Truth Absorbtion

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Ever wonder where in the world just plain common sense went?

I’m tempted too often to think we ran it off the planet and it’s in exile somewhere in the cosmos. I’m not being sarcastic, truly, it really seems to be in extinction. So, what do I do when thoughts like this hit me? Obviously these are not thoughts of good, purity and peace loving…or are they? I go to the One who can give me His thoughts and enable my mind to adapt to them. So I went:

“Abba, am I nuts? Is it as bad as it seems to me, this concept that basic common sense has banished itself from the face of this earth?”

FYI: I asked this question some time ago, His response was immediate but not all condensed as you are about to get it now.

Here are some questions that He asked me in His response.

Do you think truth can be absorbed without Me?”

“Do you think truth can be applied without Me?”

“What is,’common sense’ in your opinion?”

The last one was first. (I’m terrible a chronology, but I’m getting it; God orders things differently than we do) Honestly this one stumped me, here I am asking a question about something that I can’t really define well. I mean common sense is…well…common sense. You know, don’t blow your hair dry in the bath tub, don’t put your fingers on the positive and negative parts of the car battery while it’s running, don’t drive around in the snow on a “doughney” (spare donut tire) – ok, that last one might be a little elusive but you get my point. Once He got me past my ever expanding “knowledge” I thought I had about what common sense was, He began to break it down.

“Hmmm, well all that’s very sensible I suppose to you Child, but what if I want a person to drive around in the snow on a ‘doughney’, or I want a person to be moved by electricity in such ways as you just described?”

Uhhhhhh…oh. Well, yeah there is that. (My “duh face” was prolific) God’s way with me is pointless to argue with. It always makes me sit still. My list of “definitions” got tossed over my shoulder.

Do you think truth can be applied without Me?”

Hmmmm…this one was tougher. I mean it almost seems as if it can, sometimes. Thank you Spurgeon for your definition of discernment – the difference between right and almost right. Honestly after months of conversation, questions, answers, duh-faces and pondering; there is nothing but a whopping N-O. No. Is the answer to this question. The Truth is Yeshua (Jesus). He can not be applied without Himself. I think it’s our tendency to disconnect principles of application for Truth from the Truth Himself. It’s impossible, though. I’ve been convinced. No matter where or in what way a truth needs application only God can set it into motion. Open eyes to see it, ears to hear it and give a heart/mind/will to apply it. It matters not one iota if His Name is involved persay, not as in His character, which is what He means when we ask for anything in His Name it will be given. That’s His character, in other words, if we ask for anything that fits within the character of God, will of God, it will be given. But what I mean by His name need not be recognized for Truth to be applied is simply that the mind operating to apply a truth need not give Him the credit for it. He has proven this time and again.

“Do you think truth can be absorbed without Me?”

Not shocking, this one took the longest time for Him to show me. It does seem rather simple, right? If the principles of truth can be applied without acknowledging Him, them “common sense” would suggest it can be absorbed without acknowledging Him too, right? Months of duh-faces and total abandon to a sense of stupidity later. I’ll give you the short answer first. No.
Absorbtion is a ‘horse of a different color’. Absorbtion is nutritional, it only gets done when every thing is functioning as God designed it. If any part of the inner person is out of sync with Him, absorbtion is unachievable. In other words, it gets wasted. Or becomes twisted.

Our bodies are all the evidence one needs to see the truth of this. If the stomach, liver, intestines, or colon are unable to recognize a substance as needful/useful in a healthful way to the original design of the body; it either gets kicked out, or twisted into some substance that the body recognizes as almost a needful thing and sent through the entire system causing chaos. This happens all the time.
God designed the body (all physical things) to reflect His truth. His design. His way(s). Anything else is definitively not Him. Or Truth, as He is called.

So hence, much of my own life I was able to see, hear and apply Truth in various ways. Yet, also many many of those times, I didn’t absorb it. Some part of me was out of sync with Him, and because of it the Spirit withheld the essence of Him. This is why I can’t say I trust God to provide all my needs and then think it’s “normal human behavior” to doubt it within the frame of controlling attitudes or panicking. The controlling attitudes and panicking is the chaos reeking havoc to the whole system as a result of my not bending my will into the trust that He gave me the Spirit to choose instead of fear. The problem was lack of true absorbtion of truth, not the lack of seeing, hearing and applying.
Let’s read the scripture that refers to this.

Isaiah 6:9-10

He said, “Go and tell this people: ‘Yes, you hear, but you don’t understand. You certainly see, but you don’t get the point!’ Make the heart of this people (sluggish with fat), stop up their ears, shut their eyes. Otherwise, seeing with their eyes, and hearing with their ears, then understanding with their hearts, they might repent and be healed!

Wow! See the physical intonations? Now, see the purpose of it all? Absorbtion is unity, a becoming one with. Truth takes over, Truth’s way. No other way. Just His. Absorbtion protects, heals, and maintains everything operating with the design that anything was originally intended to be. Just like a physical body, so are we in spirit. Our physical hearts get sluggish with fat and we have heart attacks. Our spiritual hearts get sluggish with fat and have them too. All due to lack of absorbtion. Which still let’s eyes continue to “see” truth, ears “hear” truth but the heart breaks down in understanding causing chaos and repentence does not enter and healing is evaded. The physical body cannot turn around and repent and heal on its own. It takes the mind to change its application, it’s function, methods, or it will fail. This is why Saul said “be transformed by the renewing of your mind”. Renewing in this passage is not referring to being rebooted in the same ways as before. It means, being replaced with the right (truth) way of thinking which leads to a right way of action (repentence). God’s way. The Originator of you. The Designer of you. The Maker of all your parts, and all the parts that effect you, surround you, impact you, move you, stop you – everything. His will may yet require you to run around in the snow on a “doughney” or get zapped by a jolt of electricity. It’s all about getting all the systems focusing on the truth for maximum absorbtion!

So, has common sense left the earth? Yes, and no. It does not belong to us. It resides in Heaven. It’s called wisdom, a gift we are given but often don’t receive. Yet, Wisdom is always in control and has the final say. Even if we don’t see it, this is truth! God alone teaches and gives us wisdom. It’s Truth Absorbed! Few are they that find it here on earth, but everything and everyone in heaven is full of it! And didn’t Yeshua say, “Behold, the Kingdom of heaven is at hand!” Right here, on earth where He was teaching on that very tiny spot of earth? Common sense is the hound of heaven, it will not stop. Truth Absorbed, is common sense. If our lives don’t reflect it, then we haven’t absorbed it.


♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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Righteous Argument?

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Few men do more harm than those who are on the right side but argue for personal victory. Even genuine argument for truth is not preaching the gospel. He whose unbelief is attacked by argument will never be brought into a mood fit for receiving the truth. Argument should be kept to books. Preachers ought to have nothing to do with it – in the pulpit at any event. Let him hold forth the light, and let him who will receive it do so, and let him who will not wait. God alone can convince, and until the full time is come for the birth of truth in a soul, the words even of the Lord Himself can have little potency.
~  George MacDonald (1824-1905)

After having read this passage I had two thoughts.
1) What a time this is needed! While so many are arguing and campaigning for this November’s election.
2) A few words of Proverbs were right behind the first thought. I will list them below.

Proverbs 29:9
When a wise man argues with a foolish one, he meets anger and ridicule without relief.

Proverbs 26:4-5
Don’t answer a fool in terms of his folly, or you will be decending to his level;
But answer a fool as his folly deserves, so that he won’t think he is wise.

Proverbs 17:27-28
A knowledgeable person controls his tongue; a discerning person controls his temper.
Even a fool, if he stays silent, is thought wise; he who keeps his mouth shut can pass for smart.

Proverbs 18:2
A fool takes no pleasure in trying to understand; he only wants to express his own opinion.

As I looked these scriptures up I could not help but see so many more that could be listed here. I would be remiss if I didn’t suggest that anyone seeking wisdom on when to speak and how, or wisdom on how to “hear” more than just the words that come from a mouth; that this book (Proverbs) get a good reboot into the hard drive of the mind. Asking the Spirit of truth to help us “see” more than the obvious words, but the heart of the Author who gave them.

I began asking questions like;
-What does “term of a fools folly” mean?
-And what would “as his folly deserves” be?
-When does one know when to press forward into the “opposing” speech and when it is time to let the Spirit move me and the other through silence?

I have found that most of my own folly is found when I read and paste the material onto my own conclusions without asking if perhaps I am even “leaning in the direction of truth”. Also, that I often forget Whose “job” it is to convince anyone of the Truth. Of course this requires that I am not being led by the conversation in such a way that I find I can’t pull back and remember every word that has ever been invented, inspired, and prompted has a purpose to my Master. The enemy of my Master also has a purpose. Heated and emotionally charged conversations are a breeding ground for many a fall. Stopping and inviting the One whose purpose was clearly stated by Yeshua (Jesus) that He would lead us into all truth; this is paramount to learning a completely different way of communicating. The conversation for my part must never cease to be vertical (between myself and my Lord) first and foremost. I do no good, just a bag of wind, are any words come from my mouth, if my focus orients to a strictly horizontal (between myself and another human being(s)).

The issues of our days and times have changed in that the shapes and textures of sin change. Not the sin itself. Anything viewed apart from God’s perspective is destructive to the world and things He has made. The spoken issue may be called the “economy”, but the truth is the peoples lack if belief and trust that God is the richest and most reliable being ever. No taxes can “tax” a man/woman beyond His capacity to provide for His own. Kinda takes the heat right out of the flames, huh? Here I hold out a light…Matthew 17:24-27.

Politics is complicated only because its totally based on human opinion, human perspectives, human approval (which is IMPOSSIBLE in the masses)…Yeshua never once entered the political fray of his day. Why? We must ask this question. BUT, the answer does NOT change the fact that we are to follow Him, whether we get or are satisfied with the answer or not.
Cast your vote before Him first, then ask Him to lead you in November. HE has already picked the next president, HE picked the last one. And the one before that. Either ALL has been placed into His authority as the Good Book says, and we actively live to back the trust we have in it up, or we don’t my fellow-sheep.

Arguing, slandering, deframing, insulting, and gossiping about the candidates is doing so to God! THEY are His kids, are they not? Please don’t waste your energy arguing when one becomes “saved” and therefore, playing folly. Every single person ever born is, was, and will always be a creature Created by the Creator! We are God’s idea, always. Do our children become not our flesh if they deny it? If they don’t believe it? No. They will always be our children, even if they deny us. The next president, set of leaders, these are known to the God we serve, we need not fear ANYTHING they can or will do. We must fear what we ourselves can let politics do to our living walk with God. Vertical not horizontal, this must always be first, last, and all in between. Then the horizontal is both done well in His sight and no cause for folly.

I saw a billboard recently. It said; “We need a department of common-sense!” True. It starts within our own hearts, with the ONLY One who has any. He doesn’t head up a committee for this, least man becomes apart from Him and it ceases to be.

Be wise as serpents, gentle as doves. Don’t enter the folly of argument. Let us enter into our relationship with God, make our choices within, and obey Him as we live it out of the immensity of our love and trust in Him. He’s got the whole world in HIS hands. 🙂

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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