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Song of Solomon 5:10-16

The man I love is radiant and ruddy; he stands out among ten thousand.
His head is like the finest gold; his locks are wavy and black as raven.
His eyes are like doves by running streams, bathed in milk (almond :-)) and set just right.
His cheeks are like beds of spices, like banks of fragrant herbs.
His lips are like lilies dripping with sweet myrrh.
His arms are like rods of gold set with beryl, his body polished ivory adorned with sapphires.
His legs are like pillars of marble set on bases of pure gold.
His appearance is like the L’vanon, as imposing as cedars.
His words are sweetness itself; he is altogether desirable.
This is my darling, and this is my friend, daughters of Yerushalayim.

This is my husband, Samuel. And I love him! Nineteen years ago today he took me as a wife and today I celebrate the meaning.
God has given him to me to love; to love in a way no other will ever love him. The honour of such overwhelms me.

He is all the things spoken in the Scripture and more. More so, that this poetically inclined muse cannot find words to add. God gave me music once to express him, it is the closest I’ve ever come to knowing how to express him. I admit back then it was all God, He wrote Sams soul through my fingers on the black and white keys of a cheap Casio Chord and made it sound like heavens symphony.

He is respected by all who know him. Adored by those who know him. Loved by all who’ve met him. He is Samuel, which means, God has heard. And He does.

Least you think I’ve made him a god among men, let me put your mind at ease. He is fully human, and his weakness are as mighty as his strengths. But those. .. His weaknesses are my treasure alone – save God’s before me; and rightly so. I get to hold those to myself and share them with noone else. They are my hearts delight; even as they often break it. Sweetest music is made in the meadows of his flaws and I lean into our Maker to listen. So noone will hear of reasons to look at him with plainness… he is… amazing. That’s all anyone needs to know. Because the goodness of God flows continually out from him and this is a flow the wife that honors her husband; but more importantly honors Adonai; must never seek to stop. Not even… to – as the world may put it – “make him human”.

I pale in comparison to him. I am a dim light to his bright. It is as it should be, as we – Adonai’s Bride – will never outshine our Savior. And as all marriages reflect (or are meant to) the Messiah and His Followers (church). I am content and am learning not to dare to compare or question any longer. He must out shine me, and as such I shine with him. And our Father smiles… smiles everyday.

Behold how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together. .. he is my brother, he is my friend, he is my Lover, and my helpmate, my co-conspirator in life, the song in my heart and I sing him today.

♡ Happy Anniversary, my beloved
May God love You!
May He continue to teach me to.
With all my heart, I do love you. Till death do us part – which it never will praise be to God for eternal life! ♡

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah

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Only He May Have Me

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My thoughts belong to Yeshua the Messiah; and only He may have them.
Clamored, crammed, chaotic or kind
They are the captives of His perfect mind
Hold them slaves and treat them as You will
On restless waves You make them still

My heart belongs to Adonai Elohim(the Lord God); and only He may have it.
Like a palm tree I bend my will into His own
No wind of fury can now assail it
Your Will be done and not my own.

My mind belongs to Adonai-Yir’eh (the Lord will see to it), and only He may have it.
Renewing, transforming, being reborn
Hang the fixtures of Your house upon its habits
Make it a light to guide me home

My body belongs to Adonai-Shamah (the Lord is there); and only He may have it.
To move and service His will in all forms
Emptied of strength it rises to You
Muscles and sinew Your deeds perform

My soul belongs to Adonai-Shalom (the Lord of Peace); and only He may have me.
Completely held within Your calm
Anarchy knows no way to steal me
Out from Your call to sing this Psalm

My thoughts, my mind, my body, my soul belongs to the Ruach HaKodesh (the Holy Spirit); and only He may have them.
Sweet Counselor sent for all…
to make the eyes see, and cause ears to hear and make the heart understand all Yeshua performs and does, says, said and shows.
The Baptizer of the Ones He calls His own.
Breathe, breathe, breathe on me!

All – all…all that You made!
Belongs to Yeshua the Messiah, Adonai-Eloheinu (Lord our God), and the Ruach HaKodesh; and only He may have all!!
I will shout, sing, cry and toil!
With all of my strength and all of my resources!
Fill Your Lamps with precious oil!
Make ready a Bride to present to the Groom.
Leaving out none and filling Your womb!
Creator of all, all I am
Hold me tightly in Your hand
Your presence is Life; at Your Command
You make the lame walk, rise and stand
You open ears to the micro sonic-sounds of Your Word and Will and Motion
Cast me adrift on this Mighty ocean
Your Name be kept Holy, Your Will be done, Your Glory be shown, Your Mercy be known, Your Grace be received, Your Truth be spoken, Your Light be shined, Your Way be taught and sought, Your Life be lived.
Yours Alone Great I Am…the One who Is and Was and Is To Come!
Only You may have it, these words engraved on my heart.
Here in the heat of battle, Your fire blazes and charts.
Hold me fast over the embers and purify this clay.
Only You, only You, only You for me…always


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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