The Head Turner

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One of my fondest memories, and youngest in school was in kindergarten. I had a teacher. .. who taught. .. not only the material at the time for kindergardener’s but for every age and all of life. It was quiz time. We were instructed to do the best we could to answer the questions on our paper and be good and not look at our neighbors. The classroom grew quiet and all little heads looked down and began. The quiet disturbed me. .. and I don’t recall feeling like I didn’t know the answers but. .. curious. My head turned and sought out my neighbors paper. I felt a hand. .. gentle yet firm on top my head and it turned it back to my paper. I remember the heat of embarrassment crawl to my hair and saw my teacher walking on by out of the corner of my vision. I began again. .. answered my questions and set down my pencil. “There, I thought now she won’t think I’m cheating.” Again my head gravitated to the right. And again, without a word, the hand, the turn and the sight of my teacher out of the corner of my eye.  I stared at my paper for quite some time. Bored. .. Again my head turned to the right and again. .. the hand, the turn but this time no view of the teacher. She stayed behind me but I didn’t realize. .. My head began to turn, the hand corrected; my head turned again, the hand corrected. I got the point. The teacher gathered all the papers and class resumed. She never spoke a word. .. Never gave me a look of admonishment. .. she just taught. That memory stays with me always. I get a keen sense of that teacher in Adonai often. He doesn’t say anything. .. He just “turns my head”…stays behind me and keeps turning it until I get it and continues to teach. Sometimes He’s turning my head continually to keep my eyes on Him as I get bored and want to see what’s seemingly behind Him (usually it’s what’s ahead of me, the sense of wanting to see around Him for “security”). Sometimes it’s keeping my eyes and heart from comparing myself to someone else. .. so He turns my head back to “my own paper”. Sometimes it’s just curiosity about things. ..anything but what’s in front of me. .. and gently, lovingly, firmly He turns my head. Sometimes it’s because I’m being tested to sin. .. and the hand is firm so very firm and the grip last just a little longer than the turning of my head. At other times its that I’m focusing too much on my hurts and discomforts and the Hand tips my chin up to Him.

Elohim is a real “head turner” and I for one am grateful, for that teacher in kindergarten who prepared me well to understand the feeling of love from Above. .. how He used her to prep me for His Hand on my wandering head. .. His shepherding! Every single one of us has some place inside our memories that points to His prepping us for the Shepherd to herd us into His fold. .. ask Him today to show you where yours is. .. and watch the past become present and future in His presence!


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah

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What is Strength?

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Is strength a lack of weakness? With muscles all a’flex?
Does it break a barrier and squeeze the wimpy neck?
Do images of a strong one look like muscular arms and legs? Six pack abs that sweat in dregs?
Is strength of mind built up with the tension of knowledge?
Strength of heart the image of man not falling apart?
What is Strength to you, My Child? For here is where we start.

Strength comes in any form I shape it. Small, large, microscopic but in charge. Strength begins and ends in Me. With every plate I serve Strength in Me is the meat. .. the protein maker of muscle. The muscle I am building in you is but one. Trust. Trust in Me. This is Strength of heart, mind, and body. In the weakest looking circumstances the potential for strength is highest most acutely because it will require trusting Me to make it good. Not trusting you to serve Me, but trusting Me! All service is Mine. All strength is Mine. I give it to those whom I will. Some who believe Me and some who will. Some who deny Me. Some who betray. Strength is Mine to give every single day. What is Strength? Child hear Me at last. .. Strength is Grace! Undeserved favorunearned…unachievable by human kind…Grace is My Strength and easy to find. Grace taken in, grace given away. .. this is My Strength given each day. Trust is its flex, and trust it’s release. Flex and let go and it will increase. Look only to Me for it at its source and laid out and broken you’ll follow My course. When you feel strong remember today is all that you’re given and when you wake up tomorrow its not borrowing from yesterday. Each day like manna. ..I give out such food. .. Listen to My Voice… and put away ‘your mood’. Don’t expect it to strengthen what you can see. Keep your whole self turned towards Me and you’ll be what I need.


Strength glorifies Me… not the one in its grip. .. just a little of you can give you the slip. But remember My Child, I’ll never let go. Slipping is the illusion. ..Strength will not let you go. I have sworn by Myself. .. that Grace is in charge. And trust is the muscle whether small or large. Trust Me, My Child and strength will be true. Doubt Me, My Child and your strength will undo. There is no true Strength apart from Me, Child. All else is just muscle. .. without substance run wild. I’ll give you such wisdom in Grace you will see. Just keep on trusting and listening to Me. Wisdom is listening in action. One can not act wisely without Me calling the shots. Grace is Me calling the shots whether anyone else acts or not. .. because I always act! Your obedience gives you the eyes to see the Strength I give. Your trust builds the muscle to obey by the power of My Spirit. All for My glory. All because I determined. All because of Me.


Who is this who’s been speaking to you? I Am Strength…I Am Yeshua (Jesus)…I Am He who gives you strength full of grace and Truth. ..I Am He.


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah

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There’s this thing about Adonai that I LOVE… and completely throws me for a loop.

His unpredictability.

I LOVE  that I can’t see Him coming at times. Cause if I could I’m not sure I’d recognize Him; which puts a little bit of healthy fear in my bones. Or I’d run away; convinced in my feeble mind that He deserves so much more than me; cause after all these years and all He’s convinced me that He is capable of forgiving and giving and loving; there’s still this seemingly invincible voice inside that almost… can’t believe Him. Or,  I’d push Him away, hanging on for dear life to a lie I have believed about myself, or someone else, or Him Himself. That good olé flesh dying to stay deadly alive.

With all that His unpredictably has shown me…All that beautifully orchestrated wonder that takes my breath away every single time. How is it somehow I am always surprised, amazed? Remembering… endless mercies, unfathomable love, timeless rescues and cherishings, unspeakable revelations of things beyond my ken to have imagined, trustworthiness that falls far afield a human ability to grasp; yet every time He pulls the speech from my mouth in awe and comes at my mind/heart from an angle not taught in any school of learning on earth. I LOVE His unpredictability! I am so thankful for it!

But woe unto me that at the same time it confounds me and even at times flat out angers me! Truly King David understood what I am saying! For he wrote…
What is man that You would think of Him?
How great is Your mercy
How unspeakable Your Love
David, hiding out in caves; throwing stones at giants who challenge the notion of our God, arranging a convenient death to possess an illusion of happiness in another human being, dancing naked in the streets in worship, the only human King to have led a nation to the One True God! Writer of the Psalms that have comforted and convicted a million hearts to say: I want a heart like that!

Then Adonai sends His Son; Yeshua – Jesus! THIS should have been at least a little “predictable”! After all He said He would,  and just like He did! Yet still we can’t comprehend Him coming in such a humble and “weak” way! Unpredictable, unfathomable, incredible! The human mind can reason… We didn’t choose to be here; true. So can Elohim! So He takes the whole lot of every sin and it’s effect on every soul He ever imagines and takes the responsibility and… dies! I can fathom laying my life down for many people; some I love even those that I “struggle” to love… But Hitler? And all those who followed his lead knowing… knowing deep down his was an evil born outside human comprehension? Oh yes! This unpredictability throws my sensibilities into black holes. I even get angry that He forgives me at times!

He writes the whole of His heart in the stars! Every blade of grass speaks of His wonder! Then I read of a God who won’t relent until we repent. What is this relentlessness? Patience that avails no one’s ability to stretch. Mercy and grace that defies “logic”. Passion that goes beyond the limits of knowing rooted in LOVE! Yet there’s only ONE WAY. One Gate. One Name by which all human kind can be saved! Relentless, firm, steadfast, true. Unchanging, unpredictable!
Giving us the ability to discern with wisdom yet confounding the best of it at the same time!

What do we do with Him? Oh!!! The ache! Look!!! Look at what we do with Him! Tears are a poor expression of my brokenness at the thought of all that’s been done in His Name and in human skin He gave life to! Just my own feeble attempts to justify my existence… sickens the soul.

How do I explain this mystery? This God who is Truth, who is Love, who is Everything? Who is unpredictable and amazing and maddeningly REAL? How do I qualify Him? Oh that I could with words! Oh that He’d give me a million actions to prove Him a day! Oh that I could reflect Him without my flaws! Yet again… unpredictably He shows me that those too are part of His vast store house of beauty!

Tonight I lay my head upon the chest of a God who capsizes my world while He holds it in stillness and wonder and peace. And I am whole, complete and for just right now convinced He is as predictable as the mercy that proved new this morning. Tomorrow He will be unpredictably merciful again!

Wonder of wonders! What A Mighty God we serve!!!

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah

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Unexpected Wisdom

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The conversation finally began…

Words had flown about the room for well over an hour…but nothing communicable had really occurred. Eight souls had gathered to study the Bible. At least that was what the title was called; a Bible Study. Various theologies had been discussed, springing from a few words pulled from the Book intended to be studied. Philosophies of forgiveness with the clanging symbols of rhetoric popular among “the gatherers of the Book”. Words flung out with the tree of knowledge of good and evil as it base. In essence it could all be brought down to “what does forgiving do for me.

One silent soul, up to this point, found their lips and their vocals found wind.

“But who is forgiveness really about? For that matter…who is this Book really about?”

Seven pairs of eyes fell to the one who had almost been forgotten. This one being the “least educated” and newest member of the group. The sounds that came from their person floated like a feather…slowly drifting down as if from nowhere…the room fell still.

The brave soul suddenly felt odd. And gave an almost apologetic smile.

“Hmmm…well, a good question” said the “leader”. “Perhaps it will be a good topic for next week.”

The other six, gave a sigh of relief and nodded their accent to the leader.

Again the new one was compelled to speak.

“I’m confused. I thought this was supposed to be a place where I could ask questions and get help finding the hidden truths the Bible has to offer according to the Apostle Paul? If I mistook the agenda I ask forgiveness. It would be the highest offence to me that I would offend my Father in heaven by derailing that which you had intended. Most of what I heard you all sharing…well quite frankly went over my head. I know I am new and have much to learn. Yet as I have been reading in Matthew chapters 5 and 6, I have felt as if I was right there at Yeshua’s (Jesus’) feet…listening to Him. He spoke of the Kingdom of Heaven a lot and how forgiveness works…uh…at least to me…what it is supposed to look like in action. And it seemed to me to point without exception to the Father, who is forgiveness…upon which the “children” – if you will – are grace and mercy and truth. I don’t know all the “learned” lingo or language but again I found Yeshua speaking in such simple terms that anyone could understand Him. If I am in error, please would someone correct me? I really don’t want to go another 7 days thinking in error to wait for next week’s study. To do so seems to me would be even greater foolishness than to speak up and seem as fool.”
The words carried such humility and honest inquiry, again the room was aloft in stillness. Impregnated with the Light that had just now began to shine.

Again the new one began to feel awkward and shifted in the silence uncomfortably.

The “leader” cleared their throat.
One by one each other member looked between the leader and the new one. None finding a voice of their own to lend to the subject. Suddenly what they thought they “knew” seemed a square peg attempting to be put in a round hole. (Indeed this was the case)

“Perhaps,” said the leader with an authoritative air. “You could share what it is that you have heard us speaking about that has caused your confusion?”
It was spoken framed in invitation, but the true portrait of its spirit was condescending.

The new one didn’t respond to the latter.

“Well, all the words sound right but don’t fall into the spirit with which I sense in Yeshua as He speaks about forgiveness. To Him all things are about His Father. The One who Forgives. Without Him there is no such thing. So to forgive is to simply attest to the One who makes it possible. You all spoke much with many words I didn’t understand and can’t remember now…but to put it in terms I understood you to be saying…
To forgive is to be set free from being unforgiving. Again this seems right and I find it hard to say exactly what seems not right about it. I have been reading an author who said, “Discernment is not about knowing right from wrong, but knowing right from almost right” This is the best I can describe my struggle. What you all say sounds almost right but not right.” The new one paused and resumed a moment later. The awkward silence prevailed.

“As I have spent time talking with God and Yeshua, reading His Words…I have come to understand that forgiveness is something I do that gives away what He does, did and completed with Yeshua on the cross. That when I forgive, its sort of like taking the bread and wine in remembrance of Him. Yeshua said Himself that when we forgive it not only effects this world but heaven! That’s power!! Unseen power to be honest!”

The new one was so lost within the wonder and awe of the One who forgives they seemed to start to fairly glow…it became contagious. All ears were held hostage by the enthusiasm and worship.

“When you all were speaking about letting go of unforgiveness it seemed to me that it was as if – if we forgive we benefit from our own forgiveness. Yet it seems contrary to what Yeshua said, though in a way we do, but that’s not the intent for which we are asked to do so. Though you all quoted scriptures that could – by themselves taken the way you frame these theologies with them – could seem to support them. Again its the sense of right verses almost right that perplexes me. I don’t know much about theologies but I do know Yeshua, the Father and the Spirit who is sent to counsel and or guide us into all Truth; which is to say Yeshua Himself and things don’t “lineup” if you will between the two. Mankind is always systematically trying to attain knowledge from God into a pattern of prescription that methodizes our behaviors, but does nothing to transform. I think forgiveness is what one does as an identifier of Who they now belong to. But how can they forgive if they don’t know the Forgiver? How can release come from an action based only on sentences in a book? Are we not supposed to be seeking the One who wrote it and obeying the One who made all things? Because He knows how best all thing work functionally? In other words because He is trustworthy?”
Abruptly the new one was finished. The words hanging in the air like a balloon waiting to be popped.

At last…the conversation began to take the shape for which The One who wrote the Book that they were desirous to study…intended. The Book got opened, and together all those present sought to seek that they may find…no one at that point was “leader” or “new”, all were brothers and sisters of the same Father. Becoming children of God…not wise ones of learning. The next week more “new” ones were added to their number, and The One who wrote the Book was the final Authority in what was right. Theology’s still came up but were taken under the microscope of Yeshua’s Words alone. As a result He became The Way, The Truth, and The Life…and they followed Him.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Proverbs 1:5-6

Someone who is already wise will hear and learn still more; someone who already understands will gain the ability to counsel well; he will understand proverbs, obscure expressions, the sayings and riddles of the wise.

Romans 3:24-26

By God’s Grace, without earning it, all are granted the status of being considered righteous before Him, through the act redeeming us from our enslavement to sin that was accomplished by the Messiah Yeshua. God put Yeshua forward as a kapparah (atonement/pardon) for sin through His faithfulness in respect to His bloody sacrificial death. This vindicated God’s righteousness; because, in His forebearance, He had passed over (with neither punishment nor remission) the sins people committed in the past; and it vindicates His righteousness in the present age by showing that He is righteous Himself and also the One who makes people righteous on the ground of Yeshua’s faithfulness.

Romans 16:25

Now to God, who can strengthen you, according to the Good News, in harmony with the revelation of the secret truth which is the proclamation of Yeshua the Messiah, kept hidden in silence for ages and ages

Ephesians 5:9-10

…and of letting everyone see how this secret plan is going to work out. This plan, kept hidden for ages by God, the Creator of everything, is for rulers and authorities in heaven to learn, through the existence of the Messianic Community, how many-sided God’s wisdom is.

1 Corinthians 17-31

For the Messiah did not send me to immerse but to proclaim the Good News – to do it without relying on “wisdom” that consists of mere rhetoric, so as not to rob the Messiahs execution-stake of IT’S power. For the Message about the execution-stake is nonsense to those in the process of being destroyed, but to us in the process of being saved it is the power of God. Indeed, the Tanakh (Old Testament) says,

“I will destroy the wisdom of the wise and frustrate the intelligence of the intelligent.”

Where does that leave the philosopher, the Torah-teacher (teacher of the Teachings), or any of today’s thinkers? Hasn’t God made this worlds wisdom look pretty foolish? For God’s wisdom ordained that the world, using its own wisdom, would NOT come to know Him. Therefore God decided to use the “nonsense” of what we proclaim as His means of saving those who come to trust in it. Precisely because Jews ask for signs and Greeks try to find wisdom, we go on proclaiming a Messiah executed on a stake as a criminal! To the Jews this is an obstacle, and to the Greeks it is nonsense; but to those who are called, both Jews and Greeks, this same Messiah is God’s power and God’s wisdom! For God’s “nonsense” is wiser than humanities “wisdom”.

And God’s “weakness” is stronger than humanities “strength”. Just look at yourselves, brothers – look at those whom God has called! Not many of you are wise by the worlds standards, not many wield power or boast noble birth. But God chose what this world considers nonsense in order to shame the wise; God chose what the world looks down on as common or regards as nothing in order to bring to nothing what this world considers important; so that no one should boast before God. It is His doing that you are united with the Messiah Yeshua. He has become wisdom for us from God, and righteousness and holiness and redemption as well! Therefore – as the Tanakh says – “Let anyone who wants to boast, boast about Adonai.”


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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The Saints Fortification ~ Part 1

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***Taken from The Christian in Complete Armor by William Gurnall.***

‘Well,’ you say, ‘I need no more arguments to prove the troublesome nature of my adversary. Tell me now what I can do to fortify myself against his attacks.’

1. Beware of Satan as a Seducer.
If you want to be protected from your enemy as a troubler, you must take heed of him as a seducer. You can be sure he takes heed of you! The handle of the hatchet with which he chops at the root of the Child of God’s comfort is commonly made of the child’s own wood. Satan is only a creature and cannot work without tools. He can indeed make much from a little, but he cannot make anything out of nothing. We see this in his assault on the Messiah, where he troubled himself to no purpose because he came and found nothing in Him. (John 14:30)

But when he comes to us he finds fossils of our old natures, which tell him much about our the disposition of our hearts. These are the artifacts of our carnal hearts once held so dear: our strength, our lust, our pride. He holds them out to us, thinking to draw us away from our new found grace in Yeshua (Jesus). Beware of his enticements. Do not drink from his cup; there is poison in it. Do not on look on it as it sparkles in the temptation. What you drink down with sweetness, you will be sure to bring up again as gall and wormwood.

Above all sins, guard against bold or arrogant ones. You are never beyond the danger of such. If caught in the web of presumptuous sin, call quickly to God for help. If you hesitate, you only give the enemy time to entangle you more tightly. But if you cry out to God in true repentance, He will come at once to rescue you. The sooner you yield to the Spirit, the less damage is done.


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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