The Privilege of Our Approach

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Back-round: Hezekiah is the King of Judah. King Ashur has his own ‘counselors’ or prophets and they have been falsely testifying against God, encouraging King Ashur to attack the surrounding regions, laying waste to everything. The threat of Ashur has come to King Hezekiah with the information that false prophets lay behind the grievous acts. Isaiah is the prophet of King Hezekiah’s house at this time and he records the same history in chapters 36 and 37 (Isaiah).

The example laid out within the text. Our the application (well, one of many) of the above scripture:

Go straight to God, don’t ‘pass go’, don’t ‘collect $200’, don’t call a friend, don’t check the Internet for further information, don’t do or say or act in any way shape or form except to with reverence and absolute trust go to God…and approach Him with the issues we have, our hurts and confusions, our fears and frustrations, and joys and celebrations. Lay them out before Him and expect and wait for His counsel.

The first thing Hezekiah did was go before Adonai. He could have went to Isaiah. After all he was the anointed prophet of God there. His counsel could hardly have been in error. He likely would have told Hezekiah to do what he did anyway. It certainly would not have been a ‘sin’. But what King Hezekiah was learning was that God, Himself’s first and greatest desire is that each would seek Him for themselves. .. He sent prophets out of grace for the general weakness of the human tendencies. .. to trust words that came from an ‘audible voice’, attached to a visible body, that looked and lived like ‘everyone else’. It was God bending way down to reach His precious children; not catering to a ‘spoiled child’ but coming down to be with us. Sound familiar? Emmanuel.
But each prophet had the same message “Turn to God, away from your ways.” This is a message of:

“Come unto Me, draw near, let Me hold you. .. show you how very in control I am, how easy it is to live following My instruction. .. how I delight to tend and care for you. My voice is stronger and much more real than anything in all creation. My voice spoke the very substance of all things into being. Fear it not, count on it as you count on nothing else. .. because nothing else can be counted on besides My voice, My lead, My advice, My comfort, My authority, My power. .. these are accessible to you. .. always. ..I long to be the number One source and best friend of your life. ..I made you dearest child, I am capable of keeping you. Seek Me first and I will not fail you. My advice will always be 100% right – 100% of the time. You won’t need to wonder if I mean what I say because I am able to make Myself heard and understood to you.”

You see. .. All throughout history, even during and after Yeshua (Jesus) came, humans have always wrestled with whether or not ‘that other human’ really heard from God or not. In Yeshua’s case people even accused Him of healing by the power of satan! One of the ‘joys set before Him‘ as Yeshua walked His broken body to the hill where He would hang; was the rending of the veil. .. the direct access that you and I would now have to hear God’s voice ourselves without needing anyone else to speak for Him. This is the fulcrum power of the Spirit of God we receive when we ‘enter in’ through Yeshua to the family of God. So now, in many ways, we (those after Christ) are more accountable for not obeying. We do not have the excuse of ‘the human You sent us Lord, we were unsure of them.’ Yeshua being vastly confirmed as The Last Human needed, the One who will take us straight to the Father is enough! Now we, like Hezekiah (and countless others before and after – see scripture references at the end of post) can enter the house of the Lord and seek His counsel about everything. See how God was swift to answer and honored the one who came straight to Him full of confidence in Him to meet the need, however He would choose to do so. How can He make us confident in ourselves when the entire purpose is to make, build and prove the confidence is in Him? Indeed He shall thwart every effort for us to have confidence in anyone other than Him and most especially ourselves! This is His grace! Saving grace!

How we approach the throne of God is pivotal to our walk with Him along the road. Humbly seeking with the heart of Hezekiah, the mentality that says as he did, “You alone are God of all kingdoms on earth. You have made heaven and earth. Turn Your ear, Adonai, and hear! Open Your eyes, Adonai, and see!” (2 Kings 19:15-16) Asking for all we need and then turning from our ways of demand and expectation based on what we think and how we see and bending our wills to trust in His Ways and Thoughts much higher and not like ours to win the day. .. inside us! You see when Hezekiah asked God to hear and see, he knew he was asking God to open his ears and eyes. For they were one and the same due to the fact that Hezekiah’s heart was set to honor God first. God’s eyes opened is our eyes opened if He lives in us! How can it be otherwise? He will be our eyes and ears; because His are not limited to the temporal but all things eternally. How can we not be confident in such Eyes and Ears? Such strength is found in such knowledge that we, though we are limited, have a ‘set of eyes and ears’ that knows the visible and invisible and can cause us to act within a realm we cannot see or hear! What a profoundly transforming God, miraculous indeed – He is! What grace and mercy and honor He bestows us! No other creatures know this kind of Shepherding! What meaning there is in the words of Yeshua when He said “he who has ears, let him hear!” May the heart of Hezekiah’s ‘ears’… be a shining example of Yeshua’s words within each of us more and more each day!

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Ezra 9:5
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Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah


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