Question of Hope

July 18, 2014 at 3:15 am (Mile Stones, Psalms, Remodeling the Mind) (, , , , , , , )


El’Elyon how do I give hope in a hopeless world?

I ask as I sit along the shores of my heart waiting for Him to come and close the day as the sun sets out and flys towards a new day.

It’s quiet. .. Most the world around me is asleep. The air taking it’s seemingly first full breath in hours. The big city. .. remembers peace. .. the ground alive with activity with the small things that can’t survive hurried feet during the day.

Ahhhh. ..My Beloved. .. His hand on my shoulder comes to “put to bed” the question that encompasses all the burdens of day.

“My Child, hope it’s not some thing you show. .. Be hope. Live hope.”

He sits down and takes in the view from my mind. The Word. .. patient. .. Letting me fully digest His words. .. waiting. .. Being. .. loving. Communion.

I ask without words for His exposition to go way down and make me patient for the fullness of His truth to conceive. The stars over head begin to twinkle like rousted to dance in His eyes. They become mine (His eyes) and the stars. Hope.

Learn from them. He whispers across my soul.

I begin to see. The stars just are. Exactly as He made them fully reflecting their Maker everyday. .. at all times. .. even when the Sun seems to be hiding them from view.

Live in Me. Live hope. Again His whispers are a beckoning into a deeper truth. .. Yet so simple. Ahhhh yes, I see.

We so often think of hope as something we give. Framed in words that “sound” hopeful. Collected somehow into deeds that we think is hope. But. .. to be fully alive in Him in everything we do. .. this is the true giving of hope. It gives and gives; to us as we live moment to moment and all those we cross paths with every day. Those we don’t notice and those who captivate our thoughts and prayers that are close. Live hope.

Those words echo and bring completeness to the question and the day. I am contented now. .. to just sit with Him and let the sleepiness close in and let Him lead me through my unconscious world. .. the dream filled place surrounded by His singing over me.

What glory He is. .. what Hope!
I am a star. .. twinkling His nearness. Hope.


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah


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Morning Refrain

February 28, 2014 at 9:35 am (Devotionals, Poems) (, , , , , )


In the morning

All is a’glissening and a glitter

Your world blanketed in tears

From grieving the loss of the Sun

Yet weeping for the beauty of the Moon and stars

Now branches reach up their liquid lined arms

To touch them as the Sun eclipses their shapes

Arms open to receive what hours ago was grieved

Having been opened again by a less lighted beauty

Though no less its beauty those stars

With the moon as a song to sing

Gentle melody of reminders that even the darkness reflects Your strength a’shinin


Sleepy eyes sojourn to find what their lids have shut out with the obedience to Your command for rest

Little birds sang at my window the song of morning newness

Arousing me out of dreamy chants

Their throats full of tweety worship

Crying out Your engraved romance


New day gladness shouts hope through their wings

Inducing springs and skips in squirrel jaunts like kings


The sky is full of fresh new air

Having been cooled and weighed down with the burdens of yesterday

Now with the Suns rescue – light and free – flowing it forgets its old burdens

Offering that forgetfulness to any who breathe deep it’s offering

Waiting for the life it feeds to slow down and see its meaning

Blue to the naked eye but dressed in rainbows to those who clothe them in You


The morning is full

The Sun proves Your faithfulness

The birds fly on wings of full feathered hope

The trees shed tears reflecting the duel nature of time

And the quick witted emotion You have lined all things with

Sadness and joy are the left and right hands of the same body

At the center beats the heart of El’Elyon

The Word that awakens!


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah

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