A Consciousness of Work

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The air was clear, clean and full of life. The wind was asleep. A consciousness of work approaching completion filled earth and air – a mood of calm expectation. There was no song of birds – only an occasional crow from the yard or the cry of a blackcock from the hill. The two streams were left to do all the singing, and they did their best, though their water was low. The day was of the evening of the year; even in the full sunshine the twilight and the coming night were present, but there was a sense of readiness on all sides. The fruits of the earth must be housed; that alone remained to be done. ~ George MacDonald from The Highlander’s Last Song. ~

I have stood in such a place and Presence that these words not only jar my recollection, but sting anew from their engraving on my soul. The disease of busyness and call of the almighty dollar had all but been extracted from my senses. Nature alone had my ears, eyes, and heart; those of the physical and of the spiritual. Ahhh, how ALIVE one becomes aware of what they ARE in moments like that. The wooing back to unattended moments – where the mind is closing in on empty and the heart full of wordless decrees spoken from an ancient language – far before the sophisticated advancement of speech. Simple in its vast resources of complexity. Narrowed down to “fit” the mind of mankind. Holy and so sacred the Word of God becomes encoded in the very air, sight, sound, and feelings that can’t help but read it.

Once the heart of the child of God has been held so tenderly by Him in this way, its hard pressed to enter back into the more “flat-plains” of going, doing, moving back onto the on-ramp of “traffic”. Slowly getting back up to speed of the crowds attempting to obey the law but finding a thousand excuses to be the exception. Giving in to the appearance of “joining in” with others in a “common” flow but really mindless of the fact that others are there. Annoyed when they remind us they are, and quick to reassert that we are the one that matters most, except where we have chosen to make an exception. We aim our mode of transportation where we think we have done the work to earn the “right”. Yet if the child of God will stop – stop long enough to look at the vast creation that speaks the Truth with every fiber of its being…humility and inexcusable truth begins to change our perspectives. How very small we become when we limit ourselves to the smallness of the world.

A consciousness of work approaching completion…fruits of the earth yet to be housed…needing to be done.

Our Father is the main Worker of these fields we occupy; and His harvest is of souls. They can not be stored up with our version of love, charity, good deeds and thoughtfulness. They can not be purchased with our blood, sweat or tears. We either enter into His conscious work approaching completion or do nothing but aid and abed its persistence in resistance. Not that anything can keep His work from completion; Yeshua (Jesus) said, “It is finished.” The last breath He took, as a man born of flesh and blood, was given to that work. The next one was in that state of Completion. Oh, that we would believe that! In every thought and deed we do! The next time you are outside, stop and look at the earth that has been given us, the sky that holds the evidence of His faithfulness to a ignorant and unfaithful children; and ask Him to show you what He means by it! Then you and I will enter in, if only for those brief moments, the Work, the Consciousness, and feel His approach in completing it within our very core! Leaving us with a sense of readiness on all sides; eager to enter in! Being “outfitted” with His love, blood, sweat, tears, good deeds, thoughtfulness, charity, and courage to harvest His fruits; to house, store, nurture and enrich them as better than “our own”.

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤


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The Voice – Part 2

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The Letter Continued…

So, there I sat for an unknown amount of time, I did not think to look. Here’s what the child spoke.

Well, I was a’walkin down the walk and my Friend said to duck and roll! I was’jus watchin Mr. Keip swingin his cane, ya know all jolly and a’whistlin. But my Friend see, He never does tell me a thing without some good heart, so I duck and roll. Well it seems to me just in time too, cause there ya be a’bendin over me and Mr. Keip’s cane would’a knocked ya clean I’m sure!
Then my Friend says, “Ya go on with that one now.” So then we come here! Now my Friend, He sticks with me, no matter, but ya just seem to see only me! Did ya notice my Friend? Why He was a’workin on ya, while ya was a’cleanin my hands and such. Ya had these milky-like scales on your eyes! And the whole time ya cleaned and fed me, He just a’kept a’peelin those off like flakes of skin! Ya sure have a deep down brown in your eyes, ya know! And without them filmy things I could see right inside, like your soul was a’caged behind the fog!
Then my Friend says, “Rest here.” So here I was a’restin in your fine bed, never have slept in such a fine bed in all my life! And I dreamed all night that my Friend kept a’callin ya in while I was a’sleepin. Givin ya a learnin time to rest yourself.
When I a’woke He said to stay and follow Him. I was a’walkin into the kitchen and found I was right on your heels! My Friend was a’handin out thoughts and a’placin them inside ya, like He was a’peelin your scales, now the light was a’shinin!
I couldn’t help but sit and a’watch ya glow!
Then my Friend says, “A helpin hand is a healin hand.” So I jump up and start a’helpin Him heal! I like to help Him! And there He is over at your door a’callin me.
Thank ya kindly for invitin us in, was the best meals and sleep I ever did know!
Oh! Don’t ya worry none about my Friend, He will be your Friend too, I’m a’thinkin from now on, since that’s how He collects’em I reckin!
I have to go now, but thanks again. I’m glad your eyes got better and ya got the glow now! I’ll see ya soon I reckin! Good day!

Just like that the imp was up and out the door! Here I sit writing to you. Trying to take it all in! My word, and here I was thinking I was doing a good turn for the forlorn child! And all this time the imp was me! I have seen this Friend once before. The memory seems to come from a time when I was a small child playing with Whiskers out on the bay. I shall be pondering this more as the days go on. I do hope I see the imp or the Friend again soon.
I pray this finds you well, and in good health. I shall look for your response with anticipation.

With Love,

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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