Forgive and Forget

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Our nature is full of backwards intuition; most of our lives we would rather forget there is something to forgive. ~ L. R. V.

As far back as my mind can go into my tiny little thing called history; I can remember always hoping that my sins would not be found out. I would hope that broken cup would gather dust in the back of a cabinet never to betray me in announcing my “cover up”. The actual breaking of the cup was not injurious, I had not meant to break it. But the act of believing it better to hide the mistake rather than stay fully and openly exposed to my tendency to unwittingly fail; this became my sin. No one taught me to resent the feeling of exposure, it came all by itself. A dog who peed on the rug, will give itself away by behaving “guilty” even after its dried and the owner would likely not have known right away; but for its sulking behavior. Oh that we would just be willing to “give ourselves away”! The desire to hide comes from our deepest ancestory…all the way back to Adam and Eve. What human kind has done to try to extricate the conscience is truly amazing! Yet God, in His mercy, gave us our conscience to make exposure safe, secure and powerless! He knows, if we fully understood that our sins have been removed, then “cup breaking” would not feel tragic. Yet there is only one place in all creation we can go to know what He knows – naked, fully exposed in His ever loving, forgiving arms. I am sure my folks would not have felt hurt over the broken cup, the cover up, however hurt them. Trust is a tricky concept! The human brain does not come by wisdom without the Light of God, we hide, He seeks, we lie and justify, He pours out the truth through our conscience. What a gift! He is softly relentless, the heaviness we feel is our own need to carry the burden. The longer we carry, the heavier the burden; the heavier the burden the more we scrape to forget the cure. What a divinely amazing Love that we can not forget we need forgiveness! And the instant we are willing to come forth, He forgets the sin we had been trying to get ourselves to forget on by hiding! He gives the thing we want the most by our open admittance to the wretchedness we feel!

O conscience! Do not heed thy voice! Listen instead to the skeins of Light of your exposure! Especially in what you perceive as the smallest offense and so easiest to be left unremarked! For the One who placed you here within this remarkable vessel stands ready for all He see’s! Love lavishes the clean conscience, it is at its fullest to unrest you until you bring it out for the dusting! Miracle of God, that You will not forget to remind me only You can forget! Forget not the mercies of a God who can pour out into the sea of forgetfulness by the persistence to bathe in the blood of the Son. Dive in and resist your natural instincts O my soul! For the Lord of your making holds you in tenderness at all times, tender to bruise, tender to heal. His most lavish gifts are “hidden” in exposure! Rejoice then that He does not forget that His mercy and grace are the “reminders” of His reckoning! O, my soul fall into the Arms that catch you!

Romans 2:4

Or perhaps you despise the riches of His kindness, forbearance and patience; because you don’t realize that God’s kindness is intended to lead you to to turn from your sins.

Exodus 34:6

Adonai (the Lord) passed before him and proclaimed: “Adonai is God, merciful and compassionate, slow to anger, rich in grace and truth; showing grace to the thousandth generation, forgiving offenses, crimes and sins; yet not exonerating the guilty, but causing the negative effects of the parents’ offenses to be experienced by their children and grandchildren, and even by the third and fourth generations.

Psalms 31:19-20

But oh, how great is Your goodness, which You have stored up for those who fear You, which You do for those who take refuge in you, before people’s very eyes!
In the shelter of Your presence You hide them from human plots, You conceal them in Your shelter, safe from contentious tongues.

Ephesians 1:7-8

In union with Him, through the shedding of His blood, we are set free – our sins are forgiven; this accords with the wealth of the grace He has lavished on us.

Revelations 2:21

I gave her time to turn from her sin, but she doesn’t want to repent of her immortality.

Psalms 138:8

Adonai will fulfill His purpose for me. Your grace, Adonai, continues forever. Don’t abandon the work of Your hands!

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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The Truth has a Name ~ Part 2

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John 9:39-41 ~ Yeshua (Jesus) speaking…

Yeshua said, “It is to judge that I came into the world, so that those who do not see might see, and those who do see might become blind.” Some of the P’rushim (Pharisees) nearby heard this and said to Him, “So we’re blind too, are we?” Yeshua answered, “If you were blind, you would not be guilty of sin. But since you say, ‘We see,’ your guilt remains.

John 3:33-36

Whoever does accept what He (Yeshua) says puts his seal on the fact that God is true, because the One whom God sent speaks God’s words. For God does not give Him the Spirit in limited degree – the Father loves the Son and has put everything in His hands. Whoever trusts in the Son has eternal life. But whoever disobeys the Son will not see that life but remains subject to God’s wrath.

The Truth – Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) is addressed by so many other names; Wonderful, Counselor, Savior, Lamb of God, Redeemer, Shepherd
But there is one other name that becomes the descriptively physical verb of Truth…the Light.

So the Light – that is the Truth – shines down inside where a decision to stay in it, ready for exposure and trusting the Source of the Light to protect, defend, provide and promote; as we move our will towards the action(s) the Light exposes as correct. We become willing to deny or tune out feelings and thoughts of our own rationale – if you will. Ignoring any and everything else but that which the Light shines brightest on as our direction.

Self-preservation will dim this Light so fast we question whether we “saw” light there in the first place. What is self-preservation?

Where telling or living a truth becomes “risky” for various reasons.

1. That our guilt will be exposed.
2. That in our own assessment of our circumstances, we believe the truth will hurt rather than help – either ourselves or someone we love.
3. The obvious – “I don’t want to say or do the “mood dampening” thing; people may not like me”. Or any number of turnings away from truth because of what anyone else will think or how it may call into question the “image” of the self we want to project.

How can these be considered in the Light of Truth? Where our belief/trust is exposed.

1. Our exposed guilt is nothing to fear when we stay, by our wills, in the Light; because Yeshua (Jesus) is convincing us that His Blood has rendered it powerless! The more we stay in the Light, the more His Voice convinces – the less we act on the self-preserving behavior to deny, write-off, and avoid our erroneous ways in the Light of the Truth and His direction in it.

John 3:19-21 ~ Yeshua speaking…

“Now this is judgement: the Light has come into the world, but people loved the darkness rather than the Light. Why? Because their actions were wicked. For everyone who does evil things hates the Light and avoids it, so that his actions won’t be exposed. But everyone who does what is true comes to the Light, so that all may see his actions are accomplished through God.”

Consider a pound of frozen meat. Left in the Light and its heat – it begins to soften. Left in it for an extended period of time it hardens. Warning: the longer we have been exposed to the Truth and prove not to trust it in our actions or practices; left instead for the whims of our comfort zones, our own methods of deducting what’s best for us or anyone else – the harder the heart and blinder our sight becomes to the Truth. The Light serves to blind rather than give sight. The Truth always honors the one thing we’ve been given as a means of life…our wills…our choices to not heed the Light and Truth but make room for more lies.
Self-preservation will produce the “fruit” of self-righteousness.
Knowledge of the Truth but totally unknown by the Truth.

So if by the choice to move into the Light/Truth with an action; trusting completely in Yeshua who will defend, protect, and provide our most desired friendship and approval – our sin then comes under His Lordship and when we look, we can not see guilt there…it does not remain. The fruits of the Spirit start to pop out on our “tree”; humility, honesty, right actions, love and courage.

But, if the choice to move away from the Light/Truth with actions of self-rationale. Then we call Yeshua a liar – our actions then say His protection, defense, and provision will not suffice as well as our own. Then when again, the Light dawns upon us – our guilt remains.

1 John 1:5-7

And this is the message which we have heard from Him and proclaim to you: God is Light, and there is no darkness in Him – none!
If we claim to have fellowship with Him while we are walking in the darkness, we are lying and not living out the Truth. But if we are walking in the Light, as He is in the Light, then we have fellowship with each other, and the blood of His Son Yeshua purifies us from all sin.

2. In light of our specific circumstances the test is always…
Will you see yourself as an exception to the Truth because the situation is unique?” Our circumstances never change the fundamental truth when the Light calls us to the floor of acting in the Truth. A lie is a lie, no matter the circumstance. The choice to self-govern and self-protect is not excused by any perception of extreme circumstances. We have heard it said;
“But you are not me, in this situation, so you can not say what you would do.” I. E. I am an exception. Comparison is the first sign of unwillingness to change.
Or how about this one;
“I am not God, so I am not able to act just and so. Jesus will stand for me – right or wrong. I must do as I see fit.
Again, note the comparison – now to God. The spirit of exceptionalism. Yet this one goes further, so as to say, “Either Jesus will save me or He won’t – no matter what I do.” In other words, ‘Not Your will be done God, but may Your will see the “truth” of my will.”

1 John 2:3-6

The way we can be sure we know Him is if we are obeying His commands. Anyone who says, “I know Him” but isn’t obeying His commands is a liar – the Truth is not in him. But if someone keeps doing what He says, then truly love for God has been brought to its goal in him. This is how we are sure we are united with Him. A person who claims to be continuing in union with Him ought to conduct his life the way He did.

It is quite a crossroad we come to when we become aware that God acts and makes no exception in how He does so. The pivot point of me or Him becomes very clear in the only Light that cures or causes blindness, softens or hardens a heart. Its the action of will – inside where He focuses and this is the birthplace of obedience. An obedience inside to God for Him alone. Not so we can “see” or anyone else – we chose Him. But so He can! An obedience that says, “Come what may Lord, I will trust You.”

3. This third one gets revealed in the first two. No one else’s opinions matter over God’s – not even our own. How we “look” to others or even ourselves takes a flying leap on the wings of our trust in Him. We live for His assurance and approval, and nothing else satisfies.

The Truth has a Name – Yeshua the Messiah. The Light shines in His person and character into the world; to give or take away sight, make soft or harden the place He came to dwell. Do you know Him? You have likely stood in His Light many times. If some sense of conviction assails you within at this moment by the words you’ve just read – you are in His Light. He is inviting you to see, to let your guilt be removed. He is longing to protect, defend, lead and guide you by His Love that won’t let you become a liar; like His enemy. Speak His Name, bend your choice-maker/will into His power and see by the Light and Truth, which is foundational and final.

John 8:12 ~ Yeshua speaking…

Yeshua spoke to them again, “I am the Light of the world: whoever follows Me will never walk in darkness but will have the Light which is Life.

John 12:36 ~ Yeshua speaking…

While you have the Light, put your trust in the Light, so that you may become people of Light.

Isaiah 60:19-20

“No more will the sun be your light by day, nor will moonlight shine on you; instead Adonai will be your Light forever and God your glory. No longer will your sun go down; your moon will no longer wane; for Adonai will be your Light forever; your days of mourning will end.

Isaiah 61:1

The Spirit of Adonai Elohim (the Lord God) is upon me, because Adonai has anointed me to announce good news to the poor. He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted; to proclaim freedom to the captives, and to let out into Light those bound in the dark…


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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The First Teacher Who Ever Taught

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There is no more imprisoning place than a soul created by Divine Love forgetting, forsaking, and falling into a inner-life devoid of the One who breathes His very essence into it.  ~ LRV

The above picture/quote sounds so truthful, and yea, a small truth attaches itself to a cloaked lie. The best lie’s, that is, the most deceptive and easy to be enticed by; always have some truth to them. The truth they use to point the finger of blame somewhere else. Any time a truth is used to blame, distort, twist and “get God out” of it; it ceases to be a truth. This was the first response to the first lie ever responded by mouth upon by human-kind.

Genesis 3:11-13
He said, “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree from which I ordered you not to eat?” The man replied, “The woman You gave me – she gave me fruit from the tree and I ate.”
Adonai (the Lord), God, said to the woman, “What is this you have done?” The woman answered, “The serpent tricked me, so I ate.”

Notice Adam blamed God, then the woman. The woman the serpent. Truthfully God did give Eve to Adam, the woman did give the fruit to Adam. The serpent did lie to Eve. The full truth, though, is God did tell them what they needed to know, He told the truth, they did not act on the truth! He not only told them not to eat of the tree, but proved to them His word was 100 % reliable while they walked and talked with Him in the Garden. God has never not proven His words to hold the Life He says they do.

So what’s the cloaked lie, and fully accessible truth to the above quote/picture?

Truth: God said the responsibility of teaching children lay upon the parents at HOME.

Lie: Its the fault (blame) of government and public institutions that our children don’t know the Bible. (Hogwash!!)

Here’s the proof.

Deuteronomy 11:18-21
Therefore, you are to store up these words of Mine in your heart and in all of your being; tie them on your hand as a sign; put them at the front of a headband around your forehead; teach them carefully to your children, talking about them when you sit at home, when you are traveling on the road, when you lie down and when you get up; write them on the door-frames of your house and on your gates  – so that you and your children will live.

God never put teaching the most essential things in life in the hands of anything but 1st Himself to us, 2nd us to our children. The Bible is not lived and read, taught and acclaimed, threaded into everything at HOME.
God was the first Teacher! He taught us how to live, how to conduct our behaviors, and most importantly how to love Him! What better Teacher, than the One who knows everything and never lies!?

Lets face it, most our children are not in state and federal prisons. But look at us! We are all imprisoned when we don’t listen and obey the Teacher! We are bound up and not free. Vulnerable to these kinds of lies, that blame everyone but ourselves, including God, for the “wrongs” in the world. Truth is offensive, but only to the parts of hearts that would rather hold to a lie. Its time to expose them. Hold them out to the Creator of them and He, Himself, will teach, correct, guide, and instruct as we talk, travel, lie down, get up! He will write them on your hand, forehead, door-frames, gates. (Our hearts, our inner-beings). He goes first, and then says “Follow Me”.

But! Let me be very plain! He follows our children in the absence of our faithfulness, He will set them free! Let them take Bibles out of schools and put them in prisons! God alone is completely trustworthy to teach His children! To those of us that would post, paste, and parade the above quote/picture as a “piece of wisdom”, hear the voice of Wisdom Himself, “Get your Bibles out at home and begin to live and breathe it yourself, teach it to your children; then, even if they land in prison, I will continue to teach them!”

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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