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Firstborn of the Creating Voice!
Ministering of God’s Spirit, who was sent
Waiting upon Him first, what time He went
Moving about the tumultuous noise of each unpiloted element
Upon the face of the void formless deep!
Thou who did come unbodied and alone
Ere yet the sun was set his rule to keep,
Or ever the moon shone,
Or e’er the wandering star-flocks forth were driven!
Thou garment of the Invisible,whose skirt sweeps, glory-giving, over earth and heaven!
Thou comforter, be with me as Thou wert when first I longed for words, to be
A radiant garment for my thought, like Thee!

George MacDonald – Enlighten Us, O Father of Lights – first stanza

♡ Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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Testing, Testing…

January 4, 2016 at 2:46 am (Mile Stones, recommended reading, Remodeling the Mind, WSGD Newes) (, , , , , , , , )


The above verse is one I started to put to memory around 6 months ago. I taped it written out to my bathroom wall, front door, cupboard in my kitchen, and started tattooing it on my heart. At the time, we had just launched our own business. I was sure I’d need to be reminded I was seen and known by God, (both Sam and I) and even more sure that it would stretch us with testing. Little did I know the extent of such testing! One month after our launch into S Corp-ship, God pointed His finger at a different geographical location for us. We blinked and blinked, shook our heads to attempt to clear our eyes in case we were “seeing things” and said “okay, Lord, we’ll knock on the doors – Your will be done.”
What else could we do? Doors flew open, and we got the message.
So in the midst of an already crazy schedule with huge adjustments being made already, off I went to find a house in Rio Rancho, NM. It took 4 days longer than planned (nothing really in perspective) but here sat a house that seemed to have been literally set aside specifically for us. No interest in the property for months and open houses unattended…ours was the only offer. This house was so nice it was rather odd it hasn’t just screamed off the market, lesser houses had but this one just sat there. The owner and I both remarked that it seemed Someone had this place in mind for us. The contract was signed, inspections passed with flying colors and off I went back to Denver to pack. Meanwhile, all the stuff of life still needed tending to and the holidays were about to converge on the calender.

Busy became a newly defined word for us. Stretched? Huh, we were as maxed out as a human could get on every level. The verse on the various surfaces and constantly rolling over my mind was being tattooed every second of the day. I leaned on it, and joy bubbled within. Oh how we had been praying for God to move us out of Denver! An answer came, though the direction was not what we expected, nor hoped. It was around the beginning of December that Wayne Stiles book Waiting on God fell into my hands and I began to traverse it’s pages with much desperation. The legistics to buying the house were solid, but it seemed that we picked the one house that could not be sold as it was due to a new city zoning ordinance that was enacted right about the time I first laid eyes on it. It had to have a garage. The owner was in a real bad spot now having to deal with a huge hit to the pocket book. The search to find a way out of it began as my boxes filled up and our nerves began to be tested in extreme.

Then began the whole “everything that can go wrong will go wrong” motto to EVEYTYHING we did. Our truck got vandalized, computers for the business crashed, parts went out, answers about the house vasselated going back and forth with no real answers, Sam’s grandpa died. Continuing to “head south for the winter” became impossible. Limbo is and has been the motif since mid November. Living out of and surrounded by boxes has lost its excitement. Do we doubt what God said in the beginning or wonder whether we heard Him? Yet He wouldn’t release us to pull out of the deal. No clear shut doors would occur no matter how hard we pressed for one. Limbo drags on, and our back is sore. “What in heavens name?”

The house has lost all and I mean all its appeal. We just want to empty boxes and return to a state of “normal”. Here – there, we don’t care. God’s will be done has been our prayer, fingers off the whole thing!

We wait and ask only that our eyes stay tightly tuned into the process, the lesson being taught, the wisdom to be gained and light to be shared. The light grows dimmer in our vision, limbo is starting to feel like torture. Still no release.
Then I come across this treasure of words from Abba, Waynes book.

Psalms 105:18-19
They shackled his (Joseph) feet with chains, and they bound him in irons; until the time when his Word proved true, God’s utterance kept testing him.

Is it ironic that that verse in Jeremiah became a project for memory back in June? I don’t think so. I’m not big on coincidences, cause I don’t believe God considers anything such.
Here’s a quote from Waynes book.


The whole book centers on Joseph’s story. Wow, what I’m learning! Its clear the testing we’ve encountered is no accident, and just like Joseph, we do not see what all God is doing, most of what He’s doing, in fact! Somewhere behind hidden doors, God’s moving fast and furious, solidifying His will, not just for us, but every single person that has been and will be effected by all this. We’re not the only ones waiting. ..everyone connected to this is waiting, family, friends, realtors, lenders, neighbors, everyone! Waiting and watching very closely because God said to us to go and now He’s held us for a time at the crossing. People are weary of the prospect of saying “goodbye” to us where we are, others can’t wait for us to arrive. What a strange turn of events and the circumstances just lay in front of us, waiting for God’s green light. Whichever way He gives it, all will welcome the release. Stay or go, it doesn’t matter.

Have my eyes stayed on You, my God and King? Is my devotion to You the brightest light? Oh, how my heart truly hopes so, dear Lord! May Your honor continue to stretch out my weary and waiting soul. Not for a house or for empty boxes, but Your Salvation displayed for all to see. Your beautiful timing and amazing will! Your strong protection and constant presence, no matter the situation! What a promise! Just like You were with Joseph, You are with us, through all. There is no greater gift! Test me, Adonai, and make true my devotion to You!

♡ Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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My Child…

September 22, 2015 at 11:06 am (Devotionals, recommended reading, Remodeling the Mind, Thoughts to Ponder) ()


My Child,

See I’ve went before you today
I’ve measured exactly what you will need
I’ve paved the road, and left some parts bumpy
I’ve appointed opportunities for you to forgive, and be forgiven
To encourage, and be encouraged
To serve, and be served
To learn, and teach
To be still, and to use your mind to create, and come to new truths
I’ve appointed Truth to guide you
I’ve placed the exact amount of Light upon your path
Keep your eyes, just on the next step in front of you
I’ve taken care to make sure the next one is assured
Keep your mind stayed on Me
Keep your eyes trained on My Way
Tune your ears into the channel of My Spirit
He shall remind you of all I’ve spoken in the past that applies to today, and speak new things to you for both today and a future time you do not know
I’ve given you appointments for praise
But this whole day has been given for My glory
Trust Me, I promise you shall find I’m worthy of it
Look for Me, especially in the strange and hard moments, I show up in all things
I’ve included everyone you will need today, and left those out for a purpose
You shall lack nothing needful today
Train your wants to trust what I give
Remember I see far beyond your comprehension, I won’t leave anything out, I won’t miss a detail
You shall find love in unexpected places if you look, and this love will both be given away and received by you –
So don’t look for your cup to keep filling
Look for others cups to be filled instead
Don’t look for what I’m doing for you, look for what I do for all
Remember the dangers of self-pity, and thinking of yourself by turns
You cannot see My will by looking at yourself
I won’t show you My will for anyone else either
So remember not to think you know more than Me
Everyday the knowledge of all that concerns you changes
I promise to make sure you know what you need at all times
Don’t apply what I share with you to everyone else
That’s My job, to lead and guide My people
Speak only when I tell you to speak, nothing more, nothing less
When I say, “Be silent” trust that your words are not needed, but I’m still speaking
Remember My Child, the price I’ve paid for you, follow Him who has paved the Way
Know, lo, that I Am, is with you
I am like the air, at times, you can’t see it, but the proof of its steadfastness is in your breathing
I delight that today you can know Me more!
I long for you as no human longing could ever compare

My Child, I’ve given you to be a light this day
This day is full of every promise I’ve made from the beginning
I’m doing so much more than you can see
Hope has burst forth in floods, enter in, be swept away!
My Child, I’m sending My Son soon!
Share My heart with passion and no apologies
My promise is the most steadfast thing to cling to
My justice is on the way, let Me take care of all that seeks to harm you
My righteousness is yours for the taking, run after it as your choicest treasure
Pay no heed to the enemy behind the curtain of this world
There’s no power that moves you save Mine

My Child, open your arms wide to this day
Embrace it as a lover
What hurts and confuses shall hold no harm in reality
I know how I’ve made you
I know, My Child, every intricate detail of who I made you to be
Run to Me for your comfort, and you shall find it complete

I love you, My Child
I’m with you, My Child
I’m working all things for My good, which shall never leave you empty-handed or behind

My Child, I Am the God of all creation, the One True God, I retain control of all things, I can be trusted, I can be counted on, you are Mine, I claim you with honor and love and dignity. I have placed My glory inside you.

My Child, take joy and delight in your heritage
In your future
I’ve got you covered for eternity
Oh, the wonders we shall have in the days ahead!
I Am your Abba, I shall tend every wound, meet every need, and delight in every single thing about you.

My Child, My Child, how I delight to call you, My Child.

~ ABBA ♡

♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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Quote Note

September 10, 2015 at 2:48 am (recommended reading, Thoughts to Ponder) (, , , )


♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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Soul Scripts

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…Give us the food we need today…










Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah

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