center of the village; school, events, fairs and meetings of all kinds found their shelter here.

“It looks near a’full up!” Sakira said

“Let’s go ’round to the side door. We’ll squeeze in that’a way, most like.” Eva directed, taking the lead.

Grunts and groans were mixed with the swath they cut through the crowd. The villagers stood ooing, awwing and exclaiming at each other and most everything around them. As if being pulled into a dream they weren’t sure they wanted to awake from. The temptation to join in the wonderment was overwhelming for Sakira. She was only slightly more motivated by the next new sight to keep her moving. They turned into the small alley where the kitchen was supplied by market-men and collapsed at the door.

“Good! Noone has smarted this out yet!” Evardyne said as she pulled the latch on the red door.

“Aye – a good thinker ya are Eva!” Sakira smiled.

“Well, get on with ya girl-lads! They’ll be a’swarmin like sniggers on a cube o’sweets iffen ya don’t move! Move!”

The Tanner whose exclamations had pulled Sakira’s focus backwards, was again right at her backside.

“Ach! Who are ye? You followed us. And rude, ya are too!” Eva flouted.

The Tanner pushed them through the door and pulled it shut with a loud crack echoing in the kitchen as it founds its way back into its frame.

He turned and said, “Aye, and I agree! Ye can think goin forward, backwards ya lose a little mind though!” He grinned and bowed
“Bon’avoy is me name and I thank ye for the better approach to this place! We’d be stuck and lumped with all the peski creatins out there a’gawkin and hemmin and hawin o’re every speck o’color to catch the eye, if not for yer quick thinkin girl-lad!”

I work here! And I’m sure Mistress Mable won’t be thankin me for my quick thinkin when she sees the likes of you!” Evardyne put her fist on her hips and stepped in front of the rude Tanner. “Sneaky, uppity nosed, and rude ye are! Where are ya from, I know not the sight of yer face?”

Bon’avoy’s eyes narrowed, “West-Falls is me home. I came to trade my wares. I’ve been called worse things than rude, but I get the job done! Now lets be movin forward again so we can be about hearin what the Masters of this village be thinkin of all this ruckus! Like the Father-all decided to color today, and play His fiddle to light the way for the colors to play. Fun, aye, but order seems to have takin its leave with the grey and now we needs must find the new color of order! Shall we?” He motioned to the door leading to the great hall.

“Aye, but you’ll not say I let ya in with me! Come Shak’y, lets leave the new and im’rude Bon’avoy to attend his own way now!” Eva grabbed Sakira’s hand and turned in a huff to leave the Tanner behind.
She pushed the door and met with resistance. Evardyne and Sakira both pushed and a grunt met with the doors slight movement in disagreement with the motion.

“Ach! Get there! Call your entry, for the sake of the dust!” It was the voice of Mistress Mable.

“Oh! I’m all kinds of sorry Mistress! I lost my mind! Did I put any hurt to ye?” Eva moved her gaze to the floor in sincere apology as Mistress Mable stood before her.

“Eva-girl! Ach, no…just announce yer entry…always! Your mother is just there, ” Mable pointed to the far side of the platform at the front of the hall. “She’s a’worried a’whirl over ya child – now get with ya! We’ll make plans for the stomachs when you’ve set her a’right and a’proper that yer well. Find me, later.” Mistress Mable turned a glance at Sakira, squinting her eyes at her, and moved off into the kitchen mumbling…”Ach! Just like I thought not one color but two in the girl-lad’s eyes…” the Tanner escaped her attention.

Sakira giggled, “Well colors only add to Mistress Mables mumbles!”

“Aye, well I’ll be catchin plenty of the harsh side of those later…come on Shak’y yer Ma’s there with mine!” Evardyne began to wind her way over the platform from behind the Village Master, trying not to call attention to them.

“Now, now…Image-mates!” The hall rippled with laughter at Master Starks call. “Father-all has fulfilled His promise and colored us all in vast varieties and…noise!”

Another round of laughter filled the hall.

“Father-all is the color of Glory!” They all shouted as one.

**Part Six next week!**


For those just joining this new story, click the link below, scroll down to the bottom and begin at Part One :-). Or you can find parts 1-5 on the tab to the right titled Inklings of Hisimagnme.

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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New Story ~ Part 4

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New story continued…


A delightful screech came from the path leading back to West-Flo’s village proper. Evardyne appeared from the brushes running.

“Sakira, c…can you see it?! Can you hear it?!”

Evardyne was flush with excitement. The pigment of her skin glowed and sparked like that of her eyes, alive in the bath of spectrum. Sakira rushed to meet her girl-lad friend.

“Yes! What…what is happening?”, she laughed

“I know not. But its glorious is it not?”, Evardyne’s words flew out faster than her breath and she stopped to catch it. “The village meets at Umgrah’s now. The gathering will take some time. Everyone runnin’ around like kittles they are! I had to find you…OH!”, Evardyne’s eyes widened, “Sakira your eyes…they ARE two colors! Ha ha ha…colors! Did we…ach, Sakira, how do we know?”

“I know not!”, Sakira giggled, “Yes, a’sudden I am able to define your hair…black, shiny, long and…beautiful! O, Eva, you are so beautiful!”

“Are we dreaming? Or in some spell thinks you?”, Evardyne grasped her hands, “Mayhap the tinder-tale is true? Frakenland has found a King?”

Sakira thought back to her tinder years. A tinder-tale about a King who would bring an end to the Darkcloud, that had smothered sound and sent all the colors to rest in a crown. This was why all they perceived were a verigation of whites, greys and black; without luster and dull; that finished each day in the soot of darkness.

“Who could it be? One of us? A strange-ling?”, Sakira asked.

“I know not.” Evardyne looked around as if she expected the King to come as if bidden.

“Oh my! The wash!”,  Sakira ran to the river, “I was rinsing…”, she turned, “Eva…did…did you sing? I was there”, she pointed to the inlet where her clothing sat on the shimmering bank of a banquet of water now sparkling and dancing in prismatic liquid life.
“…and then I was singing…or stopped…oh, I must gather the wash!”, her thoughts broken out loud and unfinished. She began to wring the water from the cloth.
“Hurry, help me Eva, and we will go to Umgrah’s a’once!”

Evardyne bent to help, as they both cast their vision and bent their ears into the very earth around them; keeping them in conversations never before seen or heard.

“We must go”, Sakira broke the enlistment of senses, “The Circle of Fire fades quickly.”


For those who are just entering this little the link below and scroll to the bottom. Begin at part one…and enjoy 🙂

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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