Awake! ~ Part 19 ~ 7/4/2017 – Chaos, Confusion, or Clarity?

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I will qualify at the onset of this blog that these are my thoughts. I stand only on the Word of God as inspired and Holy writ. I believe I am being asked to share these thoughts, but not to say “thus says Adonai.” 

It’s July 4th, 2017. The long celebrated “Independence Day” for those who live in the United States of America. I won’t wax long about its history or its present condition. I’m grateful for all God has done in this country that has been of His grace, justice and freedom. That this vehicle now limps onto the road of Life is truth, the brokenness of how man’s idea of government, freedom, liberty tends to repeat since the days 1 Samuel (chapter 8) are not coincidental. Knowing the biblical history of how man-invented rulership came to be –  is key to coming to the understanding of why things are the way they are. I stopped saying I’m “proud” to be an American a long time ago, when I found out what “Americans” did to the native Americans, in other words all the immigrants, did to the people who were here first. Our legacy in this vein has now spread throughout the world and it’s disgraceful. To be fair the Americans I’ve associated with in this tiny 46 years of life, would never have went along with these plans, and hence neither myself, my family, nor those I know would likely be calling themselves Americans today. We wouldn’t have been welcome. There are levels of accountability, but if we do not acknowledge our atrocities as a country then some accountability will befall each American who found themselves so proud. To be grateful for the blessings God gives one no matter where they live is good. To attach a sense of self to that country, idolatry is the word the Word uses. Being awake finds this balance point precarious in this day and age.

 The rabbit hole of “American freedom” falls deep into a level of slavery that truly can only come from a deceiver; as most don’t know they are slaves at all and are ready to fight to the death to stay enslaved. Just a few points to show what I mean. 

  • America’s history says we left England because of unfair taxation and religious rigidity. Yet, for more than 80 years now we have all paid more taxes than any other people ever has and the “religious freedom” has enslaved more and more hearts over time here than its freed. Ironically, the rest of the world has found freedom from religion, though most of these pay for it, usually with their lives. (Well, the temporary shells of them here this side of the fall)
  • We decided to come here to set up “our” version of righteous government and as with every single one of man’s attempt to do it better, it gets worse every time. History repeats itself, and it’s lesson? Man refuses to learn. 

    The only way to have “went back” or returned to the Lord would have been for people to repent and turn to God and say “no more Kings and governments of man, God we refuse to follow any but You!” As well intentioned and righteous the words that frame our Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights,  and all those original American documents may have been or sounded, it still didn’t say to the people exactly what was needed. Instead we used God to make it seem like we wanted to serve Him. But if you read these documents and compare them with Yeshua’s (Jesus’) words in Matthew 5, 6, and 7 we find that the only thing we got partially correct was that all men are created equal under God. I say partially because words didn’t qualify in the hearts of all men in America at that time, nor has it since. 

    I’m not sure if anyone has seen Barack Obama’s 2006 speech he gave in some church out east. While he undoubtedly mocked God, Yeshua and His Word. He actually made true statements. The right to “bear arms” wouldn’t be in a Christ-followers national law. Nor would the right to free speech. Grant it, the intention was to give people liberty to talk about the Word of God, read it themselves and speak to others about it without retribution. Yet the phraseology didn’t get that specific, it was generalized and now we have the right to say anything except God’s Word as the final stopping point. Funny how that happened. Most people think God was ridiculously detailed in Leviticus, I begin to understand every day why. There was no margin for general error. Only specific ones. God is smarter, and knows His creatures well. Barack made the statement that we wouldn’t be able to have a national defence fund based on Yeshua’s Words in Matthew. He spoke truth, what He failed to see or say was that if all people lived according to Yeshua’s Words found there; there would be no need of one! Let’s peek again back into history for a second for proof. Jericho was defeated, not by arms but obeying God, marching, praising, trumped blowing and shouts of praise to God. Hmmmm…but here’s the real kicker! Evil itself was overcome, conquered by the death of Yeshua on a cross, not a hand raised in retaliation, not a human army could have helped, no weapon known on earth then or now had a thing to contribute. Yeshua didn’t exercise His right to free speech then and if there was ever a human who has/had THE RIGHT to say anything; it was Him! That war was won, Yeshua did exactly what He instructs us to do. So ultimately Barack Obama’s statement should send whoever in the nation calls themselves followers of Christ back to those Words in Matthew and change their own thinking. 

    I have been watching what are called Truthers on the net. With the exception of a few, just like Yeshua said again, even these don’t really preach and practice and more importantly encourage others to do the same as Yeshua said in those chapters in Matthew. While I don’t doubt they believe and love the Lord, they still fall back into self preservation and still will fall on the sword of American rights. It’s sad. 

    I don’t love this country, I love this world God has given us to rule and reign over. I do not side with Americans I side with the Lord God-Father, Son-Yeshua the Messiah, and Spirit of the Living God for all people of the world, period. I will not fight verbally or physically for any of the so called rights Americans think free them. I will, however, shout until I’ve no voice left the honor, glory and power of Yeshua, His Ways, His Truth, and His Life. The weapons I have will come from Him, and follow His instruction every time. They will take no human life (we have hunted, not for sport (animals not humans – sadly these days that must be qualified) but food and will do so again if necessary). The only thing to defend in the mantra even Christians are saying they will shoot someone over is this fallen life, these fallen things, and they are not more valuable in God’s eyes than the blood that cries out from the earth every time a human being is killed. As for free speech, which many will argue I’m enjoying by writing this right now, I will gladly shut my mouth and trust Yeshua, my Defender and Advocate to say any words needed without any help from me if they cause one person to stumble in following Him and Him alone. 

    I’m not willing to compromise the actual living of the Words of God in my own life. How that effects others is for God to maneuver, I will never and have never had an ounce of control over that. No one does/has. That may cause jealousy, envy, slander, misunderstanding, to be stirred in another. It won’t change my mind. It may cause praise, encouragement and strengthen another. Yet that’s not the reason why I stand firm, though it’s certainly a joy to know. The only “well done” I care for is Yeshua’s. People are fickle and unreliable, it’s a wasted life that hinges on the opinion of human kind, including ones own! 

    Our true cause for Celebration will come on mankind’s Dependence on God Day. It has been and always will be our independence that has caused the woes of this life. If each lives individually responsible to Dependence on Yeshua, no declarations on our part will ever be needed, defended or broken. 

    I wonder if anyone realizes what Yeshua was really doing during His years of healing, casting out demons, teaching, calming seas, and water-walking?

    He was fighting the war, declaring His victory and announcing His dominion! Turning chaos (water in Hebrew represents chaos, and healing), and confusion into clarity. Setting captives free, cutting the bonds of sin, and announcing the Good News of it to all who would hear! 

    Do you hear Him? Can you see our Savior Yeshua walking on that water, saying “I made this, I own this, it’s Mine, I’m threading under My feet (chaos) that which would seek to devour Me and My Father’s House (us)! See, I’ll take a walk on the impossible! I Am – is here!”  

    Now that is what I will Celebrate today! Everyday! 🎆

    ✡ Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah! May His freedom ring! ✡

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    Courage: the ability to do something dangerous, or face pain or opposition, without showing fear. Bravery. to be brave enough to do what is right – to make yourself do something you are afraid of – boldness – confidence.

    When I think of courage I think of Yeshua (Jesus). What is courage by His definition, by what He did, said, and lived? Well lets see…

    I ‘d say it took a ton of courage to:

    • Believe, act, and move in a world that can’t be seen with human eyes – where He saw need – He saw the need met without needing money, medicine, or machinery. He didn’t even think being raised from the “dead” was a “miracle”! What did He say?   Matthew 19:26  Yeshua (Jesus) looked at them and said, “Humanly, this is impossible; but with God everything is possible.” Took courage to say it – much less believe it!
    • Speak based only on a Voice – not attached to a body or spoken with a tongue like that of His own and those all around Him. He followed that Voice, trusted that Voice – and LIVED AS THOUGH THAT VOICE WAS THE ONLY REAL THING ON EARTH!
    • Be “politically incorrect” and speak anyway. To be “religiously incorrect” and speak anyway. To hold fast to the TRUTH without apology – knowing it would offend, tweak, anger, make some uncomfortable, sad, and ultimately would only be heard by a few. To be “socially incorrect” and speak and live differently anyway.
    • Took courage to offer love and let those He loved walk away without either recognizing it or receiving it. Without begging or pleading…chasing…or punishing those who walked away. Wow – yep courage!
    • Took courage to know He’d be labeled every mean nasty thing like; freak, weird, crazy, odd, lazy, stupid, evil,  and traitor – and LIVE like they held no truth in them.
    • Took unheard of courage to speak in His Fathers house – though there was no “earthly” way to “prove” His Sonship. He just walked right in – no “credentials” according to the “accredited” – no “authority” according to those in “authority”. Yet in He walked – upturning tables, reclaiming His Fathers house – and running circles around the “educated” and “worthy” ones who thought they owned it.
    • Took courage to come here and announce the ownership of the “filthiest” souls, the “smallest” in stature, and the “weakest” in heart – in other words – He claimed the people – rather than the things they so highly valued.   Luke 16:15   He said to them, ” You people make yourselves look righteous to others, but God knows your hearts; what people regard highly is an abomination before God!”

    • Took courage to walk on Earth as it’s Creator as a Created! Never once using the power that was given Him to do one thing – save Love and be held by what He knew would hold Him. Wow!
    • Took courage to die for those around Him – most used Him (still do). Others mocked (still do). Others revolted (still do). Others plotted, manipulated and HATED (still do). The number of those who loved, and followed – so few…so few. Oh how He grieved (still does). His own family of “origin” (brothers, sisters, cousins, etc) avoided and misunderstood Him. His own People – that His Father spoke into existence called Him a traitor. Many started out following…many came to hear – few continued to follow – few had ears to hear. And He knew – He knew there would only be a few! Courage!
    • Took courage to obey His Father at every pivotal moment when called upon to “prove” His “God-hood” – to wait for His Fathers timing – to stare in the faces of lies as the BEST means of speaking the truth!

    I could go on and on…I’ve seen a likeness of His courage in my few short 40 years. Soldiers in our army fighting for those that can’t even see them – or the cost. Yep – Courage! Countless people who smile and bring cheer to all who know them even though they work tirelessly and get “little” in return according to human logic. Single mothers, single fathers – courage! Countless recovered alcoholics, addicts, abuse-victims, thieves, liars, murderers – who find courage to stay sober – and live again – yep, courage! Many many brothers and sisters who go into places and literally get jailed, hung, stabbed, be-headed, burned to the ground, starve and lose limbs and function – just because they speak the name Yeshua – Jesus! COURAGE! People who stand up and speak the unpopular truth to a crowd of people only willing to hear lies – courage! But only One…only Yeshua the Messiah – Jesus Christ – the Son of God – Savior – Shepherd – Rabbi – Teacher – High Priest – Redeemer…only He – I say – IS, WAS, and always will BE courage! What was the power that turned Him into courage? TRUST – pure and simple – He trusted His Father no matter what – no matter the cost – trust is the key to courage!

    Courage came over here and risked the severance of Dictatorship in human form – religiously, socially, politically. Courage placed our Declaration into the Hands of Divine Providence (God) – and put His name on our money in hopes that He would get the glory for even that! Courage used the Bible – Gods Word – as the curriculum we taught in our schools back then. Knowing that not only would the children learn to read – but think and question – and learn the values that make all man-kind equal and able to live in harmony. Courage stood up and said NO MORE – to power and money over people. Courage stood AGAINST the cowardice of living carnal lives – from one pleasure to the next. Courage is how America was born…Israel was born…any free nation is born. Cowardice, blindness, apathy, selfishness, and the “pursuit of power and money” – is how all nations have fallen – every one – throughout History. Cowardice creeps in on the tails of compromise – little by little – inch by inch – from within the heart of each human being individually – then spreading like a virus to the collective whole. Not much has changed since Jesus’ time…there are still fewer courageous souls – than cowards.

    Trust is the key to Courage.

    Who or what do you trust?

    Hebrews 11:6

    And without trusting, it is impossible to be well pleasing to God, because whoever approaches him must trust that he does exist and that he becomes a Rewarder to those who seek him out.

    John 17:20 – Jesus speaking, actually praying for us…

    I pray not only for these, but for those who will trust in me because of their word.

    John 14:11-13 – Jesus speaking

    Trust me, that I am united with the Father, and the Father united with me. But if you can’t, then trust because of the works themselves. Yes, indeed! I tell you that whoever trust in me will also do the works I do! Indeed, he will do greater ones, because I am going to the Father.

    John 12:44-47; 36 – Jesus speaking

    Yeshua (Jesus) declared publicly, “Those who put their trust in me are trusting not merely in me, but the One who sent me. Also those who see me see the One who sent me. I have come as a light into the world, so that everyone who trust in me might not remain in the dark.

     While you have the light, put your trust in the light, so that you may become people of light.”

    John 3:21 – Jesus speaking

    “But everyone who does what is true comes to the light, so that all may see that his actions are accomplished through God.”

    John 11:25-26 – Jesus speaking

    Yeshua (Jesus) said to her, “I AM the Resurrection and the Life! Whoever puts his trust in me will live, even if he dies; and everyone living and trusting in me will never die. Do you believe this?”

    John 8:23-24 – Jesus speaking

    Yeshua (Jesus) said to them, “you are from below, I am from above; you are of this world, I am not of this world. This is why I said to you that you will die in your sins; for if you do not trust that I AM who I say I am, you will die in your sins.”

    John 7:38 – Jesus speaking

    “Whoever puts his trust in me, as the Scripture says, rivers of living water will flow from his inmost being!” (hmmm…wonder if that water contains some courage…)

    Grace and Peace (and courage) in Yeshua the Messiah 🙂

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