The Truth of the Matter…

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There can be a way which seems right to a person, but at its end are the ways of death. – Proverbs 14:12

Hello Fellow sheep!

I’m coming to you today with what some may call “old news” but never more applicable than today. With so much scripture coming to fulfillment right before our eyes – we are pressed from both sides with equal joy at the confirmation of all Yeshua taught and still teaches, and urgency of staying close to the Truth in this age of deception.

Below is a link to a video. I pray you will take the time to watch. It’s imperative to know this info before one considers the new “savior” of this “virus”. I pray this finds you all wide awake and immersed in the Truth, be strong and courageous in Yeshua the Messiah!

Psalm 73:25-26
Whom do I have in heaven but You? And with You, I lack nothing on earth. My mind and body may fail; but God is the Rock for my mind and my portion forever.

๐Ÿ› The grace of the Lord Yeshua the Messiah, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) be with you all… Paul’s final word to the Corinthians ๐Ÿช”

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Shabbat Shalom

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Lamb of God

November 23, 2018 at 5:14 am (Remodeling the Mind, Thoughts to Ponder, WSGD Newes) (, , )

I follow this YouTube channel that recently posted the harvest of their lambs. This small homestead farm is full of integrity and the graciousness and passion for honoring God in their everyday lives is quite the testimony. The harvest video was… hard and…sobering…and beautiful in its execution. Pun intended. While watching Dan so respectfully kill his lamb, with tears flowing down his face, and then with as much respect in the skinning and removal of its inward parts as he had for tending the creature from birth, it can’t help but bring Yeshua (Jesus) to mind and those many years previous to His birth where lambs (among others) were sacrificed for our sins daily. Sin costs, and a precious price. Dan and his young son live the knowledge of this in ways most of us don’t, every year at this time. I don’t think it’s ironic the timing; as so many people are gearing up to celebrate the “birth” of the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world.

Most of us have no concept of raising our own food and tending the earth as God intended. It would be grotesque and even considered barbaric to do so now, with our modern and updated, more knowledgeable and “smart” ways these days. Even those who hunt for their food stay much removed from understanding what sin cost the whole of creation. But raising and righteously and tenderly caring for any creature from birth to the table is the only way to fully comprehend the depths of it; even now with Yeshua having done the ultimate sacrifice – once and for all.

At Passover, God instructs His people to bring the spotless lamb (no replacements are allowed this time, it has to be a lamb) inside to the family dwelling for two weeks prior to the sacrifice. This was done on purpose, because the heart can disconnect still if the “cattle remain separate” at harvest time. Still not easy but much easier. So at Passover, He brings a bonding element into the sacrifice – to teach and cement the gravity of sin. The earth and animals are completely innocent of sin, but suffer the effects because of us. It’s one thing to bring in an annoying animal and keep some distance at heart. Imagine a goat, for instance, braying at all hours and wrecking the home for a week before it’s time to sacrifice it. If anything, that would bring an element of relief or even a sense of justice to kill it. But lambs are gentle and in new environments reduced to calm out of fear and adjustment of the change that occurs and removal from their herd. They are obedient and docile and well… so sweet and innocent looking…cuddly. Before the two weeks is up, the family could not help but have their own heart strings attached to theirs. Especially the children and the parents suffering doubly, watching their children hurt so badly at the lambs loss on top of their own breaking heart. God knows how to make a point, drive it home and etch it for reminders in our hearts, not just our minds. Today, on the small homesteads, they attend their animals, their children tend them with affection, they watch them be born and raise them, some raise them with tenderness and reverence. Harvest time for these is flat hard. For those who believe and follow Yeshua, the cost of sin puts its full weight on their hearts once a year. For those of us who go to the butcher or grocery store… we have very little access to this lesson and the depth it brings to the Word – thankfulness. I suspect Dan, whose heart is fully invested in honoring God in EVERYTHING he does, knows this and thus posted this video on Thanksgiving day but at midnight – the landslide before Black Friday which has no life…a day totally deprived of meaning what so ever.

Having learned the tenderest way to kill his lambs he raised, named, nursed, pet, comforted, pastured, and played with for 7-8 months.

Some having kept as breeders, so watching them give birth several times to feed his family. He weeps as the knife traipses its way across their throats, while he holds them in the position of their utmost vulnerability but also totally submitted…trusting… and waits for them to become motionless, such a heart can not but help but run to his Savior! Feel gratitude and magnitude of life all at once. And find a perspective of forgiveness as he carves away the skin and organs of vitality in a way most of us will never experience. The living like this every year transforms this man into an image bearer of the Most High God that can not be denied.

His first year killing his allotted lambs, set aside for food. He did his homework, he did his best to get the set up for the kindest kill, the least stressful for all involved. He hired a professional butcher to come teach him. He stepped away for a moment for the call of duty, and returned to find the butcher had proceeded without him. Grabbed the first lamb, kicking and screaming around the corner, in front of all the other lambs and killed it before he could join him. That entire harvest session took weeks for his family to recover from. It broke their hearts, some didn’t recover and left. I couldn’t help but think of how most the meat we consume is harvested, and how blind those who do the deed must become to do it, heartless. How robots and machines now carve the sacrifice removing the stain from human hands. Conveniently packaged and ready to cook this important process – meant to bring depth to our character – brings expectancy and depreciation instead.

So… you say…”since Messiah died and replaced this whole sacrifice thing… what is the point to all this?”

You see… Yeshua fulfilled the sacrifice, but God’s desire for us to partake in the understanding of the gravity of life for our life, this never changed. Too many people live in the land of complaint and blame because WE gave our food into their hands and they became heartless and evil in their management of it while we moved on to the ‘more important things’ of life: like insurance, vacations, early retirement, possession accumulation in the disguise of inheritance, education, careers and hobbies. We have lost the depth of character for whom whose Image we are born to bear. Then we grumble about who took over and their lack of integrity and righteousness in their duties. Protesting loudly but doing… nothing… really to change it. Not like Dan. A police detective, headed towards what we would consider a bright and promising career, providing well for his family in a realm of “stability” most thought He was nuts to leave. He took responsibility for his health and family back into his own hands with the full understanding that he’d fail completely without God’s own shepherding of his heart while He teaches him how to shepherd others.

This is the message. The managing and caring for this earth, the animals and all God made was placed in our hands to tend. A great honor and responsibility. Full of hard work, requiring a trust and reliance on God that one can only experience in such a way of life. That integrates all God said from the beginning to the end of the book we call the Bible into every decision and action we take everyday to etch it on our hearts in action so as to make a permante mark on our souls. Yeshua never changed this.

We must heed the lessons to learn them. Grieve our excuses, blindness and neglect, take full responsibility back into our hands, and honor the Lord each moment forward. This is repentance.

We may not all be able to homestead to gain this perspective. Yet, I’m here, sharing this blog, having tapped into the message and can start where I can today. So can you. It starts by truly being thankful, fully repenting and beginning with just one obedience a day to trade your thoughts for His thoughts, your ways for His ways…

To acknowledge the state of disaster our health, food, water, air, and systems of commerce, education and the like is OUR failure. Not the government’s, not our grandparents, not illegal aliens, not politics, no… none of these things can keep you and I from the love of God that strengthens us to live according to His integrity. Not now, not ever.

May we be truly grateful for such a profound grace. In this, the year of our Lord 5779 or 2018.

๐Ÿ™ May we comprehend the magnitude of Your sacrifice, Yeshua, Salvation, Lamb of God, and may we not lose sight of its effects on the innocent and life giving sources that our sin continues to taint until Your return. May we understand the depth of Your forgiveness and respond with our whole lives as if it makes all the difference, eradicating blame and slackness in stepping up to the full gift of tending and caring for all you’ve given us in this life, Oh Author of Life and great Shepherd. May our every minute chant “To God be the glory” until your return! Amen. ๐Ÿ™

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When Flee Becomes Refuge

October 27, 2018 at 5:47 am (Thoughts to Ponder, WSGD Newes) ()

It’s that time of year again. Where evil is celebrated and by its minimization made good. Yes, even the body of Messiah has let it leak into each home. It’s called: Halloween. Many in the body have converted it to a harvest celebration, but still the candy and traditions that seem less evil creep in. We don’t want our kids to feel “left out”.


I doubt anyone has a problem with their kids feeling “left out” from committing murder, thievery, child sacrifice… to name a few. The grossest of evils we all have no compunction about our children pouting or crying about not participating in. So why do we not teach them, to be in favor with the Lord is often to be left out of the worlds traditions? That this is an honor, and…a command of The Lord. Yeshua (Jesus) said: “this world will hate you on account of Me.” “If you love Me, you will keep my commands.” To feel left out of this world’s celebrations and events is to be steadfast in His Presence. Heres our path:

Many times the word flee is related to the action we take with evil. Heres an interesting perspective:

There are two Hebrew words for flee:

1) nus (noos ) ื ื•ืก – put to flight, run away, escape, lift up a standard.

Isn’t it interesting that our english word – noose – sounds similar?

Isaiah 35:10

Those ransomed by ADONAI will return and come with singing to Zion, on their heads will be everlasting joy. They will acquire gladness and joy, while sorrow and sighing will flee.

Psalms 104:7

At Your rebuke they fled; at the sound of Your thunder they washed away.

(Amos 9:1)

Notice the references to flee? Past tense fled? It’s always connected to God’s rebuke.

2) barach – ื‘ืจื— – flee; to go through; refuge; rescue

Psalms 97:10

You who love ADONAI, hate evil! He keeps His faithful servants safe. He rescues them from the power of the wicked.

(Job 27:13-23)

Evil is always connected to the rebuke of God – this fellow-sheep is why we flee. Fleeing becomes refuge. Psalm 50, is the perfect illustration in plain words of this. Let’s also remember: Yeshua rebuked evil…Matt. 17:18; Mark 9:25; Luke 4:41; Mark 8:33/Matt. 16:23.

We must also remember that His rebuke for those who love Him is called discipline.

Revelation 3:19

As for Me, I rebuke and discipline everyone I love; so exert yourselves, turn from your sins!

A famous argument of a christians rationale: ‘well, I don’t celebrate Halloween that way… but this way… so that the kids can have fun.’

May I be so bold and say… then no King is in your heart.

Judges 17:6

At the time there was no king in Israel; a man simply did whatever he thought was right.

Proverbs 21:2

All a person’s ways are right in his own view, but Adonai weighs the heart.

Proverbs 16:6

Grace and truth atone for iniquity, and people turn from evil through fear of ADONAI.

Proverbs 14:26-27

In the fear of ADONAI is powerful security; for His children there will be a place of refuge. The fear of ADONAI is the fountain of life enabling one to avoid deadly traps.

Do you see it? The fear of the Lord is His rebuke. He rebukes evil, if we enter in, in any way, we get swept away with it. Now is the time to get rid of every little thing that will get swept away in His FINAL REBUKE. I will provide a link to a video that explains exactly what we, if we enter in, and what we teach and therefore lead our children into, if we in anyway take part of Halloween. Our part of fleeing is resisting, having no part, and instead running into the ways of the Lord as a refuge. Every single scripture from Genesis to Revelation says this over and over.

Let us repent and turn away in this last hour. Let us be ‘left out’ to evil and hidden in the goodness of God. Let us teach our children that this is a blessing. Let us stand apart from every evil thing in this world, be hated for Yeshua’s sake, loved instead by the Father… waiting for the day where no evil shall temp is again. No danger of compromise shall ever darken the door of our lives.

๐Ÿ™ Grace and peace to you in Messiah Yeshua, He’s coming soon! ๐Ÿ™

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Personal Message to Women – Part 1

September 29, 2018 at 4:38 pm (Thoughts to Ponder, WSGD Newes) (, )

I want to make clear that this message goes out to women. I don’t believe it’s correct for any of the post here to be taken as admonishment to men. I believe Paul correctly spoke in being frank about women leading men. My convictions for this is not soully based on Paul’s writing but the teaching of God from Genesis to Revelation. As this is not a blog about that particular subject; I shall perhaps do one later. For now my address is to the women of God who say they believe the entire Bible is truth and desire to first and foremost honour Him with their lives.

I’ve hesitated to blog in such a way for a long time. At times feeling my own lack of godly example as a mom, sister, daughter, aunt, step mom, wife and friend disqualified me from doing so. I, now, believe it was timing and the nudge from above has been given. I will, however, humbly qualify, that my firmness in writing this is in no way judgement upon anyone. If I had known what I know now, I can say with assurance my actions and behaviors would have changed and thereby changed things about my mothering, sistering…etc.

Now, these things have still changed but life circumstances are different and their effects differ as well. Having young children at home is different than them being geographically very removed and grown up with their own families. The temptation to ponder why God didn’t show me so many things “in time” from my perspective is both to question HIS timing and HIS plan. Of which, the enemy will get no such wasted energy from me. I am firmly planted on trusting Adonai and every single little and big thing that makes up my life here on earth (and eternity).

Yet, I’ve often said, “I wish someone would have told me…” I am now, a someone, who can say something. Not to do so, I stand guilty of hiding my light under a bushel. So, ladies, dear sisters in Yeshua the Messiah, I share now what I know and leave to Abba Father, His sweet Spirit and the Way, the Truth, and the Life – Yeshua’s Ha’Mashiach to do what ever He desires with my obedience.

The truths I’m about to speak are trustworthy. If one desires to seek out the resources to verify for themselves either that its not true or is. It is up to you to do so. I would welcome anyone inquiring to know some resources from me… but your own study of God’s Word, and asking Him to teach you is paramount to your walk with Him. Indeed, I will say with no hesitation. Without your own research and study YOU WILL NOT FOLLOW THE TRUTH. In this day and age, we have too many resources and no excuse not to know. God has made it so no one standing before Him can say: “I didn’t know”.

Fellow sisters of Messiah, we are responsible for our own spiritual walk and as long as there are children we tend, theirs too. God knows when we each become independent of our parents, so He’s got us covered, but if we are still in a position to teach, lead, guide and instruct we must see this as one of our highest duties here.

I start here because these things are in our hands (and our husbands if this applies). The use of TV, computer related devices anything on the world wide web, and movies. These are tools the enemy has designed to brain wash us and our children and theirs. Yes, God can use these for good, but if He was the designer of them… we would have had them throughout history. There’s only ever been two things needed for a sure and certain walk with Him: 1) His Word 2) Yeshua’s work and gift, and the Spirit given at the moment of the 2nd conception (born again).

These are written down and preserved throughout time. These are never wrong, made void, empty or futile.

Nothing that takes more time investing in our children’s knowledge and education in Him is valid enough. Nothing. Sports, schooling, anything this world says is important. I’m not talking about Sunday school. I’m talking about what YOU teach them yourself. Sunday school is nice and a great advantage but it can not be their primary source of learning, this is our gift. We were given in trust these children, they are HIS, as we are HIS… their (and our) whole identity is wrapped up in Him. Take it to the bank, this is how God sees it.

Deuteronomy 30:19-20

I call on heaven and earth to witness against you today that I have presented you with life and death, the blessing and the curse. Therefore, choose life, so that you will live, you and your descendants, loving ADONAI your God, paying attention to what He says and clinging to Him – for this is the PURPOSE OF YOUR LIFE!

It is not what we think, or what we have heard others teach that matters to God. It’s what He thinks, His perspective that matters. Do you know it? Can you teach it if you don’t?

The mark of the beast may indeed become a physical thing one day, but it has been and in Heaven is, right now, a spiritual thing. The ways of the world are the mark of the beast. What “marks” something? What does it mean to mark something? From the oldest of times it was a seal, an impression made on something that identifies something as specific to something or someone else. A signature on a document that holds legal value. The number on your house, mark’s it on your block, your street. It is an identifier that makes your house different from all the other houses on your block. Marks always distinguish something from something else. Morgues take pictures of moles, tattoos, scars and the like to identify one body from another. They ‘tag’ the bag, as a mark to place identity or lack thereof on a body. Yeshua specifically says what marks His followers. This is the mark we must aim for – for ourselves and to teach our children – their lives depend on their choice for them.

Now, as I write, DNA (Gods mark for us as His image bearers) is being stored on every human on the planet by the world health organization to insert into a mega computer. They have already “re-marked” many creating their own eggs to fertilize and incubate a human child. It’s true. Find out for yourself. Those gizmos that seem so innocent: wrist bands, step counters anything that locates you and tracks your heart rate… is being added to a super computer. The disguise is health… the lie is: satan wants to re-mark you and your children. His method has always been to try to undo what God has done and do it “better”. The abomination in the most Holy place is about to occur. Where does the Temple of the Living God exist now? If you believe the Word of God is true: it’s in His people, our hearts. So to do something abominable in His Temple would be to desecrate the very mark that Yahweh placed on each and every human being (in their DNA) that identifies us as HIS image bearers. Those super hero, comic book figures that seem so innocent… they are designed to compromise minds. Soften them up to entertain the idea that perhaps it’s possible. This is not conspiracy crazy stuff, dear sisters, it’s real. Remember, we are not at war with flesh and blood, but satan is. Simply and only because Adonai made it.

He’s taken aim at the earth, again what Adonai made. Vaccines, chem-spray, GMO’s, xray machines, pharmaceutical (man-made) medicines, cell towers that emit radioactive waves, weather related devices used to track and manipulate weather, – all these are real, and have been aimed at both humans and the earth to its destruction. Here’s the real mind twister: Who said this would happen? God. The enemy is playing right into His hands, yes, but it’s our choice what part we will participate with it. The enemy played right into Gods hands before… it wasn’t fun. He got the enemy to tune people in to the idea of trying to kill God. It worked… Yeshua was put to death on a cross by human hands. Yet, we all know that God duped satan. Those hands are clean that made Him bleed if they followed Him and believed and lived His very words after He rose from that grave. Every image bearer since, has had the ability (power to choose) eternal life – a.k.a. cheat death since. So, again the disasters spoken of by God that will happen in our day, will happen and again the enemy will be duped. But we still have to choose to go along with Yahweh’s plan and His will for everything we do or not. This is not a message to instill fear mongering. It’s simple, truth. Read it for yourselves in His Word. If Yeshua spoke of it plainly as He did, how much more applicable do you think it is now? The disciples didn’t dumb down the message of how things are going to end, why in heavens name would we? It’s not insensitive!!!! Rather it’s insane, insensitive, and flat out hateful to speak anything other than direct about such things. Fear comes from not believing what God says, from knowing that unbelief has marked us. But steadfast assurance is the only thing that results from believing what God says without compromise and lining each action you take (or don’t), each word you speak (or don’t) up to exactly what Yeshua said – no compromise.

If you claim to be uneducated about any of the above mentioned things, I beseech you dear sisters, to seek the truth and arm yourselves with it, so you can arm your children…NOW! If there is even a little ounce of “ehhhh, everyone says it’s close in every generation, and besides we know more now… it’s not going to happen like Peter said“. This dear Sisters, should of all things at least make you give pause. Why? Because the Word said that’s exactly what the lost would say.

2 Peter 3:1-7

Dear friends, I am writing you now this second letter; and in both letters I am trying to arouse you to wholesome thinking by means of reminders; so that you will keep in mind the predictions of the holy prophets and the commands given by the Lord and Deliverer through your emissaries.

First, understand this: during the Last Days, scoffers will come, following their own desires and asking, “Where is this promised ‘coming’ of His? For our fathers have died, and everything goes on just as it has since the beginning of creation.” But, wanting so much to be right about this, they overlook the fact that it was by God’s Word that long ago there were heavens, and there was land which rose out of the water and existed between the waters, and that by means of these things the world of that time was flooded with water and destroyed. It is by that same Word that the present heavens and earth, having been preserved, are being kept for fire until the Day of Judgement, when ungodly people will be destroyed.

Is there a scoffer in you? Now a day’s it’s got lots of other names: realist, pessimists, rationalist, losing hope, “my own person”, “my own truth”, “my perspective/opinion”…notice the my’s?

But,” you say, “the Bible doesn’t use those words (computers, pharmacuticals, cell towers, DNA, etc) So this is crazy.”

Really? Challenge: find the scripture that plays God’s upper hand spelled out in language everyone understood about the Messiah, His death, His resurrection. You will find no scripture that says ‘I am sending my Son, to be conceived in Mary by the Holy Spirit, to Bethlehem to be born but not recognized by most, then He will be 30 and begin the act of salvation and preaching I’ve willed for Him. He will go….and do….and….(get as specific as you think the bible should be today for you) and then be crucified on a cross by mankind to die for their sins, they will think all is lost for 3 days and then I’ll raise Him from the dead and He will raise others from the dead to testify that I have power over life and death, and then He will teach His disciples the last messages and annoint them with my Spirit before I will call Him back to sit at my right hand until I send Him a second time for all those who will believe until the appointed time.’

No? Its not in there like that? Then how do you know it’s true? It is in there it is just said differently than that. It took the Spirit of God to recognize the predictions of Yeshua, and Yeshua Himself, for humans to see it. It will take no less for you and I to see what’s next. The only thing we are not and will not be given is the exact day and hour of Messiahs return. But EVERYTHING else has been given, the signs and their descriptions, the deceptions, the season, the feast, the requirements to be ready and…marked. It’s all in there.

So maybe you are not fornicating or drunk (“immoral”) so that you are blind, but are you consumed with the stuff of everyday living? The ways of this world that distract you?

Luke 21:34-36

But keep watch on yourselves, or your hearts will become dulled by carousing, drunkenness and the worries of everyday living, and that Day will be sprung upon you suddenly like a trap! Stay alert, always praying that you will have the strength (see quote at top of post) to escape all the things that will happen and to stand in the presence of the Son of Man.

I will leave off with a list of scripture you may seek out and ask the Spirit to give you eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to understand. It’s a small piece as the entire Word of God tells us everything. So no less than that will have to be pursued to understand… and thereby teach our children. The time for relying on pastors, bible teachers, books, movies or anything short of our own effort and relationship interaction with Yeshua to assure you enough to have the strength to stand without compromise, is over. These He may use in small part, but the whole heart of the Living God of the Bible is that He Himself would lead, teach, guide, and protect you. And our children. He is a jealous God, with the right to be jealous. With all the answers. Why settle for just those that may have some answers… especially now when the clock ticks, with each second, a body jolting boom… if you do not feel it; it’s not those who do that are crazy, out of touch, looney, fanatical – it is those who do not. I pray, as Elijah prayed, that your eyes will be opened and you will be not only overwhelmed by the times you see and the fulfillment of scripture being put in plain view but also the Victorious Hand of God working and fighting and winning even now… this very minute.


All of Daniel, all of Ezekiel, all of Jude, all of Revelation, all of 2 Peter. All of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Specific to things mentioned in this post: John 5-9; 14:15-31; 17:17; 18:36; Matthew 18:1-7*; Titus 2:3-5; Deut. 6:4-9

๐Ÿ™Rebuke some who are disputing; save others, snatching them out of the fire; and yet others, show mercy, but with fear, hating even the clothes stained by their vices. Now, to the One who can keep you from falling and set you without defect and full of joy in the presence of His Sh’khinah (glory) to God alone, our Deliverer, through Yeshua the Messiah, our Lord – be the glory, power and authority before all time, now and forever…๐Ÿ™ (Jude verses 22-24)

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