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Follow Me

I heard Him say

I gave up a full net and walked away

I didn’t look back

To see if anyone joined me

I heard that Voice and came home


Follow Me

I hear His Voice ring

Through centuries of voices

And ceaseless songs sing

It echoes past the pages of time

Burning the question

Who will be Mine?


Follow Me

Words that move

One being called

In order to prove

When the Word speaks

There is always a heart

That drops everything

And becomes a part

Of two small words spoken

By the Heart of all Life

Follow Me and die

And real life will start.


Follow Me

Do you hear?

Follow Me

Do you know?

Follow Me

Do you see?

Follow Me


Follow Me

Walk My walk

Speak the Words

You’re taught to talk

Find Your trust

In the thick of fear

Follow Me

I Am, near

Follow Me

A Shepherd calls

A Lamb prepares

To end all falls

Follow Me

A Savior breathes

As wood is cut

And linen sheaths

Follow Me

As Satan sneers

And demons cry

To shut the ears

Of priceless lambs

That have been flocked

Follow Me

Will not be mocked

And in the end

All those who came

Will follow through

The ache and pain

A crown of thorns

And back in shreds

That, Follow me

The Devil dreads

Because the Father

Led the Son

And now the Son

Leads the lambs

And they do…follow

His nail scarred Hands


Follow Me

It echoes still

Follow Me

Know My will

Follow Me

Take My hand

Follow Me

I’ll make you stand

Follow Me

And never die

Follow Me

And find out why

Follow Me

And learn to trust

Follow Me

Follow Me

Follow Me…out of the dust


September  ~ 2011

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My Heart in His Hands

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I’m picking up the pieces of a life gone wrong, bending down and reaching and the pieces are gone. As I look I see a pair of feet just within my view, then a Voice says, “Don’t you know I picked it up for you?” Standing up and glaring, “Give it back!” I shout. ” I never said you could have it, it is mine!” I pout. “Yes, it’s yours there can be no doubt, but if you take and keep it for yourself – it’s dead. Let Me take it and it’ll bring you life instead.”

The Voice, I knew, I’d heard it many times before. Humbled I threw myself in a heap upon the floor. I kicked and screamed, fighting with myself it seemed, then the Voice reached in and touched my heart with His Hand.  “Be GONE, you screaming darkness – Let her go! I demand!” A Light of blinding brightness seemed to shake earth and sky. I recognized the Voice of the One I cannot deny. I kissed His feet and felt a Love, so profound. He gently cupped my face, within His smile my fears unwound.

Opening His Hand I saw my heart was there. “You see, My Child, your heart has always been in My hands. The broken pieces in which you’re reaching is your heart, understand? And when you take and try to fix them they turn to sand, but in My Hands its whole and beating and it shines you see? If you want it, I’ll give it back, My Child.” He said to me.

I looked up stunned as He held it out to me, and lightly wound my fingers over my heart in His Hand. “It is not mine, was always Yours, My Lord, My King. In Your hands my heart is a song that none but You can sing. Hold it close for all my days and sing Your song. My heart in Your Hands is where I belong.”

His head thrown back, He shouted out a mighty laugh, and began to sing…the song of my heart in His Hands. The song of the Redeemed! And all of Creation….gave a standing ovation….

~ 2006  ~ Lisa VanValkenburgh

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