Lessons in Set Apart (Holiness) – Part 2

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Tiara stepped out to run to the store. She blew a kiss to her husband through the window of his office and headed towards the truck. As always her glance was drawn upward towards the sky, again it took her breath away. Clouds whipped and twisted like pixie dust and ringlets of gold and pink were like whispers of the Spirits heart at play and delight. The sun was falling faster towards the southern horizon, soon it would withdrawal it’s effects of warmth from the evening air. Venus, The Splendor; as God had taught the magi so long ago was holding a steady and beautiful course to follow the sun just over head. Tiara smiled and thanked Adonai (the Lord), once again for being the King of the Universe and giving her eyes to see it. As she walked up to the truck, her attention was drawn to the lights that had just came on across the street. Both houses seemed to be in sync for timing of the holiday affair of lights. One was distinctly christmas, a big Santa took up the center of attention with traditional icicle lights and candy canes scattered about. The other house was more to Tiaras liking, not traditional, classy and done with artistic aplomb! Still with signs of the traditional holiday but with things you don’t find in every yard this time of year. The mini hot air balloon was particularly pretty. Beauty abounded this evening in the form  of lights.  

As she opened the truck door to get in, Tiara sighed, keys jangling. Reminding her of the sounds she’d imagine of sleigh bells a bit from her many years of holiday recollections. The door closed and she started the truck, looking at her house, still with summer yard lights glowing, but faintly as the sun no longer provided the solar panels with the light, having a northern exposure. For the third year her house would only display the mogan David she had decorated with lights and the Menorah as the candles were lit each night until they melted down losing their illumination. The thought made her smile but with a slight sigh, she loved the lights of christmas.

Lord may this house be lit up for You by our every word and deed.  

It had been harder than she thought to let go of all things christmas. A blessing beyond words but also it came with much misunderstanding and inner turmoil. It would have been easier if she’d never celebrated the holiday in the first place. Many family members especially her children and her young nieces and nephews with their children never complained to her face, God was good; but in the air between them there was question and disappointment. Gift giving was another part of holiday making that had been given up for Tiara and Josh. It was hard, they were giving and loving at heart, it was hard to be the only two people who didn’t enter the family tradition. Tiara wondered what kind of memories her grandchildren would form at the decision they had made. Being set apart often felt alienating and hurt a bit too. 

Father forgive me for my longing to be seen different than You truly see me. Thank You for giving me this way and the eyes to see the Truth to follow. Collect these sighs likes tears in that bottle You have for me. May You bless my children, grandchildren, friends and family in a special way dear Lord in these days. Help me to hear and obey You with a whole heart.  

The truck in gear, Tiara began to pull out of her driveway. She pushed the button to listen to her favorite station. ‘Silver bells’, the famous song greeted her. She “leaned in’ to hear if the Lord would again ask her to refrain from listening. That still small Voice confirmed, and she tried four different stations, all were playing various holiday music. She turned off the radio. Another sigh…

It’s everywhere, dear Father of Lights. Can a little sweet music be so bad? Oh, Lord You know how I love to sing and worship you. That last one was Third Days rendition of ‘O Holy Night’…I admit I’m a bit unsure of the harm. But…not my will but Your will Master of my musical heart. Teach me what You will in this too. 

The impression of how this ‘having nothing, NOTHING, to do with evil’ instruction began to teach in deeper ways pressed in.  

My Child, this refraining should not feel so unfamiliar in many other ways in this world than just this time of year. Indeed “it’s everywhere” this theme is, in so many things in this world, yes? I tell you the truth, dear one, that what you say is true, to never have become part of the world, entered into the ways of small compromise would have made this separating much easier, indeed not hard at all. You don’t feel like you miss going to bars do you? 

No, my Lord, I do not.

Because the desire has no attachment of appeal that came with deceit. I’ve asked my people to avoid and hate evil and the ways of it for this reason. Confusion and heart ache come from the small seemingly innocent compromises. You can’t miss what you never knew. Yet all sin and fall short dear Child, and the contrast of longing and separating is my gift to You. That you may remember and with trust turn away so that My instructions for you may become more and more delightful to you as you obey. Do you see what joy you have to hear My Voice and heed it’s direction?

Oh yes, yes Lord, I would despair without it!

Trust Me now, then My precious Child, and remember, it’s the heeding of My direction that’s the key here. Do not be tempted to judge or condemn the lights, songs, and many elements of this holiday refraining. Just trust Me, come to Me, like this. What delight I have when you come to Me, and we talk and work out My will for you! Sing to Me a new song now My Child…  

Pulling into the parking lot of the store, Tiara began to sing. 

John 15:3-4

Right now, because of the word which I have spoken to you, you are pruned. Stay united with Me, as I will with you… 

~ Stay tuned for Part 3…~

Grace and peace to you in the Messiah, Yeshua ♡

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Lessons in Set Apart (Holiness) – Part 1

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Caleb and his 8 year old daughter, Halayia were sitting at the park feeding the resident geese. The many flocks of spring and summer had flown south, the park was quiet, settling in to the crisper air of winter. The greese breath was visible as they gathered for the crumbs. 

Caleb and Halayia took this path as they walked home from Halayia school. The park workers were finishing up the holiday decor. Halayia watched them, absent-mindedly tossing her crumbs. Caleb could see her little gears spinning and smiled, he knew a question was about to emerge. He sent up a request that the Lord would place the answer in his heart before he heard the question. Those gears were seriously grinding on something big. 

“Papa?” came the sweet voice of his first born daughter. He smiles. 

“Yes, Layia?” He threw another handful of crumbs. 

“Why don’t we celebrate Christmas anymore? We used to, and I don’t understand. I miss the lights and all the stuff we did then. My friends all do, and Gail invited me to a church play, but Mama says no. Everybody does it, but us it seems.” The sadness and dejection in her voice broke Caleb’s heart. 

Oh boy Lord, help me here.  

“When is your birthday Layia?” The words were out before he realized it. 

A confused face looked up at him. “May 6th, Daddy, you know that. I’m talking about Christmas.” Bright green eyes beheld him with question. 

“Yes, I know, now when is Jesus birthday?” Caleb tried not to smile as he could see the Lord had heard his prayer and was answering. He began to see where this was going. 

Halayia’s face scrunched in introspection. 

“It’s not December 25th, but I don’t know….eerrr…I don’t remember His birthday day.” she thought more out loud than in answer. 

“You’re right, His birthday isn’t on Christmas and today you will perhaps remember His real birthday from now on because you have asked these questions. But, before I tell you His actual birthday day, let me ask you…How would you feel if we celebrated your birthday on say… Alice’s birthday?” 

Halayias face again scrunched up, this time in a form of disgust. Alice was a girl at school who was constantly belittling Halayia because she was a Christian. Many a tearful face had greeted Molly and Caleb from Layias sweet face after school from hurtful things Alice did. 

“I would be very mad, Daddy, why would we do that? Halayia tossed another crumb-full down hard on the ground. a piece hit a goose on the nose and made it squack and flutter it’s wings.

“Absolutely, that would be very crazy, huh? You are a bit young dear Layia, but there is a long history to learn about Christmas and how it came to be, and if you’re willing we shall begin to teach you. But right now, let just say that how Christmas started was by people who worshiped the god Isis and this god was just Satan trying to fool these people. But in the real world, God’s world, Jesus’s world, His birthday got mixed up with His enemies party and over the years people tried to make it better and added to it to include Santa Claus and many things. So in truth people don’t even realize they arecelebrating  Satan’s idea of a holiday for him but somehow because some Christians wanted to make it a good holiday, most now think that it’s Jesus’s birthday they celebrate instead. So you see, Layia, it would be like celebrating your birthday on Alice’s, who doesn’t like you because you love Jesus, but worse because Satan is actually Jesus’s enemy, while Alice is foolish and deceived, she is not your enemy. Does that make sense?” Deep inside Caleb took a deep breath, inviting the Spirit to open his daughters mind to understand what was a very complicated thing. 

Halayia was quiet for a few moments, many emotions rolling across her face as her little mind and heart worked to process. Slowly…

“Well, it must hurt Jesus a lot since everybody has changed his birthday and they don’t know… Do they?…I mean, even Christians, our church, our family, who loves Jesus, they all do! How can they not know? Daddy, why doesn’t Jesus tell them?” Halayia was perplexed still, but Caleb could see she was grasping the truth. 

“He does tell them. Just like your mommy and I learned the truth, everyone can learn it too. But just like you, it’s hard to change, to stop celebrating like everyone else, when it seems innocent and harmless. Especially for those who think they can say they are really celebrating Jesus so it doesn’t matter. But, Layia, always remember it’s not what you think of anything in this life but what God thinks that matters most, and He is very serious about the truth of things, it’s His thoughts we must take our actions on. He had a very special reason for sending His Son, Jesus, to be born when He did, the exact day and hour has meaning. HIS birthday is the most important birthday ever, we must be careful to honor God’s timing and ways. As you grow older He will teach you how very special each moment and event in your life has lots of meaning, but Jesus birthday is full of all the meanings of all the lives on earth in one Man. We want to honor that, so we don’t have anything to do with what makes Jesus birthday less. God says have NOTHING to do with evil. Sometimes, like now, that’s hard. The lights are pretty, the plays are well done, the gifts are fun, the songs and shows seem innocent and seem to be good, but to God its like everyone has decided to go to Satan’s party and this makes Him very sad.” Caleb began to gather the bags, now empty of crumbs. The sun had fallen behind the horizon. Darkness was encroaching. Halayia perceived they were leaving and took his hand. 

“Does it make God happy that we don’t celebrate Christmas?” the question was full of more. More than just the one, as all things rich with a heart that longs to please God. Caleb’s heart soared. 

“Yes, my cub, yes it makes Him happy. But more than that, it make us closer to Him, His presence is like you and me, here in this park, talking, feeding the geese and loving to be together. It gives us joy too! He can teach us many things when we are trusting Him and obeying. Especially when it’s hard. I’m sorry it is hard for you dear Layia to not be able to join in with so many things. I’m very sorry that your mommy and I did not realize before what Christmas was and we celebrated and it makes you miss it. Will you forgive me?” Caleb had stopped and knelt down in front of his precious gift God had given him to teach and lead. 

Halayias little gloved hands reached for her Papa’s cheeks and she put her head in his forehead. 

“Of course, Papa, I didn’t know either, will you forgive me? Maybe we can make a party for those who won’t go on going to Satan’s party. It could be like Moses and the Israelites who put the blood over their doors. Well just let it pass right by!” Halayia said with lighthearted fun. 

Caleb teared up, what an amazing little person you have given me dear God! 

He scooped Layia up with a big whoosh! 

“Yes, let’s go home my cub! We shall talk to mommy and Josh and come up with a way to let all this pass over and party in God’s love together!

Amos 5:14-15

Seek good and not evil, so that you will survive. Then Adonai (the Lord) will be with you as you say He is.  Hate evil, love good and uphold justice at the gate… 

Proverbs 1:15

My son, don’t go along with them, don’t set foot on their path.  

Proverbs 4:14-15

Don’t follow the path of the wicked or walk on the way of evil doers. Avoid it, don’t go on it, turn away from it, and pass on.  

2 Timothy 2:19

Nevertheless, God’s firm fountain stands, stamped with these words:

“The Lord knows His own” and, “Let everyone who claims he belongs to the Lord stand apart from evil (wrongdoing).”  

Psalms 37 – all of it. 

2 Corinthians 1:21-22

Moreover, it is God who sets both us and you in firm union with the Messiah; He had anointed us, put His seal on us, and given us His Spirit in our hearts as a guarantee for the future.  

Revelation 2:5-7

Therefore, remember where you were before you fell, turn from this sin, and do what you used to before. Otherwise, I will come to you and remove your menorah from its place – if you don’t turn from your sin! But you have this in your favor: you hate what the Nicolaitans do – I hate it too. Those who have ears, let them hear what the Spirit is saying to the Messianic communities. To him winning the victory I will give the right to eat from the Tree of Life which is in God’s Gan-‘Eden (Garden).'”  

Stay tuned for part 2

Grace and peace in the Messiah, Yeshua. 🙂

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The Letter Hey ~ Psalms 119: 33-40

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The above links are the resources for further reading on this very exciting letter of Hebrew and section of Psalms 119. I find it without a doubt NO coincidence that the timing of this coincides with Christmas. The time we choose to celebrate Yeshua’s (Jesus) Birth!

Look at the words that connect to this letter!
God’s Creative Power

Window from the Hebrew perspective is defined as: a hole in the wall that admits light and a view to the other side.

The number 5, is the corresponding number Yeshua would have learned with the letter heh. There are five fingers on our hands. It is by God’s Right Hand that He promised our Salvation!


Here’s the portion of Psalm 119: 33-40. Highlighting all the words that correspond to the letter and numbers significance.

Teach me, Adonai (Lord), the way of Your Laws; keeping them will be its own reward for me. Give me understanding; then I will keep Your Torah; I will observe it with all my heart. Guide me on the path of Your mitvot (commands), and not toward selfish gain. Turn my eyes away from worthless things; with Your ways give me life. Fulfill Your Promise, which You have made to Your servant, which You made to those who fear You. Avert the disgrace which I dread, for Your rulings are good. See how I long for Your precepts; in Your righteousness, give me life!

There are 5 references to Yeshua’s name, His character in this section!

Jeff Benner has not posted this letter on Youtube yet :-(. So there is no video for me to post beyond the last letter, sadly.

Oh how I love studying scripture from the Hebraic point of view! It gives me goose bumps! Everything means something from this perspective! Nothing is coincidental in God’s eyes! Nothing impossible!

May God be with you all during these days of celebration, reflection, and worship of Emmanu’el ~ God with us!

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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The Price of Set Apart

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Every single picture like this, at this time of year, tends to soften the heart. A precious Son held by a set apart woman who would hold Him first; the sinner holding the cure! She held Him within her womb, her blood was needed for Him to live! When Gabriel came, she didn’t respond with the self-absorbtion of societies retribution, that did surely fall upon her;

But, how will I tell Joseph? My Folks? Who will believe I’ve not been pure for my marriage bed? How will God make me pregnant? Why me?”

Does it not sound just like a woman? Those questions of explanation, what will it look like, how will others see me? I supposed to engender that is unfair, its a fallen human thing both man and woman share. Yet here’s the thing.

God could have just blew into the dust and placed the World’s Salvation as a baby under a bush somewhere. He could have bypassed the whole method of reproduction, but He didn’t! Why?

Was a woman needed? Yes. And no. Yes, because of His plan, to right a terrible wrong at the beginning by a woman. (Eve) No, because He is God, He promised a baby, a Savior, but He didn’t need to do it that way. As if He is limited by science as we know it to get the job done.

Mary (Miriam) was set apart from far before she was born. She was knit together in her mama’s womb for the very purpose of carrying the Son of God. You could say, she was wired for it, but ugh, its sounds so mechanical and computerized! She did however, have a choice to follow her calling or not. Just like Mary, God formed us in His heart and made it so in the fashioning us in the womb, with exactly what we need to say, “May it be unto me as You have said” at every juncture He planned in advanced that we would be called upon to do so. Believe it or not, Mary sinned. She didn’t always respond as she did that very important night. God called and asked her to accept His Son that night. Just like He promises to call upon every heart and soul He fashions, and all will either accept or reject Him. At the time, Gabriel was sent with Mary’s John 3:16 invitation. She accepted. It had been written already in God’s perspective, just not Mary’s yet.

I have always had the hardest time with Catholicism because they pray to Mary. As if she can answer those prayers. Mary was a blessed Sister by no means, do I negate that! Yet she having held Yeshua (Jesus) in her womb, never became a door to Him! Yeshua said, “I Am the door/gate to the Father, noone can enter except through Me.” This included His mother. I am eternally glad Mary was made by God for the exact purpose of accepting His call and she answered as she did! That by being set apart and accepting this distinction, she kept the faith; no doubt through the markets when tongues wagged about her untimely bump on her belly. Can you hear them?

“What! It’s too soon, they couldn’t be with child yet! Oh, the shame! Her poor mother/father, poor Joseph! Is it his, were they unpure? He should have her stoned!”

You must understand in Hebrew culture, especially back then, they did kill match-made brides for unfaithfulness, both those who ended up pregnant and those who did not. It was not tolerated, (pre-marital sex). Even Joseph considered having her stoned when he first heard. This was serious! Its very likely one or both her parents didn’t believe her! Its totally missed, this Price of Set Apart! Or at least its the smallest of the things we talk about at Christmas. We cruise through it at just over the speed limit. Why? Because human opinion has not become less easy to be tempted to conform to with its new level of “tolerance”.

The level of support it took to marry Mary, and courage and trust in God is mind boggling! Joseph went from doubt to completely absurdly trusting. The likes of which, would be scorned as “co-dependant” now. Believe it! The tongues wagged and painted Joseph as a victim and fool! Did they care? Oh, you bet they did! They cared, hurt, got angry, but those feelings were the “last pennies in their purse” they gave to God. They counted the cost from their scalded hearts within, so Yeshua could live there instead!

What has holding Yeshua in your heart at His call cost you? If you have answered that call with your last “penny” and said, “Your will be done.” you know the cost of Set Apart. Its beyond counting, but He does! He does and the reconciling one day will be beyond counting too! Let us learn, with reality steadfastly in mind, all the many lessons the history of our family has to offer. If you are a Child of God, it begins with Mary and Joseph, Adam and Eve, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, and King David. But!!! Most importantly our lineage begins with Yeshua (Jesus). He holds our adoption papers, and says, “You are mine!” 
He will hold out our inheritance to us. He is the Promise Keeper!

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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The Birth of A Savior – Recommended Reading

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Every year I pull these three books off the shelf around Thanksgiving. The entire series The A.D. Chronicles by Brock & Bodie Thoene books 1-12 is excellent! I read and re-read these often. For the holidays though, the story of Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, Zachariah, and the Wise-men doesn’t get better than these! They reveal something new every time and bring me closer to Yeshua (Jesus) without fail.

Much love and effort went into these stories by the Thoene’s, in their historical accuracy, biblical truth, and even educate about the stars, planets and skies as done all those years ago. You won’t look at the night sky the same ever again!


These three books 4,5 & 6; take you from the beginning of the New Testament to the time of Mary, Joseph and young baby Yeshua’s departure for Egypt. Weaving the evil of those days and incredible movement of the Spirit of God into the culture and characters with breathtaking accuracy. It’s as close to a 3-D experience in reading one can get! Leaving you wondering if God didn’t come down and dictate to the Thoene’s word for word, sight for sound, and truth for transformation.


You will definitely want to pick up book Seven and keep going :-). I love these authors for their passion to honor the Hebraic roots of our Savior, and strenuous efforts to historical accuracy they bring into all their work. The characters are full and vibrant, rich and real.

So, I read these every year to bring my heart “in line” with the stars so long ago, to herald anew my Saviors birth. To remind myself what this holiday season is really about. To honor my Shepherd with all my heart, mind and soul.

There are so many controversies surrounding these holidays. Hanukkah or Christmas? When was Jesus really born? Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? It quite disheartening to be truthful. It falls in line with the point Paul made about not arguing about trivial things, as unity in Yeshua was the pivotal point, which always lands in love! No, Yeshua was not born on December 25th. Yes, Christmas came to be because of a Saint long ago’s desire to be generous. No, I do not believe Santa Claus should be anywhere near what we teach our children about on Christmas if you are going to celebrate that day as Yeshua’s birthday. The two confuse each other. Either teach about Saint Nicholas and his story and leave Jesus out if it, or teach about Yeshua and His birth. These never should have been brought into the same hemisphere, in my humble opinion.

As for Hanukkah, this holiday is a Jewish holiday, but not to be confused with those of the Old Testament’s commanded feast. It is not, was not, ever commanded by God to celebrate. It is a wonderful story of God’s miraculous provision during a very troubled time for Israel. I will leave it to you to look into the history of it, its well worth it believe me.

With so many friends and family celebrating Yeshua’s Birthday during this time of year. I have chosen to honor His Birth as the center for my celebration during December. It must be a conviction between you and Him alone, what, why, and how you celebrate at this time. No one has any right to pass judgement on anyone because only God is qualified to judge the total of a human heart.

I pray you will invest in these books, and find the joy, awe, and wonder of the Birth of our precious Savior Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ). They will add to the festive and humbling nature of the gift God gave us in Yeshua. May they “speak out” from the echos of those days into your soul and breathe the Life of the Son right into your days, add Light to your celebration, and joy unspeakable to your walk with Him! God with us, Immanuel!

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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