The Voice – Part 1

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Do you hear My Voice?
Shall I introduce you?

Listen to a letter. Written long ago. Many many years ago. You see the Voice rings True in any age, at any time. It comes from no gender specific persuasion, no “race” of human origin has been excluded from its hearing or speaking. The young, old, rich, poor, sick, well, simple, complex, all – all have heard it and been chosen to speak it. The outward look has never qualified nor disqualified for My Voice. There have never been such ideas of “ugly, fat, skinny, tall, short, perfect skinned in tone, color or texture”. All have been counted as beautiful, wonderful. Yet here is one letter. I will not “paint a picture” of the writer. Human, this is the only way I will describe the hand that wrote it. Listen…listen to The Voice.

Saturday, May, 1934

Dearest Father,

I write this day having heard a most charming story. Still swept off my inner-feet, my hand shakes from what has been imprinted on some indescribable part of me, I knew not of its existence until I listened to the little child speak. They had fallen, quite clumsy down on the walk right in my path. Dear me! I nearly trampled the imp! Ready, therefore to do a good turn to one less fortunate, I stopped and offered the child a meal. Delighted, we strolled into the back walk and into the meal room. There I washed what must’ve been a years worth of dirt from their hands, feet, and face. The child, obviously an outcast of this society, remained aloof and submitted to my administrations. The simple stew was already warmed and bread sufficiently cooled by then. Oh my, how the imp ate! There’s something about watching the hungry eat, a well-fed man’s meal. Have you ever had such an occasion to do so? It quite filled me up with just the viewing of such consumption! Then a nice cup of water was the only thing the imp would drink after. I do believe the Good Lord must’ve turned it into wine! Such a drinking I have never laid eyes on! Thirst simply flew like a bird with wings!

I know you deem my words poetic, yet…is it possible…I never have read nor written such poetry as watching this poor child eat and drink this day? You must try not to picture the child eating like a starved animal. I beg you, believe me the imp was quite civilized as the food and water were consumed, truly. Not a word had come from the imp’s lips yet. I quite thought the child with no speaking tongue. Perhaps unlearned? I ran a bath, and bless me, tucked the imp, quite charming into my spare bed for the night. I had strange dreams that woke me the night through. Not bad, just urgent, causing me to rise and check on the child all night. I do not believe I have ever slept in such peace as was registered on the child that night. It struck me as the first fall of a fluffy slow drifting snow.

The sun arose and we took our break of fast with Jenny’s eggs. You remember I told you her hens lay the eggs of the Gods! Still not an utterance from the child. A smile here and there as what seemed a thank you. So serious this imp! The light of their eyes seemed to hold a thousand lifetimes. Yes, I quite thought it possible by gazing at the child, I was betwixt! The imp must have learned a hand of work as they helped me, quite tidy, the kitchen. I sat down at the table and then the imp spoke! The proceeding words etched themselves on every surface it vibrated off of, my ears the least of which quite truly!

I will attempt to do the recounting with justice, though the presence of the imp can not be conveyed nor repeated and it spoke as audibly as the imp. Simple words to start.

“Shall I tell you a story?” The child said!  Shocked! I do believe my jaw lay upon my lap. I dare hope I recovered as I had no choice, mind you, but to simply say, “Why, yes!”

(The letter continues in part 2, hope to “see” you there 🙂 )

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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