Awake! – Part 22 – Becoming Aware ~ Sacrifice

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The question frames the answer. I read that somewhere. In fact the question that Michael had just quieted the group with seemed to come from the same source. I pressed the recesses of my mind to try to remember where I had read it. 

“It’s easy to get distracted and hard to know the difference between digging for answers and distraction.” Michael spoke into the silence. 

There was a slight shift in the air of the room. Focus and clarity fought for the space. 

Clareese spoke up. “Could you repeat the question.” 

“Is there a difference between living your sacrifice and dying it? Is one more final than the other?” Michael repeated the dynamic duo. 

Again the group retreated into their own revere. Some looking up as if to see their brains disecting the words. Some with eyes closed,  as in prayer but more conversation with the only One who could give such answers to such questions. 

There was a book, a series, I had read. Yes, The Staff and the Sword, that was it! I suddenly had the urge to re-read it. Those statements – not framed as questions in the book – had been the central theme in the last book.  It had stuck out to me as I read it,  I remembered. I had underlined the themed statements. They had swirled around my head for weeks after I’d read it. I remembered scriptures that immediately came to mind, like a promise kept, during the course of my ponderings. I smiled. 

Carl, a gentle man with the physical strength of an ox sat forward in his chair. The legs scraped the floor at the movement. Collective heads turned his direction. 

“I don’t think a great number of people know what sacrifice is. In context to some scripture it seems clear, in others it seems controversial. I mean if Yeshua’s sacrifice was once and for all, how does that apply to us?  I can’t remember the exact reference but the Scripture that says, ‘offer your bodies as a living sacrifice’ – this one feels like it’s missing some key element to it. Then we are told to live to God and die to ourselves. So based on that I’d say there is no difference to living my sacrifice and dying it as they are one in the same in this context. Yet, these questions are to me a different world. I sense that what’s being pried open here is something all together different.” Carl sat back in his chair. A spiritual sweat was forming on the man’s brow. It made me think, as here was a man who could likely bench-press three of us sitting here without breaking a sweat. Carl was deeper than most gave him credit for; TV shows always gave guys like him a “big heart/no brain” image. I shook my head as once again I am struck by how God focuses on the heart. Work that out and the brain will fire on more cylinders than most race cars at the Indy. It was true, these questions made the heart go where the brain could only follow it, not the other way around. 

Michael was the kind of leader who always let comments or questions sink in before he would say something. I liked that, I strove to emulate his example. ‘Silence is space for God‘ he would say, ‘both to work in all those in the room and the one who had just spoken’. The room fairly cackled with it. 

Michael began reading from Romans 11 and ended up on Romans 12:1, the Scripture about offering your body as a living sacrifice. Everyone wrote the reference down, but Michael continued all the way to the end of chapter 12. Again the room was quiet for a time before he spoke into the fullness of Carl’s comment and the Word. The pages of his Bible flipped back and forth in the lull.

“I’m going to have to study more here but I’m thinking perhaps the ‘body’ being referred here is the body of Yeshua. The church as a whole, not just individual people.  Though I think it can be applied individually, the context prior to chapter 12 verse 1 and after are all in context of the Roman church; aka: the Body –  he was addressing. It never stood out to me before quite like that. Thank you Carl for saying what you did, I tend to agree with you and think perhaps the missing link is interpretation.” His focus returned down towards his Bible. 

The whole group joined him. Reading and pondering. I was more than a little struck by the new perspective. I can’t count how many times I had heard this scripture quoted, mostly in context of health and fitness/moral related issues and among sports activities. How often Lord have I relied on other people’s context to interpret Your Word? Sacrifice here took on a totally different light from this angle. A collective view of sacrifice rather than individual required more pondering, no doubt. 

Sharon, Carl’s wife, spoke up. 

“A living and dying sacrifice taken from this view is almost surreal! I will admit that when I go to church I don’t see anything that represents sacrifice as I’ve understood it. There’s a part of me that’s almost angry at the thought. Why, I’m not real sure.  Some sense of injustice plays in my mind with it. In Hebrews chapter 11 verse 4, it speaks of both living and dying.”

The shuffle of pages being turned filled a gap before she went on. 

By trusting Abel offered a greater sacrifice than Cain; because of this he was attested as righteous, with God giving him this testimony on the ground of his gifts. Through having trusted, he still continues to speak, even though he is dead. Then I’m reminded of Psalms 51:16-17.”

Again the air filled with the wind of pages turning. 

For You don’t want sacrifices, or I would give them; You don’t take pleasure in burnt offerings. My sacrifice to God is a broken spirit; God, You won’t spurn a broken, chastened heart. Here it speaks personally, My sacrifice to God, is what Davis says. Here again I see both the living and dying of sacrifice working together.” Sharon looked around the room. An invitation to converse with her shone in her eyes. Indeed her spirit invited communion. It was one of her gifts I’ve often noted. 

“As to the last question; is one more final than the other? I’d say yes and no. Yes, in that if our living sacrifice is not there, the dying can’t exist either. No, because they are both equally important because of the need for each other to exist. As far as the definition of sacrifice, I agree with Carl it needs to be better clarified. In terms of salvation Yeshua’s sacrifice is once and for all, in this case both for the living and the dying – even the dead! Yet just as He said if we do as He did our sacrifice will resemble His. Giving up our way of thinking, deducing, judging and deciding in favor of God’s. This is a sacrifice that occurs within me everyday all day long. This is a living thing, the living testimony. Yet in the working of this I do die to myself every time. Often I think people think of martyrdom; the ultimate end of one’s breathing here on earth where another kills you because you believe. Which is just as applicable here, but it goes deeper than just that simple act alone. No one could get to such a place without having done the living and dying everyday. It shows up in Abel’s sacrificial offering, he gave from the worship of God in the living of his faith, it was a great reminder that his living testimony is still testifying today! What’s more final than that? In most the Scriptures read tonight and that came to mind for me sacrifice is almost inextricably linked to the Temple or church, meaning the Body of Christ as a whole. I will be studying this more this week.” I thought more aloud than intended to speak out. The nodding of heads was encouraging. Yet I still craved more time to let the Spirit lead me deeper. Yeshua – the sacrificial Lamb – it was a title He is, there was more here, I just knew it. 

Michael’s voice interrupted my introspection.

“Let us invite the Spirit to close this out. Our time is up tonight. I’ll leave the questions open ended and we will pick up next week on them. I’m curious to share and see what God shows us all as we study and learn at His feet this week. Bob, will you, dear Brother, use the great gift God has given you and pray us into the rest of this night?”

Heads bowed, newly awakened parts of our souls joined with Bob. Excitement and joy flowed from our hearts, joining the Kingdom of heaven. The need for such a place to come together and learn, had brought us all here. Everyone of us at one time or another had shared that it felt like the “churches” that formed just after Yeshua ascended with the promise of His return and the warning to be prepared, ready and watching. We came together in a plead to God that we be renewed and awakened with the sense that times were closing in and we all felt we needed ‘more’. What an answer to prayer this group was! Not of religious people learning religion, but of God’s children learning of Him!

✡ Grace and peace to you in the great Name of Yeshua the Messiah, may His Name be manifest in us all, each day! ✡


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Awake! – Part 20 – The Real Question…

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Mark 14:38 – Yeshua (Jesus) speaking…

Stay awake, and pray that you will not be put to the test – the spirit indeed is eager, but human nature is weak.   

Knowing on the horizon the various forms the enemy could be setting us up to be deceived – there’s a critical question…

“What would it take to fool me?” 

The question is not whether or not we can be fooled. The answer is a resounding yes. Remember Peter’s devotion, insight and dedication to Yeshua? Yet even he denied his Lord. The example was set for us to take heed; no one is beyond being duped or trying to find a way to believe but appear as though we don’t. Thats what Peter was doing. He wanted to know what was happening to his Lord, his heart doubted, but he didn’t want to. It was just that he was having a hard time understanding that God could be arrested, that man could kill Him! It wasn’t in Peter’s understanding yet, the whole picture was still being revealed. We are all always in this exact same place. Vulnerable to something based on what we think we know, but God intends to teach us more. 

So given the times we’re in; what would it take to shake your faith? What would it take to bend you towards doubt? What would it look like to wonder if you’d been wrong all this time? Upon thinking of the answer, don’t fear! Ask God to enter into the questioning and solidify your trust, and be stronger in you than any fear, any doubt and prepare your heart for droopy eyes. 

Mark 13:22 – Yeshua speaking…

There will appear false Messiah’s and false prophets performing signs and wonders for the purpose, if possible, of misleading the chosen.   

Mark 13:35-37

So stay alert! For you don’t know when the owner of the house will come, whether it will be evening, midnight, cockcrow or morning – you don’t want Him to come suddenly and find you sleeping! And what I say to you, I say to everyone: stay alert!”   

To stay alert, I picture someone in the woods on a watch for predators. One must know what to watch for as an enemy to stay alert. So what form do you need to watch for? If we can’t think of anything (like Peter telling Yeshua nothing would make him betray Him), ask God to show you where you may be wrong – now, before it’s too late. 

My devotion to Adonai, seems to me, as unshakable as the heavens! Yet there is a reason God will shake even those in the last days, nothing will be unaffected, unshakeable – soon. Remember in every warning Yeshua gave it has bells attached. Things will be shakey, doubts will emerge from hidden places, eyes will blink to try to understand what they see, ears will ring at the sound of deception. There will be only One we can count on, not family or friends – only Yeshua. Let us let Him show us our hypocrisy, our doubts, our proud thinking, our misconceptions, our assumptions – now with eyes wide open. Remember He took the three solid sheep of His flock to the Garden of Gethsemane. Peter, James and John. Three times they were found sleeping when He asked them to remain, stay awake and pray (Mark 14:33). Three times He found them so sleepy they could not even account for why. (Mark 14:40) It’s not a coincidence that the number three pops up here in sleepiness just like the number of times Peter denies the Lord. 

I leave off with this video link to pull together the emphasis.

✡ May the grace and peace of Yeshua the Messiah be found in full measure in our hearts, minds, and souls. May the assurance of His Salvation sing over us. May He steady our feet with His unshakable Love and lead us in the Way everlasting ✡

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Truth, Justice and God’s Way

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The following link (at the bottom) inspired this blog. Actually it and many other documentaries I’ve been watching for a while now. Honestly I was unsure what was driving me to watch these real life stories. Some were very inspiring and dealt more with acts of nature and the hardships people over-came to move on, most were, sadly, the moving forward after another human being caused harm and suffering to them and those they loved. These are called crimes. It took some time but Adonai has finally began to speak into His pulling me into this documentary marathon I seemed to have been running. 

The documentary below is graphic in many ways, more in depth than most and longer. If you choose to watch it, please be aware of children who may happen upon you as you do. This film is the best film to put all the points I’m about to make into perspective. It’s raw nature has a stunning balance that is rare in documentaries and, of course, as I’m drawn to…God gets an amazing glory in the end. All the points here are capable of standing on their own without viewing it however. 

I realize these question have been asked before; in multitudes of ways. The concept isn’t new, the answers…well no less complex…sort of. Perhaps sometimes God puts us in front of these questions in more intimate settings and has us write out the process to solidify it for our own walk in this life. I lean in this direction. Though He often asks us to share for the purpose of someone else, yes, even just one other person, His work in you will be used in His work in them. I pray these writings only do what He intended. 

What would a society be like if: 

☆ The “old sexual code” of proper conduct was the norm and the only accepted method – legally, morally, ethically?  

Definition: No sex before marriage. Sex is viewed as sacred and private between adult men and women (plural in context not in number of persons at one event). Sex is only sacred between those two individuals of commitment before God and man on their wedding day. Sex with a child, animal, same sex person, or family member is a CRIME, punishable by death. Why? Simply put, sex ANY other way kills something extremely valuable to God. 

☆ God’s rules of justice was adopted by society                          

Definition: Don’t murder, don’t lie, don’t covet, don’t take lightly His Name – meaning His character, don’t dishonor parents, don’t commit adultery – unfaithfulness in marriage – this being considered a value BEFORE marriage; that faithfulness to one’s spouse begins the day they are born for the one God has set aside for them. Thus rendering experimental, recreational, better put, premarital Sex – WRONG.

God is indeed God, no other God will be tolerated, not because of rules but because any other thing given His place will lead to the utter heartbreaking corruption of the person God created. All other instructions will be broken without fail if these two are not the focus – the beginning and end of all moral judgement. 

Remember to give God one day. (Remember the Sabbath) Just to Him – rest for that day; the needs and cares of the whole world will be cared for by Him and only Him on this day. How can He prove it if we’re constantly in control? This builds our trust and proves further…God is in control. And for good reason!

☆ Questions and ponderings 

Who was the first to introduce the death penalty?

How does Yeshua (Jesus) without nullifing God’s previous dictates fulfill them all with justice? 

What is the true sign of repentance?

God knew that child abuses and societal influence of all kinds would be a factor in any crime committed in all those instructions from Genesis to Leviticus for balance and justice. What does this say about His methods of instruction?

Trust and obey – God is the only One worthy of such from anyone. Only He knows the balance point between good and evil, right and wrong, lies and deceit and ignorance and naivety, innocence and willfulness, cause and effect. 

Did God make/create murders, rapest, adulterers, cheats, etc?

Haven’t we all murdered in our thoughts? (This is where all physical acts begin) He created me and you. We have all lied, cheated, adulterated. In our thoughts, when we lie, we steal from someone. Everyone is owed the truth as a standard of conduct in the Kingdom of God. And rape? Again starting in the thoughts, none sees and most will never show they existed. Rape is non-consentual sex. Has everyone consented to all our imaginings? Sound extreme or over-the-top? Again the questions are pointed at the possibilities of society if such things were viewed this way and acted on accordingly. Would porn have ever been born? Would any inappropriate sexual act or deed be subject to leniency or acceptibility which has indeed led to the corruption of society?

☆ Questions everyone should find the answers to. (Yes, the word “should” got used…without apology)

What is the difference between God’s true ways and the many ways the church has distorted them? Ie: exorcism, branding, legalism, judgement.

Why did Yeshua accept death on the cross? Keeping in mind, yes, He was innocent, but on that cross He took every sin ever committed and that would ever be committed on Himself! 

How do all these things, these questions, these answers impact a life? Yours, mine, the neighbor, the community, society?

☆ Truths Indisputable

God alone makes, creates, shapes. Man gets ahold of these and as soon as they try to change it, even ever so slightly, these things become dysfunctional. In other words, they can no longer be cherished and enjoyed as He designed them. 

God made: man, woman, earth, space, marriage, Sex, relationships/family, balance, Justice, life, death, forgiveness, mercy, truth, grace, compassion, kindness, patience, long suffering, giving/generosity, hope, peace, love. 

When anything He made gets altered they become the twisted polar opposite, they act against instead of for. 

Only God can be troubled or sort out the details of something so complex as a human being, created in His image, so hated by His enemy. A human justice system? How can one expect perfection within it? There are more things we need not know than we need to know. So many things we need to simply be able to trust and obey, for there is no other way! Too many opinions, to many postings and publications of things we need not concern ourselves with. I wonder how much medication people would stop needing for anxiety if they just didn’t hear, see, and know so darned much these days. I know the jurors of the case below will never ever be able to remove the images and details of that case from their minds. It could be argued that it may be for good reasons, it could also be argued against all good reasoning! That is: if humans keep thinking of those things. God isn’t Teviah from Fiddler on the Roof, He’s not up there saying… “On the other hand…but on the other hand…”  He is capable, and by that it means, completely perfect and split-second fast, at knowing every second, every instant, every occasion, every event, of everyone involved in everything, taking all things into consideration and doing the right thing. Period. Only God. So what? if we just can’t let go of controlling things trying to “understand” everything…what if…what if we just did it God’s Way?

We can. I can, I will by the grace given by Yeshua, the Holy Spirit. It begins with just one day, all those little choices, God’s Way, not mine. Society as we read in the Truth called the Word of God will not operate according to Gods ways, not right now. But…our homes can. These will effect other homes…which will effect our community…which may effect revival in some small section of society. BUT! The impact on our true Home, with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, where they have come to make their home in you and me…eternity ripples, souls praise, heaven is singing that tune as we speak (errr…or read 😉). As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!


Grace and peace be with you in Yeshua the Messiah

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Sorrow = Opportunity 

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“Sometimes the evidence of our senses and the testimony of the world’s wisdom are plain wrong. Sometimes the Lord is busy forging victory when the mind expects only defeat.” 

– Tessa Afshar ~ Land of Silence

There is something universal about every human condition. Language does not change it. Geography does not change it. Personality, nationality, and religious tendencies do not change it. Love that lights the eyes of a soul, looks the same no matter the color of irises. Arms that reach out in tenderness can be of any color or size,  dressed or naked. Sorrow, despair, agony and depravity are all pregnant with God-touched opportunity. 

These are the conditions that form the questions of “when, how, where, and why” from the depths of souls world-wide. Embalmed with freedom or anchored to yet more slavery; sorrow seeks to unhinge the hands that lay hold of anything but the One who made them. Human beings are always at the peak of ability to learn when their mind, body and emotions are tossed into the sea of adversity, trial, suffering, loss, and torture. We can learn in happiness, but it doesn’t retain the depth of engraving on the memory as sorrow. Hence why we forget the good so quickly when hardship starts to ink it’s way into our grey matter. Likewise we recall so well the negative and hopelessness colors our spirits so immediate we feel shot into another world in an instant. There is no place else that brings us all to a unified place in the human condition. It’s often said love is such a place but I beg the differ. There are too many illusions of love for such a unity to be possible. No one is can paint sorrow with different colors. It’s very darkness outlines the same light no matter the shadow of the Sun or moon in the sky.

All my life it seems as if God has placed some special favor on me. Where my sister seemed to struggle and have to push for the simplest joys. Yet at every turn, our sorrows held the same DNA of pain and questions. Circumstances are the greatest illusions of favoritism. As I write, my sister sits where she is full of joys, doubts, gratitude, and questions the same as I. Yet, on the outside anyone would say she has it harder than I. Often I’m tempted to agree. Yet in each of our varying circumstances these things are the same: We are in places where God has provided abundantly, yet wonder what is next. We struggle with hurt, resentment, anger, bitterness, physical deficiencies, heart aches and knee bloodying prayers for our children and grandchildren; loved ones, we both sing, we both cry, we both are loved and misunderstood. That which makes us up inside, pours out from within, and effects us from without though incredibly unique, we are the same. Both of us are being taught everyday Who made us and why. We both have illusions, deceit, kindness, generosity, compassion, tendencies to complain, aches and pains, things hidden and things exposed, things being revealed, things on the way to unveiling, promise, hope and despair and sorrow. 

The purpose of comparison is not for comparison itself, but for defining the difference between what’s on the outside and what’s on the inside. Outside looks different, inside does not. 

“God’s Spirit can ride a puny breeze as well as a hurricane.” 

– Tessa Ashfar ~ Land of Silence

Psalms 16:11

You make known to me the path of life; in Your presence is unbounded joy, in Your right hand eternal delight.  

The Word of God is true for one and all, all the time, everywhere. The above scripture offers the same salve to the human heart no matter their circumstances. Sorrow is an opportunity to watch God become a heavenly Father for every soul on earth. Pain provides the path to true knowing who we are and why we’re here. God alone can provide the answers to our questions, and keeps them all open-ended. The answer today will not be the same as tomorrow. Except that Who He is and how He loves us, desires us and reaches for us, never changes and carries not one ounce of favor for one over the other. Our circumstances can not and must not define the riches of His glory. Circumstances are all of the following: outward characters, features; singleness or married, childless or having children, wealthy or poor, sick or healthy, geographic locations, personality traits, internal make up, extroverted or introverted, talented with art or talented with intellect, high or low IQ’s. To name a few, but hitting the main things. Everyone one of those things are the intricate detail drawn by the Hand of Adonai on each one for their good and those they effect and His glory. Sorrow gives us the glasses to correct our vision in life; for joy is it’s designation and it won’t stop until it’s reached its goal. For you, for me, thanks be to God! The definition of true joy for every soul He made is Himself, nothing more and absolutely nothing less. 

In a world that is changing and churning, this one constant remains. Psalms 16:11, Is. 50:4…

Jeremiah 31:25

For I have satisfied the weary and filled the needs of all in distress.

Matthew 11:28

Come to ME, all of you who are struggling and burdened, and I will give you rest.  

The reason why our Messiah invited all who are struggling and burdened but not “happy” is because we all are struggling and burdened, not happy. Oh we may have joy and contentment, but they always come after sorrow, and after we have accepted His invitation to receive such rest. Waiting on Him, running to Him is the only path to such joy and peace/rest. For each of us this is the same. Sorrow aimed at His unveiling, His presence, His company, His love, His compassion, His comfort, His answer, His directions, His discernment, this is sorrows purpose. Don’t miss the opportunity. Don’t be tempted to compare, or focus on the outward appearance of things. Hold on to Yeshua  (Jesus) our Messiah and Master… and let Him order up the exact prescription for your knowing Him. Pray for each other thusly. Praise Him in their joys and walk beside them in their sorrows. 

♡ Grace and peace to you in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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Truth for Living – Q & A – Part 4

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I am taking “liberty” to think of questions that could be asked and try to answer from my perspective, based on the information I’ve made available for this series. Please understand, this is not meant to advise. Simply to qualify in more detail.

Q – 1) Since God gave the instructions for food in Genesis-Leviticus and some in Daniel, there is no mention of taking out all meat and dairy. This seems extreme. Why amend what God said?

A – 1) True, some meats were permitted by God, though in Genesis there was no meat in the “diet” He gave until after the flood. And Daniel ate only vegetables. After viewing all the links, this answer should be obvious. We now have to contend with things that way back then God’s people did not. They did not have genetically modified meats and veggies then. Yes, meat too. The biggest response I hear from people is: “Jesus ate fish and cheese.” This is true. But Yeshua (Jesus) did not eat fish grown in hatcheries: these have been genetically altered, and pumped full of the pharmaceutical gunk to make them grow bigger, faster. Also the fish in the sea, now has radiation. Both from the testing done back in the 50’s-60’s with the A-Bombs and now with Fukishima. All throughout the 80’s-90’s the whole world has been taken down with the genetically modified vegetable seed. With cross pollenization, jet stream wind, propigation, and the like, no part of the earth has been untouched by these chemical and biological mutations. Add to that that the earth, like all things is in a state of deterioration. We are in the end times. This will not get better but worse until Yeshua comes back. This is why, we have eliminated all animal proteins from our food consumption. Sticking with the all veggie, grain foods that Daniel did in his time. Going as organic as possible. Things have changed since early Biblical days and even since Yeshua walked the earth. All the links in Part 3, will more than convince anyone of this. It’s scientifically, medically backed by abundant research. In the end, it’s your choice.

Q- 2) So if the information is correct, is there really any such thing as a real original vegetable anymore?

A – 2) Sadly, quite possibly no. But there have been a remnant of farmers all over the world who have not applied toxic chems and GMO seeds to their ground. With cross pollenization and winds they have, no doubt, been effected, but the effects are less. So organic is the way to go, at the very least to send the message out that we will no longer put our money into the hands of those who play god with what God designed perfectly from the beginning. That is why we do it. To stand for Him and truth. Truly we must all trust the Lord to make up for the terrible way we have let go of our call to rule and reign over this earth He gave us. Our (Sam and I’s) repentance is two fold. A) We have begun a garden of our own with a friend on her property (we live in an apartment) and will start growing or own veggies and herbs. B) We buy only organic and non-GMO foods, doing the leg work to research and find out everything we can about the products we buy.
In short we do the best we can with the truth we’ve been given to apply, and trust God for His lead and grace for the rest.

Q – 3) How do you possibly eat when everything at the store has processed food, and some form of killer sugars?

A – 3) It’s true, it can be very discouraging. Especially for those who work and have families with little time to spend in their kitchens. Whole foods, Sprouts Markets, and Natural Grocers (Vitamin Cottage), has a great selection of foods and alternatives. Even the other grocery stores now have organic and non-GMO sections. Farmers markets are a great source for information and ideas, support them! There are ways, but it will take more effort. It’s worth it though.

Q – 4) Why don’t you specify what or how you eat now in your post?

A – 4) I have refrained from the specifics to avoid sending out any message of a”new diet” or method that “everyone” should follow.
After all the research and learning and then time in prayer and study with the Great Physician, I hear Him saying very specifically that we must all learn the truth; which consisted of exposing all the lies we have been lead to believe and or that have been kept from us via the main stream media and medical community. (Though to be fair, most people in medical schools get taught a cirriculium that has been slanted and full of lies for years, so they are naive rather than deceitful). Then as with every single other aspect of life each must listen to Adonai tell them specifically what they should do. One thing that all this information teaches is how very detailed and intricate God made the human body, and each one is unique. The way He has directed us may not be what works for anyone else. Finances are different for everyone, health conditions, lifestyles, special needs, and so on. Only God can direct such an intricate set of conditions for someone. I do recommend seeking guidance by those who take a natural approach to health, and believe that God is the Creator of the body and all things. I put a couple of links on Part three for those who are needing to know what to look for. This way of “health care” is not covered by health insurance plans, which is often a huge problem – a legitimate one. I pray this will initiate all Followers of Yeshua to start advocating and speaking out in this regard. It’s hard to not go get a quick-“fix” pill that’s covered by an insurance plan rather than have to spend money to actually treat the problem at its source and be…well. ..cured. It’s a difficult choice for those who have tight budgets, and are in pain or suffering from the symptoms of over all health problems. Also some people are allergic to nuts, soy, gluten, and so on. My “diet” can’t prescribe or apply to many. Sam and I can relate, and had to follow Adonai’s lead each day for integrating the new ways in. For example; we couldn’t afford to “just throw out” all the food we had been eating and start over with the goods. It took us the better part of two months to phase out of health debilitating foods and replace our cupboards with what was life giving only. Supplements and other things have to be purchased only when we can afford it, and we must trust the Lord to cover us, knowing we are faithful to stay at it. Honestly what we can maintain is the food aspect, only the good and keeping away from the poison. Some weeks we are lean, and eat little and only the good stuff. Better a little living food with Love than a feast of poison that dishonors Him.
So you see, I am leary to put my “diet” out there for all to see. I’m so confident and convinced that Abba God will speak to each person specifically, how could I point anyone in any other direction for their needs? Beware of those who do different. All anyone needs is the truth about things, then The Truth (Yeshua) will lead each from there.

Q – 5) Why don’t you specify the changes you’ve experienced since changing your health approach?

A – 5) I have in general. Weight loss (healthy weight loss), improved energy, vitality and mental awareness. Chronic arthritis, tendonitis, and joint related issues improved dramatically within 5 months. I personally had a slow moving bowl (that’s a nice way of putting constipation). This too, has virtually corrected itself within months. The truth is, this way, takes time. There is no quick cure, healing damage of years of abuse takes time. I believe we still have a ways to go before we see the “end” of the changes. We committed to a year with no compromise to begin. It’s been just over 8 months. We are sold, the evidence is irrefutable. Yet as I said I believe there are exciting changes still to come. As I stated in part 2, we do not do this for the physical changes as a priority, we do it because we believe this is what Adonai has asked of us and to honor Him first and foremost. I will state honestly, I do not believe anyone will be able to stay consistent with this way of health care if the priorities are any different than that. I didn’t, years ago, we were all about feeling better and not living better or honoring how God made us. We saw huge evidence of the Truth of it and physical improvement, but honestly we were not ready to stop eating for pleasure instead of health.
For transparency sake I will list improvements we have experienced.
– weight loss
– diabetic symptoms gone
– allergies gone
– improved immunities
(Though too be fair, this took a while as the body begins to clean up, somethings get worse before they get better. The key is to let the body do what God designed it to do – clean up and heal. This is done through all the bodies elimination processes; bowel movement, sweating gunk out through the skin, going through kidneys and urine)
– eye sight is improving
– head aches are RARE now. – joint related problems improved by 60% and getting better every day. (This one takes time and detoxing)
– cardiovascular symptoms gone
– skin rashes improving
– energy levels are double what they were, which is to say they are markedly improved. We had very little when we started.
– sleeping has improved – again this one takes time and detox as the problems that surround this problem in any way are found mostly in hormone and brain function impairment. Once the brain function goes it’s at best slow to recover. And the glandular system needs at least a year of no poison and detox to show vast improvement. Though one of the first signs of its recovery is weight loss.
– mental and emotional issues (memory and mood swings) vastly improved. Though this is, I believe 50 percent nutritional and 50 percent spiritual. There are toxins that the body can’t eliminate, anger, resentment, worry, stress, unforgiveness etc. These things cause the body to produce reactions that effect the entire body. Nothing is ever entirely physical.
– digestion problems gone via the stomach
– digestion problems vastly improved via the digestive tract (bowels). Again this one will take time, as so much gunk builds up in the intestines over years and years. Detox is key, and careful attention to the foods you eat.

These are the majors. I can’t stress enough how doing things the right way is no easy fix and requires discipline and time.

Q – 6) So what exactly do you eat?

A – 6) We have eliminated all animal proteins. Meat, dairy, eggs, cheese. If it had a mother or father we don’t eat it. We have eliminated all processed and refined sugars. High fructose corn syrup, dextrin, white sugar in any form including Stevia. The only thing we use for sweeteners is honey, coconut sugar, and 100% pure natural maple syrup and these in moderation. Rices, quinoa, lentils, beans, grains, nuts, seeds of all kinds are a staple. Fresh, organic veggies and fruits are the main course of our food. I would say we are vegan but even that doesn’t apply as there are varieties of vegan. Some people think oreo cookies are vegan. Not. The refined sugars and other processed poisonous “food” (really chemicals) make these a definitive no no. The body is not designed to operate normally and healthy with oreo’s.
Healthy Water (distilled or alkalized pH balanced filtered) , decaffeinated teas, and coffee are the drinks. No more soda of any kind. (This was a miracle for me!) We have Flax milk, coconut milk, and almond milk for cooking, baking and drinking.
All refined whites (sugar,flour) gone. Coconut flour, sorghum flour, spelt, quinoa flours. Coconut oil is a staple as well as avocado and olive, all organic, cold pressed, extra virgin. When losing weight is a priority these must be eliminated or used sparingly at first. The body stores these fats for “lean” times, and in our society there’s no such thing, so instead butters and oils in excess will clog up the systems and cause major health problems throughout the body. Avocados are a really good source of healthy fats in the mean time. Breads are egg free, gluten free, dairy free and sugar free, made with sprouted grains as much as possible. With very few exceptions Tortillas as well. Chips and crackers are the same mostly grain/seed related.
That’s about it. Though we are still amending as we learn and go.
Sadly, 99 percent of eating out where we live is not doable anymore. We have one salad bar oriented restaurant we can safely eat out at and that’s it. Everywhere else we have to compromise due to the fact that even grilled veggies get cooked in or on the same things as meats. French fries are fried in oil vats that fry chicken nuggets and other meat related products. This was and often is still very hard. I can’t tell you how often I wish I could just order a pizza and take a break from cooking all the food all the time. I was spoiled. But we find if we cheat now, we pay more than once ($) but twice (in the body) later. We are learning, if we’re going to spend money on food it at least should do the body more good than harm. We feel it right away now, and we are grateful our bodies are finally speaking up and being heard when we feed it gunk instead of nutrients.

Get connected. There are tons of online blogs, links and recipes for this stuff folks. There is far more information than I’ve shared here as well. We have no excuses in our day and age for ignorance and neglect. Do your own research and soak the brain in prayer at all times, seeking only the will of God for your life and all the aspects of it. It helps to have sources of encouragement and support for stuff like this. Find ways, and stay the course. Then share first via your example, but at every opportunity with words as God opens the doors.

This is as much information as I can muster to send as many arrows from all directions pointing to the truth about physical health related issues in our days and times. I pray they are found useful to someone. Yet know this, I do not believe that our physical well being is ever to become an obsession. By far the Word of God teaches and examples that the health of the heart mind and soul spiritually is by far the biggest priority to our heavenly Abba.

The most important food for a human being is God’s Word. Daily consumed, this food will cover all the bases to all else.

Matthew 6:31-33

So don’t be anxious, asking, “What will we eat? What will we drink? Or How will we be clothed?” For it is the pagans who set their hearts on all these things. Your heavenly Father knows you need them all. But seek first His Kingdom and His Righteouness, and all these things will be given to you as well.


♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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