Iscariot by Tosca Lee

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Most of you know that I only post book reviews and recommendations that fall in a five star category. (Five being –  outstanding). I restate it for anyone who is new :-).

Iscariot did not disappoint and as I suspected did not shock me to find I “walk” away changed. Nothing I have read by Tosca Lee has ever done anything short of call for change. In my perspective, in my thinking, in what I have acted on prior to and the next step I take after. Indeed if one can pick up any of her books and toss it aside saying “Eh, it was alright.” I would wonder at where the “message” got lost. No insult intended to those who are not a “fan”.

I was “introduced” to Tosca in my search for “Biblical fiction” that falls outside the boundaries of “typical”. Her first book, Havah – The Story of Eve, was every bit a piece of bread from heaven as can be served by The Father Himself! Multiplying and falling from “the sky” like manna.


When I read a good author, I look for those that seem to have what Yeshua (Jesus) would say often; “They with ears, let them hear.”  Tosca does! You come away believing God sent a specific messenger to give her a more accurate and detailed witness to the stories she writes. Iscariot is no exception. The change it calls for sits comfortably (or to some uncomfortably) next to the same ones Yeshua did in all He said and did. Truly you must re-think your former evaluations and opinions of the infamous “betrayer” of Yeshua, the only one He called friend, and whom He loved as surely as He loves you or me.


In Demon – A Memoir Tosca Lee surely must have held such an interview with a centurion from Satan’s army! No better book has ever been written with blatant accuracy how deeply disturbing the level of hatred the “forsaken” has for ELOHIM and His children. If you want to know your enemy, realize the level of dedication for which you are pursued and understand better each piece of armor God equips you with, this is your book. It has the same stark reality that we all find quite uncomfortable but also invokes the change that Yeshua Himself introduced. Five stars again.

Tosca Lee has also teamed up with another among my favorite authors Ted Dekker in the series The Book of Mortals. Forbidden, Mortal, and the upcoming Sovereign.
Though this series definitely holds more of Dekker’s flavor and style Tosca’s unique finger print is clearly detectable.




There is not a book with her name on it that I wouldn’t recommend as guaranteed to bring you to the Name above all Names; Yeshua the Messiah. In the most obvious and obscure ways The Father, Son and Holy Spirit get the glory for these works written by her hand.

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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George MacDonald

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It cannot have escaped anyone’s notice that Brother MacDonald has shown up in almost every area of my public view; my Blog, my Facebook, in my hands as books, and in my speaking. It is not because I consider him above my Lord. Just that without a doubt he sat with Him often and if Yeshua (Jesus) ever had a Commentary, I believe he gave it to MacDonald. That’s a huge thing to say, I know. Yet its the best way I know of to “paint the picture” if you will.

I “met” George MacDonald through another author, Michael Phillips. Brother Phillips has made it a passion to bring back so many of George’s books in his lifetime. I cannot begin to thank Brother Phillips for the undertaking! Many of my favorite Authors have quoted MacDonald too. C.S. Lewis was also a huge friend of his work, going so far as to say he regarded MacDonald as his “master” in relation to his writing. Lewis also leaves no room for doubt that through Brother MacDonald’s writing he came to the feet of his Savior, Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah. George has never failed to show up in quotes in EVERY one of my favorite author’s books, pastor’s sermons, and even “unbeliever’s” works in deep thinking and philosophy. George would not, of course, be delighted to be thought of as a philosopher. He considered himself a poet first, author last, but would loath to be found under the heading theological or philosophy. The “head cannot keep up with the hearts pursuit of its Maker” would be Brother MacDonald’s chief response to such classifying. That Brother MacDonald was highly intelligent and could sit with the best of intellectuals is not disputable. Though he would make them feel small at heart by the churning of the mind. Much as Yeshua (Jesus) did and does. 🙂

I have found no error in his writings as they reflect and bring to life the very written Word of God. My guess is that even now Brother Paul who wrote so much of the New Testament and Brother MacDonald take long walks discussing the mind verses heart, works verses faith (trust), and belief verses obedience. All the while, like those men on the road to Emmaus, Yeshua, Himself walks along with them.

If, like so much of Brother MacDonald’s style in fiction writing, I could have a brother “interpret” or narrate my daily goings and comings; I would without hesitation choose him. Him, being my second choice, as Yeshua, Himself, and no other will suit me! But given the choice of another human being such as myself (fallen yet saved by the Shepherd Yeshua), Brother George would be my choice.

I know many great authors and men of God. I say without hesitation, I don’t own a “bad” book. All of which would do as a replacement to MacDonald, but chiefly I say his are the most irreplaceable! To be clear; if some crisis were to send me fleeing from my house, my Bible would be the most important book in urgency in my mind to “grab”. In no way would ANY other book or it author take precedence over the Book of Life!

A very respected author and pastor I frequently “sit with” once said “Scripture is no longer being written”. For which, I will say “I emphatically do not agree!” Going so far as to say that every author of every book on “my shelves” has been inspired by the same Spirit that wrote the very Scriptures. That “God has not decided to include them” is mans opinion. Since it was man who decided what to call the Bible or not. Though I do not believe ANYONE but God has/had the final say! God will not suffer man to be in charge of His Word!

If the God of the universe is speaking in a flower, bird, tree, or person, He is speaking still from every avenue and in every “audible” good to be found! He will never be anything but found! If the heart of His creature is truly seeking Him, that is!

George MacDonald books can be found today, thanks in large part to God through authors that still reflect his works. Though they can be very hard to acquire. I found one of his priceless children’s book’s at a used book store for $10, the same book is being sold through Amazon for upwards of $600. Michael Phillips in partner with Bethany House Publishers has made his books quite accessible. I will say if you pick up a George MacDonald book, you will: have made a friend, chew each word as if you have never read one, and want more than anything to know Yeshua (Jesus) in the same way he did! What better legacy can one who lives, walks, writes, paints, ….breathes, what better can one leave than the Carpenter’s invitation to “Come, follow Me”?

Brother MacDonald has an open invitation to post on this blog. I pray his legacy be found within those postings…that you and I will hear, see, touch, and smell the fragrance of the Spirit that inspired his work. This Yeshua, Jesus, Son of the Father who delights to take us ever closer to Him and whose work is to unite us to Him!

There is no book I would exclude from recommending one read either written by George MacDonald or about. I cannot say this about any other author I have ever encountered. As Daniel in the Bible, I have not found any ill or disreputable thing written about him. Even C.S. Lewis had his critics! Sadly Yeshua Himself, has been written in more contradiction than any one who has ever walked the face of the earth! And by many who call themselves His child! You will find the real Yeshua in MacDonald’s work, 100% of the time. Only the Word of God can boast such a statement, hence why I have taken the time to write this recommendation and reason for this Brother’s work showing up in every crack and surface of the clay pot of my own writing. I am but one very small voice that shouts his work. It is no consequence that I do. As always, the burden of “proof” lies within your own experience. I pray you will give MacDonald “a go” and see if my praise rings more highly than it should :-).


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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